By the arrows of Cupid

Inherently Selfish

Most people in the world would agree today, that the root of all the increasing problems is our inherently selfish, egoistic nature that is only capable of making calculations for itself, succeeding at the expense of others.

Some still maintain that only certain people, certain group of people have such an inherent nature, but gradually we arrive to the conclusion that we are all the same. We are all focusing only on ourselves, viewing reality in a fully introverted, subjective manner. The only difference in between people is the size of hunger, aspiration, the varying intensity of the desire to acquire everything possible for oneself by making extra efforts and sacrifices.

It Is Time For Real Correction

At the same time most people would still also agree that “there is good in everybody”, and that if we tried, using any of the available social, religious or spiritual methods to correct ourselves, we could simply suppress or even delete our selfish egos and become pure, loving and bestowing beings.

There is a very great problem with this view. Our selfish ego is our basic matter, without it we can’t exist. This self-serving, self-justifying, insatiable greedy nature is indestructible, like a shadow constantly following us. If we want to reach truly good relationships in between people, if we want to build mutually complementing collaboration in between people in order to solve problems and survive, we need to acquire new, selfless and altruistic qualities, capabilities above and despite of our inherent nature.

While previously such notions were automatically rejected by everybody, today – after seeing, experiencing how useless, futile our available social, religious, spiritual methods are in correcting people – we are becoming softer, more attentive towards the real solution. Thus the time has come to start acquiring a new clothing, a new nature above our irrepressible, self-destructive inherent one.

Reaching The Right Diagnosis

Of course we can’t just simply decide that this is so, we need to go through special preparations, “social experiments” with others in unique human laboratories, in order to come to true, tangible, unmistakable conclusions, tastes and then results.

First of all we need to provoke, fully reveal our raw, inner, inherent nature, undressing it from its protecting clothing, pulling it out of deep concealment. By artificially, proactively trying to build selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing relationships with one another, focusing only on the needs, desires of the other instead of ourselves, we can draw our fiercely selfish and egoistic nature from its “behind the scenes” hideout.

Through such committed experiment in the specifically built human laboratory even the “nicest”, “most philanthropic, giving” people can realize who they really are, in what ways they keep exploiting others with every chance they get. Our selfish ego has many shrewd, sophisticated, refined ways of raising its own worth, status, keeping itself constantly above others. But in this laboratory it has no other chance but to reveal itself raw, naked.

Besides this clear revelation the participants can also realize that all their attempts to overcome their inherent nature, trying to love, care for others instead of hate, rejection, trying to truly give instead of taking everything for themselves is futile, hopeless.

Outside of this unique laboratory – with its practical purposeful method and experienced, authentic teacher – such a revelation would be devastating, without any relief, solution.

But in this special environment the members are already prepared for this outcome in advance, like cancer patients gently prepared for the devastating diagnosis. Moreover here immediately after the diagnosis the “patients” are immediately offered, administered the targeted, effective treatment.

Using The Sparks

Then the diagnosis, the revelation of one’s irrepressible, selfish, egoistic inner nature comes as a huge relief. One finally understand the root of all one’s problems. One also understand that it is worthless, futile trying to go against this inherent nature directly, there is no point in trying to become “good, nice, polite, giving people”. One needs a competent different approach by building a new nature, inclination on top of the original one.

Although previously we dismissed the generally accepted notion of “there is good in all of us”, as we are all born with the same, 100% self-serving, self-justifying and egoistic nature, there is actually some “good” in every person. This “good” is a unique spark, desire buried underneath all other desires, aspirations. This spark usually awakens with the question of “What is the meaning of my life?” after one becomes disillusioned by the usual fulfillments, pleasures of our world.

In its initial form this spark is also fully selfish, egoistic, but since this spark points at our roots, at the origin of creation, attracting us beyond the static, physical, material picture of this world, it can be used purposefully in that human laboratory in order to build a new nature, to create a new clothing out of it that can cover, neutralize our inherently selfish, egoistic core.

Thus the members of that unique, purposeful human laboratory, apart from intentionally provoking, revealing their inherent nature also start using those special sparks, that are attracting them towards reaching the human purpose in existence.

Careful What You Wish For

This purpose is reaching, revealing and fully attaining the original source of existence, the evolutionary, natural force that bestowed life on us. Such revelation, attainment is only possible through reaching equivalence, similarity of qualities with the source. And since this life giving, creating force is pure, unadulterated love and bestowal, like a besotted mother’s love towards her children, this is the state, the attitude we also have to reach.

As we can see our self-correction, the work in the human laboratory goes beyond diagnosing our “sickness”, revealing our cancerous nature and curing it in order to solve problems on the level of this world. We want to rise above our nature, acquire a new, selflessly, altruistically loving, bestowing clothing in order to reach our human purpose, adhering to our life giving force by becoming similar to it.

Thus in order to reach such a high, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – state we need to acquire insatiable, irrepressible, selfless, altruistic, “motherly” love towards others, first within the human laboratory, then graduate towards the whole cosmic natural system surrounding us.

As a result of our inherently selfish, egoistic nature such a pure, “motherly love” is utterly impossible to reach. But through the mutually committed work, through 100% personal and collective effort within the human laboratory people can keep raising the importance of reaching such love, even without actually knowing, sensing, tasting what such love is like.

At this stage the members are still driven by that spark pulling them towards the meaning of life in a selfish, egoistic form. As they say one needs to be careful about one wishes for, still these unique pioneers can generate in between them a true request, irrepressible demand for that “motherly love” that would provide them with similarity with nature’s creating, evolutionary force. And if – despite knowing, experiencing how impossible it is to reach such a state from their inherent point of view – they still build a yearning that becomes the sole focus of their lives, their wish is granted.

Rejuvenated By Cupid’s Arrow

A completely new emotional layer opens up in them above the persisting inherent core qualities. While – as a background noise – their inherently selfish, egoistic nature still tries to grasp, exploit everything for its own sake, constantly rejecting, dismissing, criticising the others and everything else in order to keep the “self” above all, they start to sense, fall into a desperate, insatiable “motherly love” towards the others, driving them to serve them, care for them, hold them and embrace them above all calculations, above and against all logic or reason.

They sense a very clear, distinct duality, and can increasingly separate, sort the new emotional layer from the inherent, selfish core. It becomes tangibly clear how the new, loving, caring quality is “supernatural”, an additional layer that comes as a result of “being shot by Cupid’s arrow”. This “shot”, this external influence makes them desperately, helplessly love and serve others endlessly above and against their inherent inclination, this “shot” helps them to love and embrace above and despite hate and rejection.

And it is through this new, “supernatural”, motherly emotional layer, through the acquired similarity that they start sensing, tasting the infinite, cosmic life flow, communication that helps them trace, locate and attain the source of life.

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