Igniting The Spark

The Need For Human Purpose

Although we keep pushing this disturbing question away, after I while we can’t ignore it. We simply have start searching for a meaning for our lives, otherwise we are unable to justify our human existence.

After all our present, completely instinctive chase after the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, game and knowledge) desires doesn’t not constitute a human endeavor. A Human being is a creature that can rise above instinctive behavior, taking its life and fate into its own hands.

But taking our life and fate into our hands presumes we reveal, attain a plan for our development, knowing the final state we are supposed to progress towards. A plan has a desired goal, but it also has a beginning. And if there is a plan there is a thought, a source behind it.

Our purpose in life, our life’s meaning is revealing, attaining the plan of evolution, finding and understanding its source, fully comprehending our own role within the system while also realizing why exactly we were assigned such a role.

Becoming Free By Revealing We Have No Freedom

This notion is of course very difficult and alien to our present belief, to our instinctive perception that maintains that we are unique, individualistic creatures with full freedom over our life. After all we are operated by a self-centered, self-serving pleasure/pain principle.

A single source, creating and governing a single, predetermined plan, with a predetermined, designated role for us would take any free choice, individual action out of our hands.

As it turns out it is this stubborn, subjective, selfish belief in our own powers, individuality and personal freedom what prevents us from reaching the above mentioned purpose. And in a paradoxical way it is the same subjective, egoistic self-belief what gives us an opportunity for free choice and individual action.

Our only freedom in life is proactively, consciously, willingly coming to the realization that we are not free. But at the moment of realizing the truth that we are simple marionette figures pulled on strings, we also reach complete liberation and the greatest reward possible.

We reach liberation from the clutches of our selfish, egoistic inherent nature, allowing us to enter and research reality objectively, transparently. And we merit standing face to face with the single, omnipotent force of the vast cosmic system by the virtue of becoming like it.

Distancing Dissimilarity

The process we have to go through is to proactively choosing to peel off, break, subdue all of our selfish, egoistic shields, protective layers over our primordial inner core, which is the spark, root of our personal existence. That core “self” is like a dense, black point, which has no volume, dimension, special attributes yet. It is like our raw, tightly packed DNA, in an un-expressed form, which primordial DNA can directly connect us to the source that created it.

Around this core “self” we have all kinds of acquired layers, clothing, additions we gained through our evolutionary development. We gained them from earlier predecessors, from previous generations, and we also receive them from the present generation we exist in, through upbringing, education and environmental influence.

All these acquired layers covering, hiding our core are based on the self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic “human upgrade” we received after human beings evolved from apes. The thicker, more sophisticated these acquired clothings are, the more selfish, egoistic, introverted and subjective we become.

With each layer we also become further distanced from our source, as our qualities, the frequency we operate on becomes increasingly dissimilar with that purely altruistic, solely bestowing, life giving force. At the same time through the increasingly subjective perception of reality we have lost any connection with the true world surrounding us forcing us into this illusory world we exist in today.

Trying To Locate The Single Force

These acquired selfish and egoistic layers, clothings are the ones we need to gradually peel off, break through, in order to reverse the process and start approaching our source again. In the midst of the egocentric, subjective confusion, nightmare we exist in, we would need to locate this single force behind each and every action, thought, object or personality, tying enemies and lovers, and even our own “self” to the same source.

Moreover regardless of whether our inherent perception judges those influences on us positively or negatively, we have to determine them the best, most useful and purposefully guiding influences in order to take us closer to our final purpose.

But it is a mission impossible to achieve such a “supernatural” perception of reality, simply trying to override our inherent operating program and perception. Our inherent program places ourselves into the center of reality, fighting and competing with multiple sources all through our lives for self-preservation. We are like Don Quixote fighting even windmills if we have to, giving individual powers, influences to everything we encounter.

Thus first we need to acquire, use a preliminary template teaching, facilitating us shedding our selfish, egoistic layers, covering our inner core, the only observer point capable of locating its source. Only this way can we refine, focus our precept tying everything to a singular source.

The Blender

For this we need a unique “human laboratory” acting like a blender. The purpose of this unique laboratory is focusing on, revealing the source of our existence by mutually helping one another to gradually “undress” from all the selfish, egoistic clothing, leaving only that primordial, naked, unprotected inner core connected to its source.

The members of the laboratory have to constantly remind each other to this goal, helping each other to keep the focus on a singular cause of anything that happens to them, while also reminding each other that everything that unfolds only serves their best interest, most optimal development.

Of course at the same time those selfish, egoistic layers, the operating software influenced by them resists all these attempts, confusing, inciting them, showing multiple sources, different reasons, various enemies and friends as the root of those events, influences, scattering their focus, denying their goal.

It is exactly these recurring falls and recoveries, exits and entries, the constant inner war in between the selfish, egoistic inclination scattering the focus, providing multiple sources and the positive force of their mutual support that acts as the blender softening and removing the external layers one by one, refocusing their vision to a single source.


If they can maintain their consistent, fully devoted mutual support, they can finally reach the moment when the “naked inner core” can touch that single creating source without concealment.

This moment of “touching” is like touching the Sun, or the core of a nuclear reactor, flooding them with an unprecedented, inexplicable energy, enlightenment.

The moment of adhesion with the source is the greatest possible fulfilment, confidence in reality, it is the sense of absolute trust in the system. It doesn’t mean absolute bliss from egoistic point of view, turning everything pleasant and perfect.

Insted it means that regardless of what is actually happening to me, even if I am losing my life, even if I lose everything I have in the next moment, I still fully trust and justify the system, knowing that that is the most perfect state, process I have to go through from the point of view of evolution’s plan.

I would feel like a prey hunted down and eaten by its predator while sensing the event from the point of view of “circle of life”, as if watching a movie from the sides, knowing that by being consumed the prey is fulfilling the most perfect, optimal role, service, purpose for the sake of the system.

Igniting The Spark

Thus this adhesion with the source brings a completely new consciousness, perception that is competent above, disconnected from physical existence, disconnected from the subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion.

But at the same time this experience, extraordinary fulfilment cannot be contained personally, in a selfish, egoistic manner. That primordial core of the self, that made the contact doesn’t have a “container”, circuitry that can use such an enormous source of energy. Without passing it on, letting this energy flow through it, that dense core would immediately burn out, break into pieces.

And her comes the the second function of the mutual human laboratory, serving as a “womb” to place a seed into. The moment that primordial, inner, personal core has been charged by the contact with the source of reality, that charged core needs to be placed immediately within the safe confines of the mutual circle.

All the energy, fulfillment needs to be offloaded into that common, mutual space. Since they all do the same action, as they all place their own respective, charged cores into that space, they can ignite their selfless, mutual network, giving it a new circulation, flow of energy, new life.

This way each of them individually, and all of them collectively become like nuclear power stations, reviving, sustaining, empowering the whole system of reality.

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