The Marionette That Wanted Its Strings Back

Out Of The Garden

A creature without its creator, without its source is completely lost, as if floating in vacuum. A living creature disconnected from the natural system that gave its life, gave all of its attributes is roaming around in a self-destructive way until it completely endangers its own survival. It is like an organ, cell being disconnected from the live giving circulation, communication.

This is how human beings are in reality today, on one hand being proudly individualistic, seemingly enjoying “unlimited freedom” on the path of sleepwalking off the cliff into oblivion. We have no idea who we are, where we are, where we come from and where we should be heading.

We simply live in our artificial human bubble blindly hoping, believing in miracles, that our “inventions, creations” will be successful, sustainable while we can clearly see they are not.

We are the prodigal son, the “Adam” from the bible’s creation story that was rejected from Eden, gaining knowledge, receiving full freedom, only in order to recognize that it didn’t have freedom at all, and that with all of its human knowledge it cannot survive without finding its way back to the same “Garden” to its creator, source.

Even while going through this dream of disconnection, concealment this “Adam  (human in Hebrew)” is still fully controlled by the same creating source, it is still fully connected to, obligated by the laws of the “Garden” it was born in. But for the time being this “Human” is in a cloud of amnesia, unaware of its origin, and the complete control it is under.

Freedom To Ask For Our Strings Back

We are like marionette figures believing in our individual freedom, unaware of the strings that control and determine all of our thoughts, desires, movements. We have been existing in an artificial vacuum, where we were seemingly free, without strings attached, to give us the chance to try our own inventions, create our own laws, subsystems.

But this illusory playground was only given to us in order to come to the conclusion that without the guidance of our source, without knowing the true laws of the system, without returning to live in full integration with the system like organs, cells replanted into the body, we are lost and can’t survive.

We are in a paradoxical situation where we are given the freedom to actively, willingly ask to relinquish our freedom, to ask to feel the marionette strings connecting us to the puppeteer. Only through those strings, becoming humble marionette figures again – above and against our stubborn, proud, individualistic ego that drives us – can we truly figure out how to exist, succeed and “find our way home”.

This “superhuman” request, choosing to become fully controlled marionette figures again, above the instinctive human nature can come in two ways.

The Path Of Suffering

One way is reaching – through following our foolish self belief, our conviction in our own human wisdom – such despair, intolerable suffering through crisis, wars, economic meltdown, that we have no choice but to fall on our knees and subdue ourselves to the system and its source.

We are very close to that state right now as world leaders, experts and “simple people” alike are reaching such helpless desperation. Hollywood, which is a good “thermometer” of the general, global mood, is full of superhero movies, superhuman characters saving humanity against incomprehensible evil while people are hopefully and gratefully standing by. 

At the same time cutting edge, contemporary sciences are helplessly struggling with unfunded, philosophical theories searching for some some handle, guidelines, a “theory of everything” in order to make sense of our world, that seemingly works by static Newtonian laws on the macro level, while it is based, operates according to quantum physics “deep down”.

And on the “street level”, after trying out all possible permutations of social, economic and governing systems, ideologies we have to face complete failure, sinking into a deepening global crisis, barbaric chaos.

The Wise, Hastened, Proactive Path

But we can also reach the desperate, paradoxical demand for integration, “re-implantation”, receiving our marionette strings back proactively, before suffering, crisis forces us. This process – besides the fear of an impending a global catastrophe – is also driven by a new, growing, spreading desire, yearning towards the meaning, purpose of life. This new desire points at, pulls us towards the same source, puppeteer controlling is, governing the evolutionary plan of reality.

Propelled by such double fuel, instead of waiting for obvious pain suffering, we can simulate, create a condensed, intensive inner crisis, inner break that can force us to give up our selfish, prideful self-control in a unique human laboratory, human particle accelerator.

In such a unique, mutual human environment, using a special, purposeful and practical method the participants can reveal and provoke their inner, proud, individualistic ego. We can bring the stubborn, overwhelming ego to such a breaking point that it yields, and accepts giving up its governance in order to survive, before intolerable physical suffering forces it to do so.

This process is like generating, conducting an inner nuclear reaction, “controlled explosion” inside each of the participants, reaching such a deep inner cry, need, readiness for self-annulment for the sake of others, that the ego has no other option but to let go and follow these pioneers towards revealing the system of reality and its source.

Hanging By Two Strings

This inner break, liberation from the ego creates an unprecedented dual perception, giving birth to an independent observer that never existed before. This new “creature” is a simple, selfless, transparent and objective observer point, that becomes hung in between the defeated ego – that after temporarily letting go immediately, relentlessly tries regaining its governance – and the yearned for, benevolent creating force the observer set out to reach and study, learn from.

It turns out that the two strings – the selfish ego and its opposite, the benevolent creating force – that are controlling the observing marionette figure are both coming from the same root. This revealed, clearly sensed double governance gives one freedom of choice and a chance for comparative research in between intensifying contrasts.

Only in that “hung, suspended” manner, feeling both controlling strings against one another, fully determining the observer’s every thought, desire and action without any free choice starts the true opportunity for free choice. The puppet observer can start pulling on those strings from below, consciously communicating with the puppeteer. It needs to try asking, demanding from the source in a way that the marionette figure’s desire would gradually match from below what the puppeteer wants to do with it from above.

The marionette, the unique, objective observer needs to use both strings in a sensitively balanced way, without attaching itself too much to either side, in order to learn about the source, reaching the root of the strings by matching its desires, interns to the desired and intentions above.

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