Viewing From The Perfect Center

Misjudging A Perfect World

When we look at the world around us we see a myriad of events, cause and effect processes. We observe the different layers within the natural system from the inanimate through the vegetative and animate to the speaking, human level.

And according to our inherently introverted, subjective perception – which is the result of our instinctively self-serving, self-justifying nature we judge – we label everything in relation to our egocentric pleasure/pain calculations. Thus we see good and evil, sweet and bitter, light and dark things, events and people from our self-centered coordinates.

But this picture is completely false. In truth there is neither good or evil, sweet or bitter, light or dark. The world around us is completely perfect. Even the most horrific, criminal, tragic looking things, characters are acting, behaving exactly how they are supposed to. They all perform their own perfect role, most optimal contribution towards the vast, cosmic, multi-dimensional hologram we exist in.

Trying To Justify Towards Merit

This multi-dimensional reality, with all of its cause and effect processes, with its predetermined evolutionary plan  that is relentlessly progressing towards a most optimal final state, is created, put into motion and governed by a single source. And all comprising elements of the system, from the tiniest particles through everything we can observe till the largest astronomical objects act like puppets, cogwheels in this cosmic machinery without any free choice.

But I can’t see this. I see the obvious broken picture, a hostile world that is there to “get me”, thus I am forced to constantly fight, compete, overtake, reject, while trying to accumulate as much goods and resources for myself as possible since I never know what comes tomorrow.

But this is a terrible, suffering filled life constantly obsessed with self-concern, self-protection, trying to escape into my own fortress, unable to trust anything or anybody. Thus somehow I would need to learn, prove to myself that I am indeed living in the most perfect world possible that is full of peace and endless pleasures.

I would need to come to justify everybody and everything to a scale of merit, not only believing but knowing that everything and everybody operates, functions the most optimal, perfect way possible.

Standing In A New Center

For that I need to go through a unique education, conditioning, that can liberate me from all the instinctive self-concern, self-protection, providing me with an unprecedented, total trust in others, and in the whole system. For this education, conditioning I need a uniquely set up, organized, mutual human environment with the purposeful, practical methodology and guide.

In such a “human laboratory” it is possible to replicate, generate a natural mutual guarantee in between the participants, a state that is prevalent in nature but is missing from human beings. In a state of mutual guarantee comprising elements of a closed, natural system selflessly, artistically, mutually complement one another, only making calculations for the benefit of the whole collective, regardless of personal, individualistic calculations.

A successfully acquired mutual guarantee can peel off all the hard, protective, selfish shells, crusts from the participants, allowing them to form a mutually supportive, altruistic network, where a completely new sense of existence, circulation, collective communication and intelligence appears.

And without those self-protective, self-justifying shells, crusts pulling one backwards the person can float out of the center of the subjective, introverted coordinate system into the perfect center of the mutual guarantee.

And from that center suddenly everything falls into place, and one can objectively determine, acknowledge that the world is indeed perfect. There one is able to stand face to face with the single source creating, operating everything. Then staying in that center, like looking through the perfect keyhole, one becomes capable of observing the whole world in the right way.

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