“Lion” The Movie

The recently released, beautiful and deeply emotional movie, “Lion” describes the heart breaking, true story of a five year old Indian boy. Accidentally he gets trapped on a train while searching for night work with his brother, and when he finally gets off the train he finds himself in Calcutta, 1600 kilometers away from his home.

Since he comes from a very poor background, and can’t even pronounce his home village’s name properly, doesn’t know his mother’s actual name, there is no way anybody can help him find his way back home. After going through multiple difficulties, near misses, finally he is adopted by a loving Australian couple in Tasmania, together with another, similar Indian boy.

For over twenty years he lives, grows up within a nice, Australian family environment, seemingly unaware of his original background, becoming a successful, young Australian adult. But when at a random party, hosted by a school mate also originating from India he tastes a special sweet – he used to yearned to taste as a poor little boy – suddenly memories and a sense of belonging flood him. From then on this elemental, instinctive, “animate” need to find his way home in order to notify his original mother of his well-being consumes him.

He is ready to throw everything away, endlessly searching on Google Earth for any clues to the small village he was born in. When he sleeps he keeps vividly seeing the place, the path leading to his home but still he can’t find it on the map. Finally just before he is ready to give up he stumbles on the place on his computer. He finally makes the trip, finding his original home and his natural mother.

This very deeply emotional film shows how one’s original roots, natural origins cannot be deleted from a person. It doesn’t matter what we go through, what experiences affect us, our core being, belonging, our inner nature is engraved in us in an eternal way. And sooner or later the “inner software”is activated and we want to find our way home.

Natural Revolution

People are still trying to comprehend, digest the fact that such an outrageous, “up in your face” personality could defeat the much favored “liberal, progressive” Democratic candidate – playing all the right cards, while overwhelmingly pushed, forced on people by mass media and public opinion influencers – in the last American elections.

Moreover Trump’s “anti-political-correctness” revolution seems to be spreading like wild fire, and we might witness the long time ruling moderate, liberal-democratic parties, governments, politicians being replaced by similar, brash, populist and even extremist candidates even in Europe. What on earth is happening?

People try to find political, economic, social or even religious reasons behind this unlikely turnaround. But in truth what we are witnessing is the same, elemental, instinctive, “animate” eruption of our inherent human nature the Indian boy experienced in the above mentioned movie.

The now spectacularly failing “liberal, progressive” ideology – which produced a lot of false, artificial notions, systems, harming human societies all over the world – committed its greatest crime against our own, inherent human nature. Through a distorted culture, media and educational assault it tried, and almost succeeded in creating a mass “humanoid”, that is devoid of any individual, national characteristics, devoid of moral, human values, even devoid of genders.

Such a tasteless, faceless, aimless, easy to manipulate mass “humanoid” was supposed to become the perfect subject of a “Matrix-like” production/consumption machinery.

Fortunately – as it turns out – our deeply engraved inherent nature, our unique individual and national characteristics cannot be suppressed or deleted that easily. And after reaching a certain threshold, when this nature started to feel itself in existential danger it erupted, acting in an unexpected, unpredictable way. This is how people could find a personality like Donald Trump – with all of his selfish, egoistic, offensive qualities – more human and acceptable, than the completely artificial, false, passively aggressive, “politically correct” facade the other side has created.

After all Trump is simply showing us who we really are, how our true, inherently selfish, egoistic nature looks when we see ourselves in the mirror without makeup, cosmetic surgery. And people decided to break out of the false, politically correct straight jacket to become themselves again.

Integral Upbringing

This process is unstoppable, probably we will see a wave of individualism, nationalism sweeping across the globe, like tsunami washing away all the lieful, artificial notions, “multi-cultural”, “borderless and nation-less” structures we tried stubbornly implementing through recent decades.

Of course these are very dangerous, fragile times, as without control, coordination this liberated, raging, selfish egoistic nature would evolve into Nazism, raw communism, or other forms of extremists ideologies, structures, leading to social breakdown, wars. Thus it is very important that we find a way of channelling this raw, elemental natural force that has erupted.

The solution is a brand new, “integral upbringing”, a practical and purposeful educational method. This method can help people understand both the fully, globally integrated natural system we exist in, and our inherently selfish, egoistic nature.

Then it can also explain and teach how we can refine, upgrade our nature in order to start building mutually complementing cooperation with one another, above all the vast differences, despite our unique individuality, nationalities and despite the mutual rejection even hatred.

Instead of trying to suppress, delete individuality, nationality, we can find a way of harnessing it for the sake of the global, integral collective.

Single Root

Of course such education wouldn’t work without natural foundations, support. Fortunately we possess such foundations. Our “homecoming”, reviving, reclaiming our individual, national identities, characteristics doesn’t mean we reached the deepest root we have in reality. There exists a much deeper layer.

There is a deeper layer, a deeper “home”, a common root where all of us existed as a single, united collective, as a single family before the “Chaos of Babel”. This was before our constantly growing, intensifying selfish egos started separating, scattering us all over the globe.

We all have a dormant memory of that state embedded within our DNA. And the most important function of the new, “integral upbringing” organ is not the actual theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, but it is to awaken, revive those ancient memories.

Then the flickering memories, tastes of that single root can serve as a guiding “light at the end of the tunnel”, leading all of humanity back to that single collective, supporting our modern attempts of building the survival necessity of mutually complement cooperation.

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