Freely Receiving The Greatest Pleasures

Not Free And Not Satisfied

We are born with a proud, uniquely individual nature. Our matter, engine driving us is an insatiable desire for pleasures for ourselves. We are completely convinced that we are free to do whatever we want in our lives, and seemingly we are consuming pleasures endlessly.

Except that today we are waking up to the fact that we are not free at all, and that the pleasures we have been chasing, accumulating for life times are not even morsels and they are unable to satisfy us.

As a result of the deepening, seemingly unsolvable global crisis we are waking up to the fact that we exist in a fully integrated and completely interdependent human network, which human network is also fully integrated within nature’s vast, cosmic system. Thus we are also fully dependant on the natural system and its unbending natural laws.

Through our genetic inheritance, our upbringing and education we are already aimed towards a certain way of existence, and the environment’s influence we exist in puts the finishing touches on the final product which is us. If we had the chance of tracing, examining where our thoughts, actions come from, why we react, behave in a certain way, we could see that everything we think of, desire or act is fully determined from start to finish.

In terms of fulfilling ourselves with pleasures by default we have been chasing the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, fame and knowledge) desires until recently. But today, despite the excessively available, artificial, even twisted pleasures on display we are losing interest and feeling increasingly empty, depressed, dejected.

First of all our own, personal receptive vessels we can fill with pleasures are very limited. The moment we start satisfying ourselves the previously burning desire starts cooling off, and as we become satiated we become turned off, even “nauseated”, unable to enjoy anything for a while. The ancient Roman custom of inducing vomiting after meals in order to be able to eat more represents this limitation and our impossible yearning for more very graphically.

Moreover the pleasures we have been consuming can hardly be called human enjoyment. They are all instinctive, self-centered, keeping us focused on this material existence, rooted within the subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

At The Threshold Of The Human Level

We are destined for much more as we are given the opportunity to search for and attain the purpose of our lives, attain the whole plan of natural creation and evolution.

In truth the seemingly negative, even hopeless present state, crisis is predetermined too, we had to reach this existential crisis in our development. The plan of evolution has in store for us true freedom and infinite pleasures we can’t even comprehend at present.

We are at the threshold of a truly “Human” evolutionary level. But we have to reach this level, the freedom and those pleasures it offers proactively, precisely desiring for them in a burning, insatiable way.

The Need To Build Mutual Guarantee

The new Human level, its freedom and the associated pleasures can’t be found within the realm of our inherently individualistic, self-serving and self-justifying nature. Through this nature we are disconnected from the vast, cosmic system of reality as our form, qualities are incompatible with it. We don’t have any bearing or even comprehension of the state of mutual guarantee nature works on.

In mutual guarantee members, elements of closed, neutral ecosystems selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally serve and complement one another. Only this way can the crucial homeostasis – necessity for life and optimal development – be sustained. The instinctive belonging, personal subduing into mutual guarantee that is prevalent in nature is missing from our inherent operating software.

Thus in order to use our global, integral conditions positively, effectively, in order to facilitate humanity’s integration within nature’s system we have to proactively build mutual guarantee in between us “out of nothing”.

Actually “out of nothing” doesn’t fully express the difficulty we are facing. We have to build the necessary selfless, altruistic interconnections above, against our inherent nature. Such mutually complementing service of one another is like “death” for our instinctively self-serving, self-justifying operating software.

Thus we need a very unique method, with a specifically, purposefully organized “human laboratory” in order to generate, take on ourselves a new software upgrade above the original one.

Work In The Laboratory

Those who enter such a laboratory willingly, fully committing themselves to its methodology, and to the mutual “covenant” of dedicating all their efforts to building mutual guarantee, soon realize the primary task. In order to reach the desired goal the only thing they need to free themselves from is their inherently selfish, egoistic operating software.

It is only this self-serving, self-justifying natural inclination and the completely introverted, subjective perception it creates that stops us reaching the necessary mutual trust. Thus the sole aim of the methodology – harnessing, fully utilizing the mutual effort, channeling the seemingly negative inherent attributes of jealousy, envy, shame, desire for more for positive, purposeful use – is focused on the mutual self-annulment of the members towards on another.

If such a fully committed circle achieves success, through their selfless, altruistic, mutual interconnections they build a unique network, instrument that can start accessing the system of reality in a transparent, unobstructed way.

Giving Up The Self, Gaining Complete Freedom And Infinite Pleasures

Such a mutually selfless, altruistic human network – together with the ongoing tension, contrasts reached above and against the still existing inherent nature – becomes like a special radio receiver, distribution center within the vast, cosmic natural system. Through their self-nullification the members become like pure, transparent pipelines towards one another and towards the rest of the system.

Through the achieved similarity of form, matching frequency with nature as a result of their sufficient built mutual guarantee, they gain unlimited access to nature’s infinite database. Moreover the unique, singular life giving, creating natural force that sustains the whole system starts flowing through them in an uninhibited way.

More precisely it has always been flowing through them but their selfish, egoistic, subjective existence, perception prevented them from sensing this flow. As a result they had no chance of directing, passing on this flow in a benevolent, purposeful way towards the rest of the system.

But now, through their purified, selfless, altruistic network this pulsating flow can pass through them easily, undisturbed. Thus they become active distributors, they become like the selfless, artistic, pumping heart of the whole system.

They gave up, rose above their inherent  on one hand, on the other hand through this “self-restriction” they liberated themselves to become the perfect pipeline, network for the system, unleashing the greatest freedom possible. They start existing, flowing, floating within the system of reality without any limitation. And since the whole life force, circulation, communication flows, passes through them endlessly they can taste, enjoy all the possible pleasures in the world in an unbounded way.

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