Above Everything

Senseless Rollercoaster

Life is a true rollercoaster. From one moment to another we are going through great highs and lows. We never know what emotional impressions hit us next. Even people who plan their daily schedule, their weeks, months and years meticulously ahead can’t guarantee a smooth ride.

Due to our inherently introverted, subjective perception, our life being based on, calculated by a self-centered “pleasure/pain principle”, we are like hapless logs of wood tossed around by the relentlessly flowing waves of life. We are born “against our will”, live life endlessly chasing fulfillment for the animate (food, sex and family) and social (wealth, dominion, fame and knowledge) desires which just fall on us from multiple sources, then finally we die against our will.

But overall we remain sunken, immersed into our “little”, personal concerns, the events of our close sphere, without any comprehension why we were born, if there is any meaning of this existence, if we have any purpose in the system of reality.

Religions try offering some greater picture, a greater system with a meaning, explanation, but since they are unable to provide an actual tangible sensation, direct attainment, apart from blind faith, psychological support – which usually falls apart in true hardship, despair – they don’t give much more than a secular life.

Is there no way of lifting ourselves above this futile rollercoaster? Is there no way of placing ourselves into the system we are born into, so we can understand where we come from, where we are going and what purposeful actions we can, have to preform apart from fulfilling the usual animate and social necessities?

Preparing For An Adventure

There is a special, purposeful, practical method that can help us exciting our introverted, subjective and very limited spheres,”caves”, giving us an objective, systemic view of reality. We have the capability of encompassing the whole system, actually directly, tangibly, without any doubt sensing the circulation of life’s flow streaming through its. We can enter the endless, infinite communication, invitation flow permeating everything.

Through this systemic attainment we can connect to the primordial source, the initial mind planning and creating the whole system of reality. This way we can become partners in the governance of the whole plan of evolution.

We still go through the same emotional rollercoaster on the level of this world. But at the same time we gain an overall, systemic overview as if watching the whole system from above. Thus the emotional rollercoaster becomes an exciting adventure regardless of what is happening at the “street level”, since we know, sense all the cause and effect processes.

All we need to do is artificially building a state of mutual guarantee in between people, initially in small, closed circles, which circles later can merge, grow, gradually encompassing the whole of humanity. Through mutual guarantee, by the virtue of gaining similarity of form, qualities, we can seamlessly integrate into the cosmic, natural system – that is inherently based on mutual guarantee. Thus we become part of the cosmic life flow and circulation.

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