The Story Teller

Purim is the happiest, most “Hollywood-like” Holiday in the Jewish calendar. The story is full of intrigue, with dramatic twists and turns, a poor young girl from an oppressed minority becoming a heroine princess saving her people, a true cliffhanger with an absolutely evil character against the heroes receiving its just punishment in a spectacular happy ending. And at the end we are all invited to an obligatory great feast to top it all.

But as great, wise sages explain – as all Jewish Holidays – the story of Purim in a symbolic way offers important, educational insight into the internal processes, changes within us on the developmental path towards our final, most optimal, corrected state. And these changes, states relate to Jews, non-Jews alike.

Although we are all born with an inherently selfish and egoistic nature that is solely focused of constant self-fulfillment, by the end of this developmental path we need to reach a fully selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving and loving nature. We need to go through such a seemingly impossible, fundamental self-change in order to become similar to and thus reveal, attain the single creating and governing force of reality.

The story of Purim symbolizes the last stages of this process, where the final internal battle of this developmental path unfold. It describes the last, all determining showdown in between the evil Haman, representing our inherently selfish inclination – wanting everything for its own sake – and Mordechai time Jew, the perfect, completely selfless, altruistic inclination that has only one intention, to serve the creating source of reality by uniting all seemingly contradicting curves, characters, in order to complete the evolutionary plan, thus giving the creating source justification and contentment.

Like all authentic kabbalistic sources, and the script of Jewish Holidays, events, characters describe the different emotional states we ourselves go through, swinging in between the selfish egoistic attractive force, and the selfless, altruistic bestowing one. The whole path takes us on a whirlwind, turbulent ride, contradictory states, emotional impressions, our “luck” changing from moment to moment.

But our real role is not to immerse, sink into those turbulent states. Our role and purpose is to gradually establish, stabilize an independent, objective “expert point”, the point of the story teller. Only when can we become disconnected, rising above the different states, extreme contrasts and keep our head above the stormy waves can we truly understand, decode the story and thus understand the author, the creator on the other end.

Only the independent, expert story teller, standing in the “eye of the storm” can fulfill the main commandment of Purim, to freely drink in, enjoy the story and the feast provided by the author.We can “lose our heads” so much so that the “cursed Haman and the blessed Mordechai” all become one, actors on the stage directed by our source, with their play acting leading us to attaining the source’s creating mind and plan.

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