Planting The Seed


We consider ourselves living creatures, we are convinced that we are “alive and kicking”. But the truth is that considering the existence we are destined to reach, the life we are supposed to live we are not alive yet. We don’t even exist in an inanimate form.

Our present life form, endlessly, instinctively and blindly chasing the morsels of individualistic pleasures, provided through the animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, knowledge) desires is like a grain of sand compared to the life and pleasures available for us on our next evolutionary level.

Today we live in constant fear for our survival, competing, fighting others and the natural system around us in a state of distrust. We all try to escape into our own corners, accumulating goods and pleasures as we don’t know what comes tomorrow. And most of all we have absolutely no idea why we came to this “life”, if we have any purpose, if life has any meaning.

Fully Controlled

But humanity has the highest possible purpose in the whole, vast, cosmic natural system, as we have the potential to research and attain the complete plan of evolution, tracing, reaching and fully understanding the intelligent mind, thought that brought the whole system into being.

The meaning of our lives, all of its events, occurrences have a single meaning, to help, guide us reaching this purpose.

But reaching this purpose is actually not easy. We are all born as unique, individualistic creatures, convinced that we are making conscious, free choices in our lives. Thus the notion of a single, intelligent source planning evolution – earmarking a specific role for us we have to reach, regardless of whether we want to or not – is very much against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying operating software.

Our whole being protests against such “upper control” even if intellectually we started to see that each of our desires, thoughts, actions are governed, predetermined by many factors like genetics, upbringing, education and the actual environment we live in where everybody is also governed, manipulated by the same factors.

Free Choice To Reveal Our Lack Of Freedom

And it is only through the environment that we can make any changes, start our path, development towards fulfilling our purpose. Our only free choice is in choosing the right environment, although even that choice is only partial.

When the question of “What is the meaning of my life?” awakens in people, and it keeps reappearing to the point that the question can’t be silenced, ignored any longer, then people are carefully guided by seemingly “random occurrences” to the right environment where the actual developmental path starts.

This is where the true, only free choice starts, the person receiving the opportunity to immerse into this environment, while actively helping to make it stronger, more purposeful. Only by using this unique “self-reinforcing” environment can the members go against regular logic, reason and self-belief, accepting, wanting to actually attain that instead of being unique individuals they are fully, absolutely controlled by an external source.

As strange and crazy as it sounds their only free choice is determining – through this environment – that they have absolutely no free choice but whatever happens inside and outside of them is fully determined and controlled “from above”.

Planting The Seed

Thus the first step the members need to achieve in the new, closed, mutual environment, is planting their “individual seeds” into their common ground, cleaning it from all the individual, egoistic clatter, surplus.

They need to make a very strong mutual determination about their common goal of trying to reveal, attain the single source behind the whole of reality, behind their own life. They need almost “superhuman” stubbornness, and strength based on the mutual support, so regardless of what is happening to them, regardless of other temptations, obstacles, rejections they declare that everything comes from the same source in order to help them towards their goal.

This process initiates a strong, unprecedented inner war in them, as their inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature tries everything in its power to pull them back, derail them, trying to prove its own singular governance instead of the unique, all-encompassing source of reality.

If they can maintain their dedication, stubbornness and patience, and keep their mutual obligation towards helping one another, this constant inner war actually softens their hard egoistic shells, covering that inner point that tries to find its source, asking the question about the meaning of life. As a result they can finally, fully plant that inner seed into the environment, disappearing within their mutual circle, dedicating themselves for their common goal.

This “planting”, immersion means the first actual sense of that primordial source’s all encompassing influence, governance over them. As through the “planting” they peeled off, distanced themselves from their selfish, egoistic external cover, within their “mutual soil” they can tangibly feel the force-field of the source that created them and how it controls each and every thought, desire and action.

New Life

As a result of this tangible sensation, attainment of the source they also feel the primary qualities of selfless, altruistic care and service, the unconditional bestowal that source represents. They can feel this by the virtue of their self-nullification, “planting”.

This gives them an overwhelming desire to try acting towards one another similar to the source, trying to actively, selflessly, altruistically help, serve each other towards greater understanding of the source. This greater understanding is only possible by reaching similarity with it through the active care and service they try enacting towards one another.

And as a result of the now active, mutual, unconditional bestowing action within the circle, by the reached similarity they start sensing the active circulation, pulsing life force of this primordial circle within their mutual network.

Thus after the initial static, “lifeless” sensation now they acquired an active, live, dynamic attainment. While their initial sensation of the source was still mostly individualistic through their “planted seeds”, this live, dynamic experience is a completely new existence, new perception through a mutual lifeforms that grows out of their mutually planted, self-annulled seeds.

Then a new evolution, development starts by this initially vegetative lifeform turning into animate and finally “Human”. The “Human”is a collective, mutual, “multi-cellular” creature that is capable of fully attaining the primordial source of reality by the virtue of becoming completely “like it”.

Planting the seed is an individual act with the help of the environment, but the sense of life, the growing new life is completely common, mutual sensed individually…

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