At The End Of Our Cycle

For anybody who read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books the state of our world, our declining civilization draws surreal similarity with the declining Galactic Empire on the verge of collapse in Asimov’s books.

We are also blinded by our technological advances while in truth stopped progressing, our “wisdom” is based on regurgitating the knowledge of previous generations. Since we reached the seemingly unbreakable wall in between our inherently subjective, introverted perception and quantum reality our technology gave us a chance to peek into, our sciences became theoretical, philosophical without any tangible, real, empirical study possibility.

And it is not only cutting edge sciences – researching the natural system around us – that we are failing with. Even the “simple” social, economic, governing structures we ourselves built are slipping through our fingers. As a result we are in crisis, sliding towards barbaric chaos unseen for centuries.

All we can do is drowning our desperate helplessness in cheap, fleeting “circus and bread entertainment”, in celebrity worship, while completely giving up hopes about a better future.

The suddenly reappearing extremists, populists winning elections, threatening to bring back Nazism, wars are not the cause, rather than the consequences. They are simply acting as the “barbarians” did at the fall of the other great, hedonistic, self-serving empire, when Rome fell. They are breaking through the walls of illusions, lies, politically correct dogma which prevented us in finding true solutions long time ago.

We are simply at our own, actual generation’s final hours, at the inevitable dead end of each historic vicious cycle, since we blindly continue following an instinctive developmental path driven by our inherent nature, repeating the same mistakes again and again.

Blindly Led By Instinctive Nature

Whether we like to hear it, accept it or not, each and every human being – not only the openly, unashamedly obvious ones – is born with a fully self-serving, self-justifying nature. The instinctive, unconditional mutual trust, mutual guarantee that maintains balance and homeostasis in closed natural systems is completely missing in people.

This is the reason why we all exist within our own self-protected, introverted and subjective caves, fortresses, with only a very close circle of people allowed entry, which close circle is also gradually decimated today as even the family unit is falling apart due to our selfish ego’s maximum development.

This mutual distrust, the necessary exclusive competition, success at the expense of others is what distorts, corrupts even the best ideologies, systems, driving us into those dead ends, crisis situations, and the cycle ending explosions.

Just as Asimov’s expert psycho-historian, Hari Seldon could develop a mathematical formula to calculate human history in advance, making calculation on large populations, unique “real life” empirical scientists with the right method and systematic approach can also plot the inevitable path our “real”, global humanity is taking, as long as we stay on the instinctive developmental course.

And just as Asimov’s Hari Seldon, these real life epidural scientists can also easily predict that our current civilization is ending and unless a fundamental shift happens, pushing our path off the instinctive course towards a more conscious one, we are entering a very volatile, murky, suffering filled transitional period.

Two Foundations

Of course such dire predictions without offering the purposeful, practical remedy are not useful. Fortunately similarly to Hari Seldon in Asimov’s book, our real life scientists also have similar solutions. Hari Sheldon recommended the establishment of two unique foundations.

One for collecting all available scientific knowledge about the known universe within a special Encyclopedia Galactica. The other one was less revealed, publicized, as it was for Hari Seldon’s successors, overseeing, controlling the transitional process, making sure it stayed on track. This second foundation became hidden as it exerted covert “benevolent mind control” over the rest of humanity.

Our own, real life remedy is also two pronged. The first leg is the theoretical education part, helping people to learn, understand the closed, fully integrated and interdependent natural system we exist in. We need to see and feel how this system advances through a predetermined, evolutionary program, with a clear, final optimal state, with a very specific role for humanity within it.

We also need to experiment with and fully understand our own inherent nature and how it is incompatible with the system and through which steps we can adapt, integrate into the system, starting from that state of incompatibility.

And then the second leg is the supervising, “mind controlling” part. This is a bit different in real life from Asimov’s description. In our real life scenario it is not actual people who exert supervision, mind control over others. The only thing people – anybody with the right method and participation – can achieve is consciously drawing towards ourselves the influence of nature’s evolutionary force, that is driving the system towards its optimal final state.

Effortlessly Sailing Forwards

At the moment due to our inherent incompatibility with the system and its evolutionary plan – as the system is thriving towards selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing cooperating, while we thrive towards individualistic, ruthless, exclusive and exploitative competition – this fundamental natural force is pushing us from behind. We evolve, develop through suffering, reaching intolerable crisis scenarios then shifting to a new degree out of having no other choice.

But in case we started – after understanding the system and our inherent opposition to it – consciously aiming, working towards adaptation, integration, above and despite our inherent nature, we can start drawing the influence of the natural evolutionary force towards ourselves in a benevolent, positive manner. We can do so in small, purposefully set-top, managed human laboratories, preparing ourselves for such fundamental changes.

It is like a boat on a stormy sea, where the crew can learn the environmental conditions, learn how to use the boat and set up the sails properly. As a result the stormy wind that has been threatening to sink the ship, drowning all of them before, suddenly becomes a helpful driving force, swiftly, pleasantly taking them towards their desired direction.

Of course the “wind”, evolution’s relentless surge according to its plan doesn’t change, the change is from our side, through conscious adaptation. Thus our predetermined evolutionary path could become an exciting, unprecedented adventure instead of the dark, gloomy, blind struggle we are facing today, and have been facing all through human history.

We are standing at such historic crossroads today. The impending doom, fear of the immediate future, the critical review of our recurring historic vicious cycles with such proximity to our last explosion, softened people. They are ready to listen to solutions even if those solutions force them to confront their own inherent nature.

Thus the time has come for our “real life empirical scientists” to set up those crucial foundations, in order to shift humanity’s development to a much better, positive, conscious path, effortlessly “sailing into the sunset”.

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