Feeding Another With Love

In Need Of Mutual Guarantee

Today humanity is struggling. We become desperately helpless in an explosive paradox in between our inherent nature and the environmental conditions we have evolved into.

Our inherent nature is completely self-serving and self-justifying. We are unable to make any other calculations but for self-benefit, most of the time succeeding at the expense of others. But we evolved into a globally interconnected and fully interdependent world where this inherent nature of us became self-destructive like cancer.

We won’t be able to survive unless we can build a state of mutual guarantee in between us, copying the prevalent state of every closed ecosystem.

Mutual guarantee is a state where each comprising element selflessly, altruistically serves all the other elements and the whole collective, above and despite selfish, individualistic calculations. Without this mutual guarantee homeostasis – that is necessary for sustaining life and optimal development – wouldn’t be possible.

But while in nature such mutual guarantee is a default, instinctive state, for human beings it needs to be built proactively, above and against our inherent nature. And in order to do so we need a unique human laboratory called. There a small circle of people make all possible efforts, following a unique, purposeful and practical methodology in order to acquire an unprecedented “second nature” over their inherent one.

Mutual Feast

In a very simplistic way we could imagine the path learning mutual guarantee, mutual interdependence like the state of people closed together in a room.  They have to eat most delicious food from a great, common pot, but they are only supplied with very long spoons. Due to the length of the spoons, being longer than their arms they are unable to feed themselves, since they can’t place the spoon to their own mouth. Thus they can only eat and survive by starting to feed one another.

First, when they realize their complete interdependence it makes them very angry, even hateful towards one another. They would want to run away, disconnect like people today in the global, integral system. But they don’t have a choice, as they are closed in and the long spoons are their only way of eating, in order to survive they have to reluctantly serve each other.

Of course this mutual feeding starts in a very messy way since they only focus on their own fulfillment, demanding the others to feed them while hardly paying any attention to how they supply nutrition to the others. They all end up choking, spluttering, having food all over their faces and clothes except in their mouth, hating every moment of these mutual feeding sessions.

Then they start to realize that in order to receive proper attention, proper service from the others first they themselves have to turn to them with more attention, better intention. So they force themselves to feed each other with more consideration, kindness, trying to observe and remember to the finer details about how the others like being fed, how much they want on their spoons, with what frequency they want to be given the next portion, etc.

This reciprocal “kindness”, even if it is forced, calculated and artificial, fine only in order to secure their own optimal feed, starts to ignite warmth, pleasant feelings towards one another. Gradually this warmth, brotherhood, the increasingly kinder attention they pay to one another melts the initial stony crusts around their hearts rejecting, separating them.

Mutual Guarantee For Real

Slowly this mutual game out of necessity overcomes their inherent resistance and they start to feel genuine fondness, bonding to one another. This reaches such a state that all their attention shifts to caring for, serving the others.

If the others don’t want to eat, refuse to accept the feed they become worried, that perhaps they didn’t approach them the right way, perhaps they weren’t gentle, caring enough. Instead of being angry that the others refuse to eat, they take the blame and try everything possible to delve deeper into researching, understanding the others so they could become the best possible servants.

They want to love and care for those others more then loving, caring for themselves. They want to bond with the others so much that they could perfectly fulfill their desires as if they themselves fulfilled themselves at the moment a desire, necessity arises in those others.

And when they reach this stage they suddenly dissolve into, disappear into those others as if they themselves didn’t even exist any longer. This is when through such “true love” the mutual guarantee becomes real. And as a result their mutual circle, “cell” merits integration with the system of reality teaching part in its circulation, communication flow.

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