Quantum Beings

Emotional Creatures In Digital World

Human beings are sentient, emotional creatures. We are seemingly the only sentient, emotional creatures in the natural universe. We are surrounded by unbending, “iron” natural laws, and creatures that are instinctively, automatically following, obeying those laws.

The lawful system around us, working on strict cause and effect processes is seemingly “digital”, based on right vs wrong, sweet vs bitter contrasts. As a result we established a human system based on Newtonian physics, providing us with precise vectors, distinctive forces, equations.

Even in our human systems we surround ourselves with laws, regulations, stifling bureaucracy, legality preventing against any spontaneous, free actions, outbursts. We want to live through our intellect, reason that can work according to digital calculations discerning right from wrong, sweet from bitter.

Standing In Front Of A Quantum Reality

But we are primarily emotional creatures, our mind is secondary to our sensations, in order to interpret, catalog our emotions. And the emotions are not digital, they flow unbounded through an infinite spectrum with unimaginable colors, tastes, impressions.

Consciously or unconsciously we clothe the rigid, “lawful” system around us into our emotional field. We humanize everything from animals to plants, from planets to the weather, from cars to computers, everything that we get into contact with receives this human, emotional clothing. And we humanize even the single, creating as governing force that drives the evolutionary, natural system we exist in.

Thus seemingly our unlimited, free, analog emotional being is held captive in a strict, digital prison. Except that today through the advances of quantum physics we started to reveal that underneath the rigid Newtonian system an unlimited, infinite possibility, analog quantum system is concealed. Thus would seems natural that an emotional, analog human being, that is restricted within an incompatible rigid, digital system would easily break into this analog quantum system that is more similar to it.

Waking Up From An Illusion

But it is not the case. In truth nobody is forcing us to stay within the rigid, “lawful” illusion we call “our world”. This “our world” is an illusion, “Matrix” we ourselves created. It is true that our emotions are unlimited and flow through an analog spectrum. But all of our emotions are unidirectional, pointing towards a single direction: ourselves.

Our inherent nature is completely self-serving, self-justifying. Our personal “supercomputer”, based on a self-centered pleasure/pain principle is only capable of making calculations for the same of the self. We are all like personal black holes with their individual gravitational force fields, attracting everything possible towards themselves. Thus we freeze the quantum system around us, tilting, distorting it towards ourselves. It is our own nature that paints a rigid, subjective coordinate system around us bound by time, space and physical motion.

It is this individual, gravitational distortion what has created the illusory digital world we perceive ourselves in. Moreover since each person perceives the system from their own point of view we exist in a completely chaotic, unpredictable “Matrix” where even the digital laws, principles start to fall apart today when we reached the limit to how far such an illusory system can develop. Our subjective incompatibility with the real quantum reality started to appear. Thus our artificial human bubble is bursting.

Opening The Emotional Field

Before the artificial, digital “Matrix” completely breaks apart we would need to enter the quantum system, gaining objective, unlimited quantum perception. Otherwise we would fall into a temporary vacuum, a state in between our present illusory system and the quantum reality. That would bring terrible consequences, panic, wars, complete chaos until due the the intolerable suffering our inherent nature would soften and the necessary quantum perception and existence would develop.

In order to become capable of un-freezing our perception, neutralizing the single directional pull of our inherent black hole, we would need to establish an opposite, equal strength attractive force. Then in between the two contrasting poles, freed from the capture of the selfish gravitational pull, our analog emotional field could open up, clothing, merging with the quantum field we exist in.

Thus we need to generate an attractive force that is opposite to the force we were born with. Instead of the inherently selfish, egoistic, insatiable greedy attractive force we need to generate a selfless, altruistic, unconditionally giving pulling force.

Sensing The Source Of Reality

Then in between the two distinct edges, floating selflessly, objectively, roaming the system beyond the subjective coordinates of time, space and physical motion we could start existing in and perceiving the infinite, unbounded quantum reality. That would put us into the same “true” dimension, force-field that is directly related, originates from the single source of our reality. Thus every impressions in that dimension would provide a true, tangible sense of that source through our own emotions that became similar to it, clothing it. Those emotional impressions would then be analyzed, “translated” by our mind, making sense of what we feel.

The altruistic force generator, facilitating our entry into the quantum dimension is a unique, closed, mutual human environment, human “particle accelerator” building artificial “love of others” over the instinctive “self love”. The work of this force generator is described in other articles on this blog.

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