Building Unity, Agreement Above, While Keeping Rejection, Diversity Below

In A Volatile Existential Crisis

Today our world is in a very fragile, dangerous state. We are in a deepening global crisis that engulfs all human activity. We are in an explosive paradox in between our new, globally integrated, fully interdependent evolutionary conditions, and our vast personal and national differences forcing us to reject, hate each other. We are constantly fighting, competing for resources and survival, trying to succeed at the expense of others.

We see such separations, rejection along any line, excuse we can imagine. We oppose one another politically, culturally, socially, based on religions, gender or race. But we have no choice. Our evolutionary conditions demand from us mutually complementing cooperation whether we want it or not.

The spectacularly failed “neoliberal experiment” – trying to create easy to manipulate, faceless, tasteless, identity-less and even gender-less humanoids – proves that our unique individuality, our special, personal character traits, talents cannot be suppressed or erased. And they shouldn’t be. We are all born, created with such vastly different qualities, capabilities for a reason, in order to build an unprecedented, fully integrated, human “super-organism”. We all have our unique, irreplaceable roles to fulfill.

The Need For A New Approach

But we don’t know this yet, we don’t have any clue about the plan of evolution and what our unique purpose, role is in it. At the moment we are desperately, helplessly struggling with solving our mounting problems, many people already hopelessly resigning to the fact that another global catastrophe is inevitable.

The problem is that we try to solve our problems, contradictions on the instinctive level where our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature operates. Even Einstein declared that it is impossible to solve problems on the same level they arose from. Thus we can’t solve this paradox of vast differences, diversity of opinions while remaining stuck within our selfish, egoistic, subjective nature.

We can never build agreement, peace by “convincing another” – as they say one who wins an argument gains a mortal enemy – since our inherent nature can’t tolerate being defeated, others rising above one’s self. We would need to create agreements, peace, we would need to reach solutions by respecting, keeping all the differences, diverse opinions and still mutually creating something common, we can all accept without defeating, convincing one another.

Rising Above The “Street Level”

For that we would need meet, agree on a level “above” the level of diversity, disagreements.

For example in the classical family model two, individualistic egoists, both coming from a different gender, being completely incompatible with one another, can agree and combine their individual capabilities, talents in order to conceive and raise children, and hold a family together.

The same can be observed in professional sport teams, where highly spoilt millionaires, drunk by constant adulation can still combine their individual talents in order to win championships.

But these are simplistic and inaccurate examples, where people agree, unite for highly egoistic goals as long as it benefits them all. Also such “unity” is usually temporary, these days as our egos intensify both in the family or in sport teams, commandos unity, cooperation is much more difficult to achieve and maintain.

And when it comes to more complex, geopolitical, economic or social problems affecting masses of people, in seemingly unsolvable conflicts, finding proper, sustainable solutions is much more difficult, impossible. Thus in order to reach true solutions, sustainable cooperation, above the remaining differences, intensifying diversity we need a completely new approach. We need to rise from the individualistic, subjective “street level” to a systematic approach, viewpoint, starting to see reality as a single, fully integrated system.

Integral Education

Changing viewpoints, fine tuning people can only succeed, we can only expect sustainable results if the changes are achieved by positive motivation, through positive examples, giving people the chance of choosing going through the changes freely without coercion. Only proper education, “positive propaganda” can produce such results.

We need such an education system which – besides providing the minimum necessary theoretical knowledge, source material – provides practical implementation. Then such practical education can give people immediate, positive emotional impressions, confidence in the system, in the method and in each other.

Such positively motivating, inspiring, and reassuring education is conducted in small, mutual circles. These circles, workshops can be organized, deployed anywhere, any time, without requiring much or any previous preparations, education.

Building A Human Super-Organism

As we explained before and as we realize through our daily lives at the moment we can neither suppress or delete our personal opinions, convictions, we cannot break out of our self-centered, subjective perception showing others in a negative light, nor can we agree on anything, or build something mutual in between us in a sustainable manner. As Einstein suggested we have to rise to a higher, systemic level.

Through the revolutionary integral education we need to explain to people – transparently, without any partisanship, using already available scientific results, facts – that people, nations or even the whole of humanity doesn’t exist isolated, alone, but we are all fully integrated parts of the cosmic whole. And although this might be a bit too much to handle, digest at first, the fact that humanity has become a single, integral whole has become indisputable.

In fact we are all single cells of organs, body systems that comprises a single human “super-organism”. Just like actual cells, organs of a biological body, we also can’t succeed, survive in a fragmented, severed state, disconnected from the body’s circulation, communication.

Thus gradually, layer by layer, we need to rebuild this Human “super-organism”, first reconnecting a few cells in small circles into clusters, then a few of such clusters into organs, then organs into subsystems, body parts until finally we can reorganize and completely reconnect the whole body.

Mutual Guarantee

This reconnecting process happens by establishing mutual guarantee in between the comprising parts, pieces, in our case in between individual people. Mutual guarantee represents the most fundamental law, state in closed, natural ecosystems. In mutual guarantee the comprising pieces subdue themselves to a completely selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration, without which homeostasis, balance is not sustainable.

Building mutual guarantee unfolds in small, mutually supportive human circles. Through different mutual activities – study, meetings, common meals, festivals, common projects, teaching, instructing others, discussing different contradicting matters in frequently organized workshops – the people in the circle gain a sense of unity, a sense of total interdependence on one another.

This mutual building, creating happens against the constantly resisting, protesting inherent nature, as the selfish ego desperately tries to protect its ownership over the person by maintaining, intensifying the rejection, even hatred towards the others. But if they are patiently, stubbornly, consistently work together, maintaining their unceasing mutual support, they can finally reach mutual guarantee above and despite the instinctive, selfish resistance.

Higher Awareness

The moment people in the circle are reaching mutual guarantee, they manage to establish a unique, fully integrated network that – by the virtue of the selfless, altruistic interconnections in between the participants – reaches similarity of form, similarity of frequencies with the greater, surrounding, natural system.

As a result the network becomes like an optimally assembled, tuned radio receiver. Thus the members of the circle can start sensing the primordial, all encompassing life-flow permeating the whole, vast, cosmic system circulating within their mutual network. This gives them an unprecedented, higher awareness, a peek into the organization, optimal working of the system.

Accordingly, at least on their “plus one” level, a step above their selfish, egoistic “street level” they can start understanding how the seemingly contradicting, rejecting, seemingly incompatible pieces, elements actually complement each other. They now see how the seemingly most negative, horrible qualities, events, people fulfill important, irreplaceable, supporting and balancing roles.

Of course on that new “plus one” level they find greater, deeper contradictions in between such circles, “cell clusters”, organs. And such revelations, newly built unity and mutual guarantee on one hand, and even greater, deeper contradictions, rejections on the other hand appear each and every new level.

Like different cells comprising the liver for example interconnect and start sensing the unity and mutual function within their actual organ. But at the sane time they immediately reveal the great differences, seemingly unsolvable contradictions within the digestive system until they reach mutual guarantee on that level, revealing that higher level of mutually complementing collaboration. On that level in turn they immediately face an even greater contradiction, conduct in between different bodily subsystems until they resolve mutual guarantee on that level as well, and so on until the same cells reach the awareness and mutual communication on the total body level.

By the virtue of their previous work, with the help of the previously built mutual guarantee they can start working on and resolving the new, greater contradictions, conflicts at each higher level. Each new, higher level starts with a seemingly unsolvable contradiction, incompatibility in between the pieces reaching a new, higher level of unity at the end. The contrast in between the separation, contradiction and the eventually reached unity gives the awareness of the level.

From The Head To The Toes

How different people perceive, attain this process depends on their participation, it depends on the goal, purpose for which they engaged in this human development for. Most of the people simply want a better, safer, more sustainable life so they don’t need to worry about their necessities, survival from day to day. The constantly built and renewed, gradually intensified mutual guarantee provides them with the security, confidence, reassuring fulfilment of necessities.

But there is a minority of people who engaged in the process from a different, deeper necessity. They want to reveal the meaning of their lives, they want to research and attain the system of reality, its evolutionary plan and the source designing, governing it all “from inside”.

These people attain their necessities only in order to be able to dive into the system, building, refining quantitatively and qualitatively greater similarity by the intensifying mutual guarantee. These are the people who become the benevolent, selfless and altruistic “head” of the new Human “super-organism”.

They are the ones who – by seeing, understanding all the cause and effect processes, decoding the whole plan of evolution “word by word”, “letter by letter” – can lead the whole of humanity and the vast, cosmic, natural Universe towards a qualitatively higher existence above time, space and physical motion.

And at the end of the process, when all cells, organs, body systems, body parts are reconnected through mutual guarantee, the whole body – from head to toes – senses, lives, tastes that infinite, eternal existence in full awareness without any differences.

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