Changing The Frequency

Closed In A Bunker

Our purpose of existence is to reveal, attain the whole system we live in, together with its evolutionary plan and the single source that created that plan, putting it into motion. Obviously this source, it’s influence, governance is all around us, we exist in its all encompassing force-field. Still by default we can’t perceive it, we are not even aware of its existence.

Perception of reality is based on two very important principles. We can only sense in contrasts, comparing in between two opposite qualities, forms. And we can only detect, decode sensory input through reaching similarity, matching frequency with it.

By default we don’t possess either of those principles, thus we are like people in a shielded bunker without reception, unable to receive the all encompassing radio signal of the single creating force infusing, controlling the whole of reality outside of that bunker.

Our inherent nature is completely introverted, self-serving and self-justifying. The bunker we are in is our own selfish matter covering us, making all calculations based on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. Thus we haven’t got even remote similarity with nature’s selfless, altruistic, pure bestowing source that created and sustains life.

And the only contrast we can discern, the only comparative research we are capable of making of anything we get into contact with, is whether it is good or bad, sweet or bitter for ourselves. But we are incapable of making any calculations outside of this self-interest.

The Need For New Perception Tool

In truth since there exists nothing else in reality outside of ourselves but that single force-field, it infuses, encompasses everything including ourselves. Even in that subjective, introverted bunker we perceive this force-field but in a distorted manner, modifying that force to our own corrupted image. Through our own selfish, egoistic qualities we paint the image of the world we see, projecting our own self-serving, self-justifying qualities all around us reflecting the pure, unblemished force-field in such a tarnished form.

If we want to reveal, attain our source without this selfish, subjective distortion, if we want to see its plan and all the cause and effect processes of the vast, cosmic natural system as they actually are, we need to exit our individual bunkers. We need to find a new frequency range, new end points for the contrast we perceive within.

It is clear that one end point, one edge of the contrast is given, it is our own matter, the self-serving, self-justifying nature with its egocentric, subjective, introverted perception. But somehow we have to create the other edge of this contrast, the very opposite end, based on the quality of selfless, altruistic care and service towards others.

We have to put our observer – standing in between the two contrasts – outside of the self, outside of the subjective bunker. We need a new “impersonal”, objective perceiving tool with new sensory organs, inputs for data, information.


This is only possible in a unique, closed, mutual environment, together with other people who commit to the same goal. This mutually supportive, fully committed circle then have to start a special “game”, artificially play-acting selfless, altruistic care and service towards one another.

The game has simple rules: each member thrives, devotes themselves to project a shining positive example of selfless, altruistic, mutually supporting behavior towards the others, while fully justifying, accepting whatever comes from the direction of those others.

They collectively aim at revealing, attaining the single operating force in reality. They have to assume – against and above their inherent reason, against everything their mind projects – that the people they are together with in the circle are not random individuals. Instead they have to accept that it was that singular operating, governing force that organized specifically this circle of people for each participants, as the most suitable environment in order to reach the desired goal.

Inner War

Thus despite the constantly recurring criticism, negative judgement one’s inherent ego projects towards those others, the person has to accept them as the greatest possible individuals, perfect in every respect. One has to look at those others as specially selected and trained actors, role players, teachers only for the optimal education, upbringing of the person.

Those others are there in order to initiate, induce the best possible response from the individual observers (each from their own point of view), regardless of what one experiences within the circle according to their own subjective perception. It is only this response to any input, existence where one has any free choice.

One constantly has to lower, subdue oneself towards those others, despite the “spies”, the inherent nature constantly whispering in one’s ears, blaming, negating, belittling, despising those others. This constant inner war has to continue until one can constantly push aside one’s own reason, intellect, constantly waging an inner war against one’s self. This war rages until one finally reaches the lowest, most humbled, zero point towards those others.

A New World

The new sensory organs, channels for data, information, the new sensory input is built from those others one raises above oneself against the inherent nature. One has to accept whatever comes from, flows through the other members of the circle while discarding the “logical, reasonable” input of the original perception both intellectually and emotionally.

And since all the members are doing the same actions, going through the same states from their own point of view, they all reach the same self-nullified, zero state, taking on everything that comes from the others. And then in between them they create something completely new that never existed before.

In the overlapping, mutual area of their reciprocal self-annulment they create the form of pure, selfless, altruistic care, love outside of the self. And this pure bestowing mutual creature – “their mutual baby” they created through their collective action – becomes the high end of their frequency range. That pure bestowing sensory impression, selfless desire for others reaches similarity, matching frequency with nature’s creating source.

For all matters and purposes this new notion becomes their source. This matching frequency they generated is the closest they can identify themselves with the creating force of the system.

This is not something that comes from, belongs to their inherent nature, it is a completely new addition, “created out of nothing” through their mutual effort. And this new creation, by becoming their upper frequency edge gives them a completely new range for perception, contrasting their inherent nature. And now through this brand new frequency range they can start sensing, attaining a brand new world.

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