Human Beings


In terms of our DNA we are almost identical to many other animals. And even regarding our lifestyle we are basically blindly chasing and fulfilling instinctively, randomly appearing desires and necessities like all other living creatures.

What makes us human, what differentiates us from all other parts of the natural system is how we sense ourselves and other human beings around us.

We are the only creatures that can sense themselves as standalone, unique, independent beings. Moreover we have the capability of empathy, sympathy, sensing, “entering” others, seeing reality through their eyes.

On The Edge

Unfortunately so far – as a result of our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature – we have been using this unique human trait in order to use, exploit each other. At first we existed in closer social networks like other animals – in families, tribes, villages, towns, nations. Although we tried using, exploiting each other by the tools of social, economic and political relations, still through a fragile balance the social networks, which are necessary for collective survival remained intact.

But today, as our selfish egos have intensified reaching their maximum development, our tendency of using, exploiting one another overcame our natural interconnections. As a result even the classical family model broke up, very soon becoming non-existent. And since at the same time we evolved into a fully, globally integrated and interdependent human network we are facing an explosive paradox. Using our human capability of sensing, entering one another and thus exploiting each other recklessly ignoring the consequences brought us to the edge of self-destruction.

Artificial Clothing

In order to survive and raise our collective human existence to a higher level we would need to learn how to use empathy, sympathy in a positive way, not for our own selfish sake, but for the sake of others and the collective.

Since our natural inclination is “self-love” – in other words all our calculations are only about fulfilling our own desires, necessities at all cost, mostly at the expense of others – we would need to acquire “love of others” in an artificial way. We would need to generate “true love”, which is the selfless, altruistic fulfilment of the desires of others without any selfish, egoistic calculations, distortion.

This new inclination, like a new altruistic clothing over our original selfish matter needs to be artificially generated, as if “out of nothing” in a unique human laboratory. In this laboratory a selected circle of fully committed people start working solely in order to acquire this new selfless, altruistic clothing so they can neutralize, cover their inherently “self-loving” matter, giving them time chance of “love of others”.

Fake It Till Make It

The methodology in the laboratory is based on the “fake it till make it” principle. The participants need to openly play act, pretend as if they were already capable of acting above their inherent inclination, solely focusing on, serving the others, helping them towards their common goal without any self-centered calculations. Although they all know that their efforts are not real but false, still the positive example they show to one another makes a deep emotional impressions.

And since they can’t tell whether the others are real or fake the more vibrantly, colorfully but skillfully they play “love of others”, the more they can recruit the useful “negative qualities” of envy, jealousy and desire for respect. Here again the unique human trait of watching, analyzing each other, always comparing ourselves to others, wanting what they have acts with full force. But in this unique laboratory the inherently, instinctively awakening selfish nature actually works against itself, facilitating the creation of the new clothing that can eventually neutralize it.

Still, despite all the dedicated effort, “tricking”, tempting one another and the inherent nature people can’t acquire a “supernatural” clothing, second nature they have no inherent connection to, precedence of. What they can build is a great, insatiable desire for this new ability, inclination as a negative emotion, hatred towards their original selfish inclination. The aim of the laboratory is to bring them to a desperate “breaking point” through their mutual effort, where their yearning for the new clothing overcomes all other desires, necessities and they reach the point of seeing the new selfless, altruistic ability the only purpose their lives is worth living for.

Becoming Similar

But even reaching this insatiable yearning can’t happen if they only work, effort for simply improving their physical lives, trying to safeguard survival in this world. They need a much higher goal, aspiration.

The expression “Human” comes from the Hebrew word “similar”. A human being is a creature that becomes similar to the source, the force that created it. This similarity means “similarity of qualities” which in our case would mean time the new, desired clothing covering our inherently selfish, egoistic matter with selfless, altruistic intentions.

We are inherently self-serving, egoistic, only making calculations for ourselves at the expense of everything and everybody outside of our self. The creating force of natural reality is in its essence pure love and bestowal towards everything it creates, governs. It gives and nurtures life and provides the most optimal environment for that life to develop, guiding the whole system purposefully in order to reach its perfect final state.

Thus we cannot become “like” that force, but we can become “similar” to it in our “external appearance”, more precisely in our intentions over our actions. We can clothe into the qualities of the creating force and through that clothing we can sense what it feels like “acting like it”, supporting, caring for, unconditionally loving others without any selfish calculations, distortions.

Giving Contentment

Our Human purpose in existence is to reach this similarity. This is what is “written” in time plan of evolution. Thus the initial thought, desire of the creating force is that we human beings reach similarity of qualities with it. Viewing this from an emotional, human point of view – the only way we can observe, perceive reality, projecting human emotions over everything we get into contact with – we could say that by reaching our destined purpose in existence we give contentment to our source, like a successful son to his father.

Thus if we want to reach the unique, selfless, altruistic clothing for this reason, to become similar to our source, in order to assist it completing the evolutionary plan in the most perfect manner, we merit and receive that unique clothing from this force. We only merit it when we don’t want it for our own sake. The greatest reward is preserved for those who genuinely don’t want it.

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