Pushing The Others On The Train

Searching For Similarity

Probably we have all seen earlier or recent pictures of specially trained people employed at train stations, for the purpose of pushing passengers on crowded trains so they can travel towards their destination without missing out on transport. And although the notion can seem comic or even give us disturbing emotions, at the end of the day the work of these people is necessary.

This example is not the best, or accurate for describing the work people need to do while on the developmental path towards our necessary “self-correction” – changing our inherently selfish, egoistic nature on the way of revealing and attaining the source and purpose of our existence – at least it can give us a certain starting point.

The bottom line is that we are born with an instinctively self-serving, self-justifying nature. We are capable only to make calculations for our own sake, based on an egocentric “pleasure/pain principle”. At the same time the primordial source, the creating, evolutionary force of nature our existence and developmental plan originates from, is purely loving and bestowing. It creates and sustains life and provides the most optimal conditions for that life to develop out of unconditional love.

Connection, revelation, attainment can only happen through the similarity of form, similarity of qualities in between the attainer and attained. Thus the human researcher, that wants to reveal and attain the source of life would need to acquire the “godly” qualities of selfless, altruistic and unconditional love and service towards others.

Problems Encountered

But during the search for such “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – similarity with our source we are starting to face a few, seemingly unsolvable problems.

– Our basic matter, our selfish ego cannot be suppressed or erased since then we wouldn’t exist. The new qualities, similarity would need to be built above our inherent nature.

– Our inherent nature of insatiable selfish reception was purposefully instilled in us so we can receive the infinite bounty, at this stage incomprehensible pleasure of existing in a perfect, infinite, eternal existence that comes by the virtue of reaching equivalence with our source. We need this insatiable attractive force, bottomless desire, without it we can’t reach the purpose we were created for.

– On the other hand if we simply, directly received this bounty, a perfect, unlimited existence from our purely bestowing source, we as direct receivers would remain opposite to it in qualities and form.

And besides being still opposite, such direct reception would ignite a uniquely human emotion, shame in us. This human shame is activated when we keep receiving free gifts, donations from a known source, especially when that known force projects unconditional love towards us. 

This is like being invited by a generous, wealthy host who showers us with gifts, unprecedented delicacies, niceties simply out of love, good intention. After a while we couldn’t enjoy the endless fulfilments, instead we would start feeling numb and very uncomfortable out of our inability to reciprocate.

Thus the moment we revealed our creating source providing us with our limitless, eternal existence while being unable to reciprocate this unconditional bestowal towards us, intolerable shame would start burning us.

– On the other hand even if we had a true desire to take on the qualities of a giver, bestowing, reciprocating towards our source there is actually nothing we could give, moreover obviously this all encompassing source wouldn’t need anything since it is perfect and it created everything.

– Wise sages who managed to attain this force tell us that until we fully corrected ourselves we can’t establish a direct contact, relationship to this source. Before we reach at least a partial similarity of form, some understanding of what such unconditional bestowal is, for our selfish, egoistic nature true, selfless, altruistic giving, love towards others is a terrible notion, like “self-suicide”. From selfish egocentric point of view unconditional love and care towards others is an incomprehensible and intolerable quality.

We can only draw closer to such “force-field” when we ourselves acquired the same qualities, capabilities. Otherwise we would be like a snow man trying to draw cost to a furnace on full flame.

– On the other hand when we reach certain level of similarity and start bonding with our source, the immeasurable, infinite pleasures such a connection provides would overload our capacity as we couldn’t handle, contain, comprehend such fulfillment until our whole being is converted.

Thus we can only draw closer carefully, with great fear and trepidation, like an alcoholic tasting fine liqueur after coming out of rehab. He would need to be fearful not to drink too much, losing his head and the right approach, falling back into uncontrollable addiction for more selfish pleasures.

We can only approach and attain our all-encompassing creating source “in concealment”, through a protective layer, screen, semi-permeable membrane. In other words we can only receive revelation when we don’t want it for ourselves.

The Screen

Fortunately the system we exist in provides us with a solution. After all we don’t exist in this world alone, personally facing our creating source with our own, singular receptive desire for pleasures. We are surrounded by the whole, natural universe with specify attention to our fellow human beings.

By using a special, purposeful methodology we can create a unique, separating screen, membrane in between ourselves and the creating force, solving all above mentioned problems with on strike. We can place other people – initially just a few in order to learn how the screen works – and later the whole natural universe around us, connecting to the creating force through them, for their sake.

I can still use my insatiable, irrepressible desires for pleasures, but I use them, I request through them for those others, exactly how they would like to receive. I still encounter the same generous, wealthy host and he still showers me with attention, delicacies, everything one could wish for, but I pass on, redirect everything that comes my way towards others.
Thus I can receive pleasures without shame, without limitations. Although I am still receiving, I do so for the sake of others. By the bestowing intention I show, activate towards others I reach similarity with the creating source, thus I start revealing it, attaining it through the similarity of “actions” – considering the matching intentions as actions over the secondary external actions.

Pushing Others On The Train

So on one hand there is a goal, destination I want to reach more than anything else in my life. I want to reach and attain the source of our existence. But instead of rushing to and boarding on the “train” that can take me there I make sure all my friends – in the unique human laboratory, mutual circle where we practice such selfless, altruistic action – get on the train.

I push and pull them through positive example, inspiration, giving them confidence and importance in reaching that goal until all of them are safely boarded and the train is leaving. I myself don’t board, but stay behind, making sure they are all going and everything is secure for them.

My joy is their joy, my attainment, success is their attainment and success. I become completely nullified towards them as if fully dissolved in them without a trace. Although I wanted to reach the same goal as the only thing I wanted to reach in life I step back and help, force my friends to take, attain it instead of me.

Paradoxically it is at this fully self-annulled, humbled point that I merit reaching and attaining the source by the virtue of acquiring similarity of qualities with it. Thus the source is standing with me on the empty platform.

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