Absolute Focus

Driven By Desires

Our basic matter, the engine that keeps us going, existing is a general desire to receive pleasures for ourselves.

Within that general desire for pleasures we have myriads of  different yearnings, goals, needs and necessities. Almost all of them anchor us into this limited, subjective reality, where we have no free choice but automatically chase and fulfill desires, necessities as they randomly pop up. But there is a tiny spark, a remnant of an ancient desire in us that can pull us towards a very different reality, existence.

A Spark From Another Dimension

This spark awakens with the question of “What is the meaning of my life?”. We can be certain that this specific spark that started firing when the search for meaning becomes a singular obsession, fanatic quest instead of being a simple, fleeting fancy we can ignore, push away.

But even when this sparks starts pulling, driving us above and against all other desires we still don’t suspect how much this specific yearning doesn’t belong to this “physical reality”, but it originates from a completely different dimension, operating on a totally different frequency.

Only when we place this spark, remnant of a desire into a unique amplifier, “human incubator” do we start to realize what it is and where it leads us.

Our Human Purpose

Our meaning in life is not to fulfill material desires, necessities, out is not to directly solve physical, material problems, or to build a better life in this world with peace and equality. Our meaning is to locate our role, human purpose above this physical realm, in a dimension where the life giving force of reality and its evolutionary plan openly operates.

Our present physical world is simply a world of consequences, like the final pixels creating pictures on a computer screen. The forces, cause and effect processes determining how the pixels appear and change are “behind the screen”, operating on a deeper, so far unattainable level. Thus at the level of our presently perceived physical world there are no free choices, there are no solutions for problems, we are all haplessly acting like puppets on strings.

If we want to gain free choice, if we truly want to solve problems, take our fate into our own hands we need to go behind the screen, to the inner level where the raw, direct forces operate. This is the level where our awakened spark pulls, drives us.

Our human purpose is to make this breakthrough from our present passive, fully operated, predetermined dimension into the inner dimension. There we can locate and attain the forces and the plan operating, governing reality and “take over management” from them.

More precisely “taking over management” in truth means gradually, finally fully agreeing, consenting to how the system of reality is managed, by the virtue of fully understanding and justifying the operating force and its plan through reaching equivalence with it, “acting like it”.

First Duality

Reaching this consent, learning, practically implementing “acting like” the creating, governing force of reality happens in the above mentioned “amplifier”, human incubator. Through this unique, purposefully built and conducted human environment one becomes capable of creating and developing a very special, unprecedented dual existence, dual perception of reality.

First of all the usual, inherent, animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, dominion, knowledge) desires and their fulfilments move to the background. They only serve the necessities of existing in this physical world, within our actual society as everybody else.

Thus these basic inherent desires are neither praised our condemned, they are not labeled as selfish our egoistic. They arise and demand fulfilment instinctively without any free choice. When one needs to eat one eats, when one needs to have sex one has sex, people work and look after their families as everybody else to their best abilities.

One’s main work, main evaluation, the so called “rewards and punishments”, our interactive, dynamic relationship with life unfolds within the human incubator. This all important, proactive part relates to what one does with the awoken spark, with this unique desire fragment pulling the person towards the “non-physical”, inner dimension.

Only in this special environment do such notions as “good vs evil”, “egoistic vs altruistic” make sense. Such discernments are only useful when one has the free choice of influencing those attributes. Outside of this laboratory, in the ocean of the other animate and social desires we don’t have this possibility, everything unfolds in a predetermined way.

Working With The Spark

Thus we have to exert, invest all our efforts, put all our focus on what we do with our spark towards the meaning of life within the “human incubator”. Regardless of what is happening to us in our regular life, regardless of the emptiness or fulfillment of the animate and social desires, above all our instinctive feelings and reactions we need to cling onto the unique environment. It is like keeping our mind and heart constantly in the “cloud” of this mutual, human incubator.

The main work with the spark in the incubator is attempting to  acquire fully selfless, altruistic qualities, unconditional service of others above and despite self-interest. That other dimension where reality’s real forces operate, where the plan of evolution is revealed is based on, infused by the qualities of pure, unadulterated love and bestowal. Entering that dimension, observing, studying its forces, decoding its evolutionary plan is only possible through reaching similarity of qualities with it.

One can’t change one’s own qualities alone, by one’s own strength. Even the spark pulling the person towards the altruistic, selfless dimension is initially selfish, egoistic, wanting to reveal the “higher dimension” for itself. Thus the work in the human incubator is about mutual intermingling, mutually exerted and supported effort, each participant trying to nullify their own desires, aspirations for the sake of the others.

An individual cannot enter into the altruistic dimension alone, one can only enter paradoxically by first of all helping all the others to progress, enter first without any calculations for the self. Obviously such an intention, aspiration is against our inherently selfish, egoistic intentions. And this instinctively self-serving, negative intention only reveals itself fully under constant provocation that the unique incubator provides.

Thus we can only talk about true ego, true “evil” in this unique human environment, where despite and against the positive altruistic efforts, intentions our negative, selfish and egoistic inclination awakens, intensifies, trying to obstruct, disrupt the efforts towards the necessary, unconditional serving, loving, mutual connections, collaboration.

Second Duality

This internal war, the constant tension in between the egoistic aspirations of using the “incubator” and the process for one’s own sake and the mutual aspiration towards the selfless, altruistic qualities is unpleasant, especially at the beginning of the process. On the other hand it is specifically this tension, contradiction that gives the person discernments, comparative research opportunity.

Thus in the “human incubator”, working with the unique spark pulling the person towards the altruistic dimension of reality’s governing force-field a new, purposeful duality develops. The spark, this unique desire fragment reveals itself as a special dipole, which can flip, turn according to the force-fields operating on it. And since within this closed environment the person, the observer is guided, determined by the state of this spark, one’s state also turns, flips according to which force-field operates stronger.

One force-field is the inherently selfish, egoistic one which by default “magnetized” this dipole while it was immersed among ones original self-serving, self-justifying inclination. The other force-field is the altruistic, selfless one “behind the borders” of this reality from the other, altruistic dimension.

While the selfish force-field influences the dipole by default, automatically, with increasing intensity the selfless, altruistic force-field can only exert influence according to the mutual effort the members of the “incubator” exert by trying to become similar to it. To the extent they work, artificially, to reach similarity with the altruistic force-field “behind the border, to the same extent that force-field influencing them turning the bipole towards the altruistic direction.

The effect of those force-fields on the dipole, on the observer measured, identified in regards to the person’s relationship towards the other members in the closed environment. At times – as a result of the mutual effort of increasing the influence of the selfless, altruistic force-field on them – they become capable of justifying, serving, supporting one another above inherent nature. 

Other times, when their efforts lessen, or their selfish ego intensifies the selfish, egoistic force-field governs, inciting criticism, negative judgement, rejection and hatred towards those others.

Comparative Research

Thus as long as they can keep drawing the influence of the altruistic force field on themselves by their mutual efforts, the observer in the middle can gradually stabilize itself and discern in between the two opposing, contrasting influences. As the resistance, obstruction of the inherent selfish inclination constantly, automatically grows and they can balance it with their addictive efforts, mutual aspiration towards the opposite, altruistic direction, the depth and resolution of this comparative research, discernment grows.

This increasing delta, revealing, researching the qualities of selfless, altruistic bestowal against the dark background of egoistic self-reception allows them to gain unprecedented insight into the other dimension from the other side of the border. And through this insight they gradually, increasingly acquire understanding of nature’s creating force-field, and its evolutionary plan.

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