Building Walls Or Opening Borders?

“New” Walls

It seems building walls is becoming fashionable these days. Israel has been building walls all around the state for years, in order to keep potential terrorists out. Then last year Hungary and other European countries started building walls, fences to keep unwanted refugees, immigrants away.

And now the “flavor of the moment”, the wall that is mostly talked about (and mocked) is the “Mexican wall” the new American President wants to build, in order to restrict access to the US from Mexico, where from thousands of “illegal aliens” are streaming into the country.

But building walls for self-protection, keeping unwanted others out is nothing new, we have plenty of famous walls in human history, some of them still remaining as reminders. Perhaps the most famous wall of our generation is the Berlin Wall – separating communism from capitalism –  that was broken at the end of the (first) Cold War, in November 1989.

Destroying the Berlin Wall had great symbolic importance because it seemed to signal a new era in human relationships, one where walls and borders become obsolete. After the Cold War ended we excitedly started building a multi-cultural world without differences, without countries, nations, restrictions or state borders.

And in certain parts of the world, especially in Europe this utopia started physically taking shape, while thanks to the internet the whole global world stated interconnecting in a completely unprecedented way.

So how did we arrive to our present state, less than 3 decades later, where people and nations are vigorously building new walls around themselves again?

Unstable Utopia

We all know the popular, “liberal” explanations, pointing at, accusing certain “populist, extremist” politicians, interest groups for this phenomenon, as if without these “evil individuals”, if they didn’t disturb the ideal picture, we would still be happily swimming towards our utopia of world without borders, filled with people without any individual or national identification.

Of course this “explanation” leaves quite a few questions unanswered. Most of these “evil” individuals weren’t even on the scene, taken into consideration a year ago or so. And since the fall of the Berlin Wall until recently, for decades the “free”, Western world was almost exclusively governed, indoctrinated by the “liberal democratic” ideology that promised us that utopia.

Still the reasons, real problems that grew during the governance of “liberal democratic” regimes, prompting today’s “populists and extremists” to build walls are very real, cannot be ignored. The large scale influx of immigrants in Europe for example – out of which only a minority can prove to come from acutely war torn countries – is the result of the policies of previous “liberal, democratic” leaderships, foreign policies, reckless interference in the lives of others.

And suddenly accepting them into the Western countries doesn’t seem to solve anything. There are plenty of earlier and recent examples, proof that those immigrating can’t integrate into their new host countries, many of them clashing with the locals, turning to crime or even terrorism. There is a very clear, sharp and real cultural, religious division, animosity which cannot be ignored, or “solved” by simple “goodwill”, colorful meetings or nice speeches.

The border in between the US and Mexico is very porous, and many of those entering the US illegally end up on the wrong side of the law having no other options for survival. And such examples can be found all over the world, with refugees, immigrants coming mostly from very different cultural, religious background filling prisons, featuring in criminal statistics disproportionately.

Despite following the liberal, democratic – seemingly accepting and embracing, borderless – ideology, we obviously haven’t managed to figure out how to integrate vastly different people into a “multi-cultural society”.


Of course the overwhelmingly dominating “liberal media” tries to downplay the significance of these problems. Negative examples, failures of integration, inter-cultural, inter-religious strife are mostly not reported, discussed at all. Or these occurrences are buried underneath the “much more important” circus and bread entertainment, and downplayed with the help of the global, celebrity led, blatant propaganda.

And most of the time we celebrate, trumpet our successes in relation to certain minority groups, securing equal right to certain layers in society, while not noticing that we are only treating symptoms but not the disease. And all along we are ignoring the real, fundamental problems thus the real disease spreads, gets more serious, untreatable.

But real life problems can’t be swept under the carpet, they don’t tend to go away but keep simmering until they explode, especially if the issue affects our core, inner, instinctive nature.

Inner Walls

In truth the walls we are building in physical form are not new, they are not without reason. We are all surrounded by thick, impenetrable “stone walls” by default. What the stubborn and increasingly dogmatic “politically correct” liberal ideology doesn’t take into consideration is that our inherent human nature is against such “open border” policy.

We are all born with a proud, unique, individualistic nature, and we can only make self-centered, egocentric calculations for ourselves. Although the whole natural system surrounding us is built on “mutual guarantee” – selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration in between all comprising elements – such instinctive belonging, absolute trust is completely lacking in human beings.

After we left our mother’s womb, and start our path in life, we increasingly feel ourselves in a hostile world, where we are forced to build shields, walls around us. From childhood onwards we are all brought up, educated to learn how to compete, fight with others for resources and survival, how to succeed at the expense of others.

Thus we can’t just build better, more sustainable, “multi-cultural” societies through unfounded “liberal, progressive” ideology, by artificial societal, economic and governing systems. We can’t do it by trying to manufacture faceless, tasteless, colorless and gender-less “humanoids”, that are devoid of individual, national identification.

Without a much deeper “intervention”, adjusting, upgrading our inherent nature we will keep failing, sinking deeper and deeper into crisis, returning to far right and far left ideologies, revolutions and wars.

We need a revolutionary educational method, helping people to become capable of building true, mutual trust above and despite the still existing, still simmering differences, mutual distrust, animosity. The walls, inherent separation, constant evaluation of one another will remain, but we can learn how to build bridges above them.

Revealing The Evil

Of course most people – especially the ones with liberal, progressive inclination – would by default reject the idea that each and every person is born with a selfish, egoistic nature. This nature of ours is usually hidden, it is in shrewd concealment, governing us from behind the scenes. Only when it is directly provoked does it come to the surface in a clear, open, inescapable manner.

But our nature is also very clever to avoid such scenarios when it has to reveal itself without any doubt. So most of us would usually unconsciously escape such scenarios, retreat or find a roundabout way instead of confronting our own inherent nature in “full flight”.

For example New Zealanders are predominantly liberal people and of course they are protesting against walls, discrimination every time possible. It would be interesting to see how they reacted if someone seriously suggested they take in millions of Muslim refugees from the Middle East.

After all they have the land the moderate climate, agriculture that could provide nutrition for many and the country is wealthy considering global standards. It is unlikely such a suggesting would be made soon, but if it happened that would seriously test their “liberal, welcoming” posturing.

Our instinctive nature will not show itself even to our own conscious until it is provoked. But without revealing, confronting this “hidden evil” in us – which is of course neither evil, nor a sin since we had no choice about it – we can’t start working with it, adjusting, upgrading it in order to start building true and sustainable mutual, human interconnections.

Such “revelation of evil” can happen in two ways. One is the natural, instinctive path, following human evolution’s pattern of recurring vicious cycles. Each cycle starts with new hopes, new ideologies, structures, until our inherent nature distorts, corrupts everything and we find ourselves in crisis, dead ends. Then a violent explosion – like revolutions, wars, economic meltdown – “resolves” the situation and those remaining standing start building on the ruins of the previous system.

Today we are in our own actual dead end. And based on the scale of global destruction caused by the previous such civilization ending explosion less than eighty years ago, this might be our last chance of learning from our own history.

The Liberals Are Found Out

We need to provoke our own inherent nature in a methodical, proactive way, so we can examine it, research it while also having the necessary remedy, upgrade to reach the desired end result.

Interestingly Trump is instinctively helping everybody in this revelation. On one hand through his own uncompromising, brash, “up in your face” manner he unashamedly shows us the caricature of a self-obsessed, egoistic, narcissistic personality. On the other hand with his remarkable, unexpected victory over the much favored, pushed, overwhelmingly promoted “liberal” candidate he successfully prodded, provoked the “other side”.

As a result the “liberal, democratic” side lost all makeup, careful cover, showing clearly how egoistic, bloodthirsty and dictatorial they truly are. They are shouting with foaming mouth through every channel possible, demanding impeachment, assassination attempts, removal from office by any means, within the very first week Trump started to work, still trying to find his way around. These “loving, warm hearted liberals” are obviously ready to fight to the end, even burning their own nation in order to return to power at all cost.

It just shows that it doesn’t matter which part of the political spectrum we are on, what our beliefs, inclinations are. Deep down we are all self-serving, self-justifying, the question is only in what conditions, through what pressure does that inherent nature breaks through to the surface.

But there is an even deeper problem with the liberal, progressive ideology. There is a very great problem with the notion that we have complete freedom to do anything we want, that we can freely change and mix natural laws and continue building an artificial human bubble as we like.

Although the ideas of “open borders”, roaming and acting as we like, “free as a butterfly”, letting everybody finding their own way is very attractive, it is completely against the strict, unbending natural laws of the vast, cosmic system we exist in.

The True Solution Through Mutual Guarantee

Of course the “rightist”, populist or extremist side doesn’t know these laws either. No stone walls, armed border crossings or new immigrating laws will help us, as no permutation of social, economic or governing structures, ideologies proved sustainable through human history either.

We are all “guided”, mislead by our instinctive nature and the resulting egocentric, subjective perception of reality. All the laws, formulas – be it scientific, religious or social – are human inventions, based on our misguided, egoistic reason, intellect only to selfishly serve ourselves, considering ourselves above the natural, evolutionary system around us.

We won’t be able to succeed and solve problems, rise above our present instinctive behavior without knowing the deeper, hidden laws of the system we evolved from and still belong to. These fundamental laws can only be accessed, revealed and attained by reaching similarity of form, similarity of qualities with the system. And that is only possible through mutual guarantee.

Thus first of all we have to enter very strict “walled and scrutinized”conditions, taking on the strict, “iron laws” of the system, while building perfect mutual guarantee in between us in small, circular, mutual “human laboratories”. We have to create selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing environments above and despite our instinctive nature, that will keep trying to stop us, holding us back.

When we build the true, correct “walls, passages”, examination points, constantly measuring ourselves to the strict laws of the system through mutual guarantee, then we will become completely free to roam the system and “do whatever we want”. That is because then we will want to do exactly what the system requires, demands from us thus all restrictions will be lifted.

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