Turbulent Search

Those people who by following the insatiable desire to find their meaning of life start searching, sooner or later find the right environment, with an authentic, purposeful method and the suitable, experienced teacher.

From that moment on they go through very contrasting, unprecedented states. On one hand they feel full of joy and confidence that finally they arrived “home”, they have located “The Place” where their search will become fruitful. They feel certainty that the meaning of their lives, revealing and attaining the Human purpose in existence is within their reach.

On the other hand in order to reach that Human purpose they need to go through fundamental inner changes. The attributes, qualities they need to acquire to merit that purpose are completely opposite, antagonistic to the qualities, attributes they were born with.

Thus the whole developmental path they need to go through is turning them upside down from stage to stage. They feel such inner upheaval that they sense themselves inside a spinning washing machine.

Opposite Qualities

Our Human purpose is entering, integrating within the vast, cosmic system of reality, revealing, researching and attaining all of its cause and effect processes in a transparent, objective manner, until we can fully decode the plan of evolution, locating the “designer’s mind”, initial thought at the plan’s conception.

But while this source is defined by pure, unadulterated love, service and bestowal towards everything outside of itself, we are born with a completely self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric nature that only makes calculations for its own sake. So – as revelation, attainment is only possible through similarity of qualities in between the researcher and researched – the whole developmental path inside the unique purposeful environment is about gradually revealing our selfish, egoistic nature layer by layer, turning it into a selflessly, altruistically serving one.

In truth our inherent nature, our selfish ego is impossible to either suppress or delete. This is our matter without which we can’t exist. In order to reach similarity with the natural system around us we would need to acquire the new, opposite qualities, like buying a special clothing over and above our inherent nature.

Moreover before we start going through the purposeful development in the unique environment we are not even aware of how deep this selfish ego goes, how much we are under its control. Only when we try to directly go against it, fully, openly trying to build mutual, selfless and altruistic interconnections with one another, do we start delving into this selfish, egoistic matter.

Dual Existence

The purposeful development path gradually builds a double existence, double perception in the participants. On one hand they generate in between themselves a new, increasingly desperate, insatiable yearning towards their common goal they commit themselves to. They push all other desires, goal aside, putting 100% effort into building completely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving interconnections in between them in order to reach similarity of form with their creating source. They work with full devotion on acquiring the above mentioned special clothing.

In the meantime as a result of this direct provocation the more effort they do, the further they get towards the goal, the greater extent they evoke, incite the inherently selfish, egoistic nature. Thus on one hand through their mutual aspiration, keeping their eyes on their all important goal they rejoice at any sign of progress, while their inherent ego suffers. And their aspirations suffer when they hit obstacles, when they weaken at which time their selfish ego rejoices.

Each time they move forward, by managing to overcome the resistances, obstructions of their inherent nature that nature intensifies, revealing a stronger, deeper layer of the selfish ego. At the beginning these “setbacks”, “falls” from their earlier achievements are very disheartening. They still don’t have the proper experience in assessing the situation correctly, understanding that they should be thanking the new layer of ego being revealed, since now they can use, correct it and thus rise higher, closer to the goal.


Each time these aspiring pioneers manage to rise above their inherent mutual rejection and clothe the instinctive separation, the abyss in between them with “brotherly love”, they suddenly reveal an even deeper abyss with greater rejection. The selfish, egoistic nature doesn’t open up in one instance, but layer by layer so we could digest, handle the new “portions” each time. Then we can correct, cover it based on the previous experience with increasing expertise.

These people are like miners, finding themselves in increasingly deeper, more difficult “mine shafts”, ever deport in their murky egoistic material, where they have to examine and select from the revealed dirt of the ego which parts they can sort out and use for the sake of their interconnections, clothing the selected desires, matter into selfless, altruistic intentions. Thus from those selected parts they can already light a warming, lighting fire that can melt the freezing cold, defeating the pitch darkness their inherent, selfish ego creates.

While each descent, fall into the deeper layers of the ego invites despair, fear, hopelessness without mining further dark material they wouldn’t be able to keep fueling their mutual fire. Thus as time goes by, through their increasing mutual support, with the help of the purposeful method and the teacher they learn how to keep mining, and turning each layer of the selfish, egoistic matter into the opposite, clothing it into the selfless, altruistic intention.

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