Lifeless Life

Human beings evolved from and still exist within the vast, cosmic, natural system. Still, by today we completely forgot about our roots, and we completely forgot about what our existence is all about. All our adventures, historic achievements, technological, cultural advancements gave us only one thing: detached us from the being we should be, and from the purpose we should reach.

We keep thinking and expressing that we live, we are alive, but actually we have no idea any longer about what life is about. We think it is about accumulating wealth, “living a good life”, meaning constantly chasing fleeting and mostly cheap, artificial and harmful pleasures.

We are living a completely enough, meaningless life, being born against our will and dying against our will. And we are wasting the time in between without any human purpose, measuring “life” by artificial, obsolete standards, values.

All of our proud, celebrated breakthroughs, advancements are nothing more but unnecessary, unnatural crusts, hardened shells, covering, suffocating the living being deep inside. We reached a crisis point today where our “lives” have become robotic, sterilized, “zombified”, especially in the so called “advanced, developed” Western societies.

Creating Life For Others

When we look at nature outside of the human bubble we can see a very clear, crystallized picture. Existence is about creating, nurturing protecting life, purposefully and practically educating, upbringing offsprings.

This process in nature is unfolding, continuing instinctively, without actual awareness from the part of the living creatures. From the moment of their birth they are inherently integrated, embedded into the intimate circle of life, a single circulation and communicating system encompassing the whole system.

Apart from the basic survival necessities the whole natural system is about the creation and nurturing life. We can imagine this circle like passing on the torch, each creature lighting the candle of another, “breathing life” into each other and the system.

Our unique human purpose during our limited, animate life is to find our way back to this natural way of existing, but achieving it in a fully aware, proactive way. And then by this conscious reintegration, by sensing true life within the system, we can trace the whole plan of evolution to its very origin, revealing the intelligent “mind”, the idea behind the whole evolutionary system of nature.

Even within our present, artificial human bubble we still have a deeply emotional event that can provide us with the sense of what life is about. The moment a woman gives birth to a newborn baby is a true moment of “creation”. The sense of joy, the bond in between the “creator” and “created” transcends the usual, mundane flow of everyday life. It is an incomprehensible emotional state, impossible to express in words. But even this “otherworldly” moment is instinctive, in this respect a human mother is no different from any other mammal.

Returning To Creation

Creating a new life doesn’t fit our present economic-minded worldview focused on dry, efficiency, productivity stripped of any emotions. After all we need to exert enormous energy, seemingly waste a lot of “resources” for that one “drop of unity”, fertilized egg to form, and settle within the prospective mother for a new life to start.

Today “reproduction”, creating, sustaining the “circle of life” is increasingly taking a backseat in modern human societies. For example sex has become a fetish, a billion dollar industry, completely disconnected from its original, natural purpose of conceiving offsprings. It has also become disconnected from the romantic notion of being the pinnacle of the intimate interconnection in between two, mutually loving human beings. 

Young people don’t want families, children of their own, the population in most developed societies is shrinking as selfish egoism, individualism overcomes even our survival instinct related to our species.

In order to survive both individually and collectively, in order to regain our true sense of existence, we need to break through, peel off our artificial crusts and start living through our “naked”, sensitive inner self, relearning the art of creating and nurturing life through intimate human interconnections.

A New, Mutual Existence

The true “human life”, “human existence” we are capable of creating is much more, much higher than conceiving and giving birth to little, biological human babies within couples. We can mutually create, give each other a qualitatively much higher, effortless existence that is beyond the subjective, individualistic coordinates of time, space and physical motion, above biological life and death.

This new embryo, developing “Human Being” is a mutual, collective one, comprised of selfless, altruistic individual people intermingling, dissolving into a single “human super-organism” based on a state of mutual guarantee. Mutual guarantee is where comprising elements of a single, closed natal system selflessly, altruistically serve each other and the system in order to keep balance, homeostasis and with it sustain life.

Similarly to conceiving a mammal embryo we need to exert enormous energy, invest a lot of resources to create a tiny, emotional “drop of unity” that can gradually develop into that completely new, collective human existence. We have to use everything this physical, material world has to offer, not sparing time and effort in order to create that tiny, mutual, unprecedented emotional connection, intimate, inner bond that then can be isolated, nurtured and grown.

First in specially, purposefully organized human environments we organize gatherings, meals, common study, and many other activities with huge amount of physical and material investment. But all this effort, constant committed action – that are completely meaningless by themselves – serves only one purpose: to create a unique, unprecedented inner, emotional impression, a fragile, alive mutual lifeform in between people that doesn’t belong to any of them but belongs to all of them.

We have to discover the deep, true, tangible emotional sense, taste of mutually giving each other birth, and accepting birth from one another by reviving, igniting this selfless, altruistic, mutual life flow. We have to build such mutual interconnections where each thought, inner, heartfelt touch is like a new birth, a new beating of the heart, another pulse of circulation.

We need to keep trying, experimenting, playing with one another until a true sensation develops. After learning the “art of creation” in such small, purposeful environments we can turn the larger, global society around, using all the external, artificial activities for the same inner, life giving purpose.

When we build a true, unconditional mutual guarantee in between people, and this reciprocal commitment, covenant is renewed again and again, people are washed out, liberated from their selfish, lifeless states. Each time they are reborn into a new dimension, existence where by becoming selfless, by being liberated from self-concern, self-protection by the guaranteed bestowal, service of others, they themselves become capable of giving birth to and serving others.


By such active life giving action, selflessly, altruistically “creating and recreating” each other and the collective organism, we become similar to the primordial source that created and still nurtures life in the natural Universe. Through that similarity, by “acting like it”, we can gradually understand and justify the system and its plan, attaining our own unique role in it.

And since we had to achieve this qualitatively much higher, “superhuman” state, reintegration into the system, constantly creating, recreating life against and above our inherent nature by free choice, proactive actions, we become fully conscious, aware of all the cause and effect processes in the system. Within the developing contrast in between our original and attained state we become capable of fully revealing and attaining the intricacies of the plan of evolution. This is contrary to the existence of other living creatures, that are integrated into the system in a fully instinctive, altruistic manner.

Thus at the end we justify our own existence as “Human Beings” that became similar to their source by their own conscious efforts.

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