Through the extraordinary, turbulent events sweeping the globe slowly we started to realize that we are all slaves. We are born into bondage the moment we leave the mother’s womb.

But we are not enslaved to dictators, politicians, governments, or banks, we are not even enslaved to religions or to the overwhelming mass media influence. We are enslaved to and completely controlled by our own inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature.

It is this instinctive nature that controls every moment of our lives, each of our thoughts, desires and actions. This nature is so clever that we don’t even have the slightest suspicion that it controls every breath we take, leading us blindly through it’s egocentric “pleasure/pain” calculations.

Painful Recognition

But today when this insatiable, self-destructive human nature is running amok wherever we look, we can’t ignore its governance any longer. And although we still try to point at a few obvious, brash, “up in your face” individuals, group of people, considering them the only selfish, egoistic personalities in humanity, more and more people come to the reluctant recognition that in fact each and every one of us was born with the same nature.

The only difference in between us is how hungry, willing this inherent nature is to take chances, and accept sacrifices in order to reach whatever it wants. This hunger renders humanity alongside a pyramid system, with the most selfish, egoistic people on top, but even those at the bottom have the same nature without any exception.

Today in the globally interconnected and interdependent world this nature of ours has become as self-destructive as cancer. And we also see that just like chronic alcoholics, drug addicts we simply can’t stop fulfilling our insatiable desire for more pleasures, profits, possessions for ourselves at the expense of others. Thus we are all sleepwalking towards a global disaster unless we can somehow escape from our “slave master”, liberate ourselves from the deadly clutches of our own selfish egos.

Mutual Liberation

But how could one disconnect from one’s own nature? After all none can lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair, and no prisoner can escape from the prison by oneself!

We have no other chance but to liberate each other from our own selfish prisons through a unique mutual effort. One can help one’s friend, in other words truly, mutually committed friends in a close environment can cut each other’s chains, guiding one another towards freedom.

Our inherent nature is utterly “self-loving”, we are unable to make calculations for anybody, anything else but ourselves, and a very small close circle we consider part of us. We turn towards the rest of the outside world with complete distrust, suspicion.

The instinctive “mutual guarantee” – automatic, selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration that sustains homeostasis, thus safeguards life – that is prevalent in nature, is completely missing from the uniquely individualistic human beings. As a result we are forced to ruthlessly compete, fight for resources and survival.

Loving Tsunami

Thus this mutual liberation is much more difficult than it sounds.

We can’t simply escape “self-love” into some free vacuum, empty space. When we try to escape from the selfish, subjective, hateful prison of our egos we need to try running towards something else, we need a place we can hide, find shelter in. This new “abode” replacing our dark, egoistic, “self-loving” prison is the “love of others”.

Without love we can’t exist, without true love we are not alive. “True love” is the automatic, immediate, perfect, undistorted fulfillment of the desires, necessity of the “beloved”. Inherently this “beloved” is ourselves. But in order to escape our selfish, egoistic slave master we need to develop such “true love” towards others that are “outside of ourselves”.

If selected, fully committed people in a closed circle start artificially acting towards one another “as if” they were devoted to serving one another, watching and trying to fulfill the necessities, desires of each other without selfish calculations, distortion, they can gradually soften the resistance, instinctive distrust, the stone walls surrounding each other’s hearts.

Although the inherent nature, alarmed by this unusual, “supernatural” behavior raises the protective shields, finding any opportunity to disrupt, obstruct this action, the consistent, committed mutual effort can gradually elevate the members of the circle above their self-concern, self-protection.

If each member maintains their mutual “covenant” a strong, real mutual trust evolves out of the initially artificial action. At the end the members can generate such a constant, mutual flow of realistic “true love” circulating in between them, that it gains the necessary power which can wash them all out of their inherent, selfish, egoistic prisons like a warm, positive tsunami.

Losing The Self, Acquiring The Whole Universe

Still we need to examine, why would people choose to liberate one another from their respective, subjective, egoistic, hateful, “self-loving” prison in order to run into the selflessly, altruistically serving prison of “love of others”. What do they gain by giving up self-service for serving others?

By creating a human environment that works based on “true, mutual love”, fulfilling the conditions of natural mutual guarantee, such an environment world reach similarity of form with nature’s vast, cosmic system. The flow, circulation of mutual love that liberated them from their inherent prison connects to the unbounded, infinite flow of altruistic love driving natural evolution, creating and sustaining life.

Although towards one another they become like selfless, nullified slaves, simple cogwheels in their collective “loving machinery”, through integrating within nature’s system they gain absolute freedom. By that transparent, benevolent integration they acquire access to nature’s complete database.

They lose the restrictive, subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion. Although they “loose, annul themselves” towards one another in turn they acquire control, supervision over the whole cosmic, natural system. They become benevolent partners with nature’s evolutionary force rising to a qualitatively much higher, effortless existence.

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