Revelation Of The Creator

The Creator’s Force-Field

The “Creator” we can, we are supposed to reveal in this world is very different from the usual religious or mystical description. The “Creator” we are able to reveal in a tangible manner in this world is a natural force. This is the force that creates and sustains, nurtures life in the cosmic, natural Universe, this is the only one acting and governing force in reality.

Naturally this force penetrates, infuses everything, we exist in the “ocean” of this force-field. Whether we can detect, reveal, taste and sense this force-field solely depends on us.

Similarity Of Qualities

Revelation, attainment, research is only possible through similarity of qualities, similarity of form, similarity of frequencies in between the attainer and attained. By default we lack the necessary device, we are lacking the necessary similarity that could reveal the creating force.

Our purpose in life is to build, refine, tune a capable detector, radio receiver that can start listening to, attaining this primordial, natural force-field, researching and delving into it deeper and deeper.

This natural force field is utter perfection, its fundamental qualities are pure, unadulterated love, giving and service towards others. Thus in order to reveal and research this force the device, the detector has to possess the same qualities, frequency.

Inherently our own qualities are egoistic self-reception, introverted and subjective perception that are opposite to the creator’s qualities. Thus by nature we are blind to this all-encompassing force-field.

Mutual Device

There is absolutely no possibility for personal, direct revelation of this force. A single, isolated human being is unable to possess the necessary selfless, altruistic, unconditionally loving, serving qualities. For that we need a mutual network of human beings that can develop such qualities, frequency towards one another. Only an observer which is fully integrated, dissolved into the right human environment can reveal the Creator.

Thus the device for revealing the creator’s force-field is a uniquely organized, conducted, mutual circle of people, the “ten”. Ideally such a circle is comprised of ten people, but the “ten” is not necessarily a number, it symbolizes a range, a delta in between two contrasting qualities, states.

The Delta

The delta, the contrast within the “ten” is found in between the usual, instinctively broken picture of human relationships – separation, rejection, ruthless and exclusive competition – and the perfect, “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – state of brotherly love, unity appearing in between the same people.

The circle of people represent the network, the potential “dwelling place” for the creator’s force-field, electricity to appear. As long as the network is broken, the “dwelling place” is dark, hollow, lifeless. The moment the right, selfless, altruistic, unconditional serving interconnections are established within the network, the creator’s force, electricity immediately appears and darkness turns to light and circulation, life fills the system. The “Creator dwells” in this lively place.

The Observer Determines

Actually everything only depends on the state of the observer, how the actual observer views, judges the “other nine”, the rest of the people in the circle. As long as the observer remains stuck in the instinctive, introverted, subjective perception, still controlled by the inherently selfish, egoistic calculations, the observer constantly criticizes, negatively judges those others. He finds them useless, hateful, quarreling, lazy, lowly, undeserving, he sees those others in constant war with one another and with life.

In order for the observer to become capable of seeing those others perfect, acting “above nature”, covering hate with love, filling the lifeless, dark place with the creator’s light, creating blossoming life, bringing electricity flowing within the initially broken network, the observer has to completely nullify his own viewpoint, nullify his desires, perception.

From the state of hateful accuser, prosecutor, spy the observer needs to rise to a state of “besotted mother”, seeing only good in her children, unconditionally loving even the “son that was convicted of mass murder” above reason, beyond logic.

Only from that position, through desperate, infinite, unconditional love can one see the perfect picture. Then the others appear as perfect angels, hovering above their original broken, criminal self, performing actions, connections, unconditional love and service of others that are utterly impossible by inherent human nature.

The revealed creator is the contrast, the delta the observer sees, discerns by changing his own position from Malchut to Bina, by that raising “Divinity” from the dust to the Palace above.

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