The Symphony Of The Puppets

Puppets On Strings

We are all fully controlled by the same puppeteer through strings attached to us. Through those strings we can learn to communicate with this puppet master, trying to learn his craft so we ourselves could become like this puppeteer, as this is the purpose of our existence.

Since we are completely controlled by this source, directly we can’t learn anything from it since it acts, pulls the strings and we perform, exist accordingly. But I am not the only puppet, I am surrounded by similar puppets hanging on similar strings. This picture of multiple puppets hanging down from the same source is especially clear and useful in a purposefully organized, mutual environment where the participants willingly reveal, identify those strings attaching them to the source.

Unique Puppet Orchestra

Thus now these puppets can start communicating with the puppet master, not in relation to themselves since it is pointless. But if one wants to become like the source, learn how to govern reality in a good and benevolent way – that the source is supposed to be – one can try asking the puppet master to act, relate in a good and benevolent way towards the other puppets.

Since the purpose of our existence is to reveal the puppet master and gradually become like it, one who asks for the others can demand from the puppet master to help the other puppets reaching that final purpose in a good and benevolent way.

In a large society, among masses of people it is very difficult to organize, oversee, study how such a mutual produces unfolds in between the “puppets” and the puppeteer. But in the above mentioned unique, mutual environment such an experiment can be observed very clearly.

Symphonic Learning

By their constant demands, pulling their strings from below to evoke a positive, purposeful response from the source towards one another, they create a completely new, interactive “puppet show”, a mutually responsible, mutually supportive orchestra. The puppet master remains the source. It remains the conductor and the only active force supplying the “wind”or “sound”. But the little puppets, by their active, selfless, altruistic intentions towards one another determine the tunes, the melody like individual musicians.

The more synchronized, the more precise they become in their intentions, with their altruistic, benevolent request in favor of one another, the deeper, more colorful, more confident, louder and more beautiful the symphony becomes. And although they are only pulling their own strings, playing on their own, personal instruments, through participating in, hearing the mutual symphony they gain a complete “immersion”, learning the actions and the mind of the composer conductor.

Simply by their mutually selfless, altruistic intentions towards one another, by only caring for the success, optimal progress of the others they become similar to the source. And through that similarity, acting, intending like it they gradually learn, attain its plan towards them.

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