Formatting The Vessel

Purposeless Life

Our purpose through our physical life is to find the source that gave us life. Moreover we also need to understand for what reason we received this chance, what is the meaning of all this existence?

Without looking at our life in such a purposeful way we can’t justify being Human beings. Moreover even if try to satisfy our “meaning” with finding goals within this physical life we also simply waste this chance of a potentially Human life.

A pertain who lives life without a purpose is similar to one who suddenly wakes up on a couch because the TV was switched on. One watches the broadcast until it is on, although has no idea what the broadcast is about, who and why switched on the TV. And then when the set is switched off again one goes back to sleep the same way one woke up.

There are those who – while being woken up by the broadcast – try justifying themselves within that dimly lit room, trying to explore the room, making minor adjustment here and there, but again, never ask about who and why switched on the broadcast and go back to sleep after the set is switched off.

And there are some who – while awake – try imagining what the dark state could have been while they were sleeping before, and what might happen after the broadcast is switched off again. They even try “making arrangement” that they have a nice, pleasant dream after they go back to sleep in order to sweeten their fear of the coming darkness.

Still they also never actually make efforts to find out who and why switched on the broadcast, and if there is any real chance of leaving the TV room, and whether their existence is “eternally” connected to the TV set or they have any freedom.

All these people are living a very limited and sorrowful life, wasting an extraordinary chance of leaving their own “Truman Show”.

A Pre-Programmed TV Set

Despite the vast efforts humanity placed into it through history, we still haven’t figured out how to create life out of nothing. We don’t actually know what “life” is, why a certain collection of cells, organs are alive, creating a conscious observer watching a live broadcast one moment, while the same collection of cells, organs are lifeless in the next moment with the conscious observer gone.

We keep being obsessed with the cells and organs, trying to perfect them, replace them, trying to prolong the live broadcast while we ignore the observer and the source of the broadcast, the source of our lives entirely.

We try to maximize all the pleasures these physical cells, organs can taste, consume while the live broadcast is on, while the conscious observer functions, although we have no idea where those pleasures, the ability to observe, taste them comes from. Still, having no other choice we accept such an instinctive, animate, fleeting existence.

There is a very simple equation: we are alive, observing a reality, and there is a source that provides us with the chance to observe this reality. The source provides and we receive and accept what is streaming towards us.

Whatever is in between the source and our reception – pleasures our sufferings, hopes and disappointments – is meaningless, it is just some kind of a medium in order to give us clues, hints about the source that tempts us to find it, understand it while the live broadcast is switched on.

We ourselves are like a TV set box that is tuned to a certain frequency. What broadcast we receive, whether we understand the program received, or whether we can even decode, decipher its meaning is completely dependent on the receiver, on the frequency the TV receiver is tuned to.

Retuning The TV

Our freedom, our purpose in life is to adjust, or even rebuild the receiver and retune it constantly until we completely decode, decipher the broadcast in a way that we can even “go behind the screen”, make an actual contact with the source. We can enter, flow with the wavelength, acquiring a completely new dimension of existence, perception for ourselves.

It turns out that the room with the TV, with the live broadcast on is given to us in order to use all of it in a purposeful way, so we can actually enter that other existence, perception while the live broadcast is on, so we can acquire direct contact with the source, with its frequency, and observe, research and understands it first hand.

Only the source acts, it provides everything. But we can arrange, use, sort and rearrange the tools, materials we find around ourselves, reshaping, reformatting our receptive vessel, our TV set box in order to get closer and closer to the source of the broadcast.

Reaching The Place

The initial device we receive and perceive through is very simple, rudimentary. Our life in its basic form is like of an animal’s, simply living by instincts, automatically fulfilling the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, game and knowledge) desires that are given by our basic software we find in ourselves when awoken by the live broadcast.

By using these basic desires, living by the original, instinctive software we have no chance of leaving the instinctive “Matrix”, we have no chance of finding the source. Still time after time a special “bug”, hidden script in that software – like subliminal messaging – prompts a question in us about the meaning of our lives. This question keeps popping up but only a very few finds it so disturbing, sharp, tempting that they feel obligated to try finding an answer to it.

Then this search – the new desire for meaning pulling people above, despite all other instinctive desires – sooner or later leads these restless researchers to a unique environment, where the actual fine tuning can take place.

Formatting The Vessel

Again the basic template is very simple, the creature, which is us, wants and receives pleasures, while the source provides. According to what we receive we judge the source. Although we usually blame our credit many factors, different sources, origins, people, elements, nature for our pleasures or recurring problems, for the lack of fulfilment, since there is only a single source for everything, a single operating curve that determines all that happens, whenever we are happy or unhappy, we are thankful or blame, curse, we actually thank or blame and curse the same, single source.

But this is pointless since we can only receive what we are asking for, and what our receptive vessels are capable of accepting.

Thus if we want to receive true pleasures, if we want to find a connection to the source reaching the purpose of our existence, we need to learn what and how to ask. We have to refine, reformat our receptive vessel, we have to retune our TV set box so at the end we come to the right frequency and we ask, yearn for exactly what the source wants to give us. We have to make our desire to receive like the desire of the providing source.

Thus we need the above mentioned unique environment, human laboratory where such formatting, retuning can take place. We take our general desire for pleasures into that laboratory and keep adjusting, refining it according to the template we receive.

The New Vessel

Since our own instinctive receptive vessel is very limited and is only capable of accepting pleasures selfishly, in an egotistical way for ourselves, since the th we receive by default is showing only “subjective” broadcast, we need to build a completely new instrument, vessel.

We need a mutual, selfless and altruistic receptive vessel, that only wants to receive for others, with the selfless, altruistic intention of providing for others, outside of the self. Only such vessel, only such altruistic request matches the frequency, the desire of the life giving source, that works based on pure, altruistic, unconditional bestowal.

This is why this new, perfect vessel has to be formed mutually, within such a circle of people who all obligate themselves to only care about the others in complete self-annulment. As a matter to work with, from all of their desires they only use the ones that attach themselves to that unique, new desire searching for the meaning of their lives. Then they mix, combine those unique desires and build the new mutual vessel out of this mixture.

As they work against all other desires, against their inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature, the prices takes a lot of effort, constant scrutiny, measuring, adjustments, refining. They ceaselessly hold their developing vessel against the desired gold standard they establish at the start and keep renewing, placing themselves, and their common desire in between the “grinding stones”, which is their 100% effort to nullify themselves towards the others.

At the end, the moment they reach the desired perfection the perfect vessel, their purified desire for the quality of selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of others is ready, immediately meriting the ability to act according to that quality.

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