Haman Prepares it But Mordechai Wears It

The Hidden Drama Of Purim

There is a reason why the Holiday of Purim symbolizes concealment. Its story is full of seemingly perplexing, deeper, hidden meanings. One of the most perplexing, unclear parts of the story is the governing King’s relation to the two arch rivals, Mordechai and Haman.

At the beginning of the story Mordechai, the Jew fortuitously saves the King’s life from wannabe assassins. But instead of honoring him, elevating Mordechai to a higher position, higher regard, the King raises Haman – whose primary aspiration is to eradicate the Jewish people in the kingdom  – to the prime minister position, giving him free hand to do whatever he wants with the Jews.

And only in time last moment, through “Hollywood-like” twists and dramas would Mordechai and the Jews prevail, avoiding an ancient day Holocaust. At the end it is Mordechai who is dressing into royal clothing, sitting on the royal horse Haman prepared for himself, while Haman is hung on a tree.

The Source And The Creature

We can only solve this paradoxical “royal decree” by delving deeper into the concealed, inner meaning of Purim.

As all Jewish Holidays as well as the “sacred writings of Judaism”, Purim also describes, in a symbolic manner the inner changes within a person, who set out to reach the Human purpose in this existence. This purpose is none other but searching for, then locating, researching and finally attaining the creating and governing force of reality. The very final stage of this developmental process is the complete adhesion to this force by acquiring full similarity of form, similarity of qualities with it, becoming partners with it.

The creating, governing force of reality – described by unique, empirical natural scientists, who already completed the above mentioned developmental path – is in its essence pure, unblemished, unconditional love and bestowal. It is a pure, “white” force-field that creates, sustains and nurtures life, provides the best possible conditions for that life, existence to develop. And the only goal which this whole system was created for is that the “creature”, the observer perceiving its own existence reaches the perfection of its source.

In order for a conscious creature to exist, with a consciousness that can make independent, free actions, performing comparative research, perceiving reality in contrasts, weighing seemingly opposite things against one another, the “creature”, this observing consciousness had to be created in an opposite state, form compared to the perfect source. Otherwise a by default perfect creature would never be able to appreciate its perfection, a “white dot” is indistinguishable, invisible on a “white page”.

Thus we, human beings – the active, unique, observing consciousness in reality, above all the instinctively subdued, obliging nature – are created as a “black dot” on the white page. Contrary to the source’s force of unconditional love and bestowal, we are created with an insatiable desire to receive pleasures and necessities for ourselves. And our self-serving conscious is incapable of making any other calculations but for “self-love”.

In The Cliff’s Edge Without Mutual Guarantee

Our desire for pleasures, for necessity is not different from the desire, basic matter, survival instinct driving all other living creatures. But while all those other living creatures – besides their personal survival instinct, self-preservation – are instinctively integrated, subdued into a state of mutual guarantee within the natural system, human beings are not part of such mutual guarantee but solely operate for themselves.

Mutual guarantee – selfless, altruistic, unconditional, mutually complementing collaboration for the sake of the whole collective maintains balance and homeostasis that is required for life and optimal development. Through such selfless integration participating elements are also automatically included within the general, cosmic circulation, communication flow.

Thus they are constantly, automatically aware of the actual state of the system, aware of their own complementary state, necessities, contribution. Thus each comprising element by default always contributes and receives the most optimal existence and necessities in such mutual cooperation.

Human beings are the opposite, they only make calculations for themselves. Thus they are outside of the general circulation, communication, completely unaware of the state of the collective and unaware of their true necessities, and obligatory contributions. This is why human beings are like cancer cells within general humanity, while humanity is like a cancerous organ within the vast, cosmic, natural system.

As our selfish, egoistic nature constantly intensified through history and by today we also reached a fully assembled, saturated, global and integral human system, the incompatibility in between our instinctive nature and how we should be existing – integrated among ourselves and within nature through mutual guarantee – has reached and explosive, potentially self-destructive state.

The “Nations Of The World” And “Jews”

Today there are more and more people who are searching for ways of transcending our inherently selfish, egoistic nature, trying to escape the recurring, intensifying, vicious historic cycles we have been going through – always ending in crisis, conflicts, catapulting ourselves to the next developmental level through terrible explosions like wars, revolutions, economic meltdowns.

There are two type of people searching a way out. One type are those who had enough of the recurring suffering, they are genuinely fearing that the next such civilization ending explosion could wipe all of humanity, or most of it out. These people are searching for a more secure, peaceful, sustainable life with better social, economic and governing structures. These people are the “nations of the world”.

The other type of people are those who are not satisfied with simply reaching a better life in this world. They want to know the meaning, purpose of their lives. They can’t ignore or suppress the annoying and humiliating “Human” question of “What is the meaning of my life?/Why am I here?”. These people want to go all the way, understanding the system of reality, their own place, role in it, acquiring the above mentioned adhesion with the source of their existence. They want to reach the Human goal evolution’s plan determines for us.

These people wanting to go all the way, placing human purpose above any other desires, necessities are called “Jews”, “Israelites”. They are “Jews” (the word originating from unity), knowing that reaching that purpose is only possible through selfless, altruistic unity, nature like mutual guarantee. And they belong to the Nation of “Israel” (originating from the expression of “straight to the source”).

But both these types of people understand that their goals can only be achieved through an artificially built – against and above the instinctively selfish as egoistic human nature – mutual guarantee. Thus a unique process starts, first in special, purposefully built and conducted small human laboratories, where such mutual guarantee is generated.

Getting Closer To The Goal

When that selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration starts functioning, participating people start sensing that unlimited cosmic circulation, infinite communication with the system. And through that tangible sensation they start feeling and researching the system. The deeper they enter this primordial force-field the closer they get to the source, as their selfless, altruistic, mutually loving and bestowing connections become increasingly similar to the perfect source.

And it is that near perfection state what the story of Purim describes. It is a story about humanity when “Jews and the other nations” alike are very close to similarity with the source, to our revolutionary goal. When people start to sense the system, understand their roles, places, when they feel connection to the source they start to become proud and self-satisfied, as they can finally justify their own existence, fully justify themselves. After all they went through a “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – process, they acquired a second nature over their inherent one. Thus the surging pride is fully justifiable.

Haman represents the “sneaky”, instinctive, primordial pride, sense of superiority, self-justification what those who are reaching the final stages of their self-correction start to feel. It feels natural, since they have done everything that was required from them, they reached complete self-annulment towards the others, they built and sustained mutual guarantee above all the obstructions they felt from their inherently selfish, egoistic inclination. They are ready to claim their prize, to become the “chief minister of the King”, with a hope that they merit even replacing the King – by reaching similarity of qualities – ruling above all.

The Debate Between Haman And Mordechai

Haman is that previously hidden, true, primordial human pride, singularity within us, the ultimate self-justification, trying to raise ourselves even above our source. Our true inner self can’t tolerate anything or anybody above itself. This inner self, this ultimate, prideful self-justifying intention is Haman.

But Mordechai is against this. He has already “saved the King’s life” earlier in the story, in other words, reminding everybody to the King’s importance above everything, justifying the King as the only ruler, source of everything, governing the whole system with all of its forces, occurrences. He reminds us to our obligatory, unshakable loyality to the King. Mordechai insists that despite all of man’s achievements the final pride, justification belongs to the source. At the end of the day we only reach the purpose the source and its evolutionary plan determined for us, and without the source’s assistance we could have never been able to achieve it.

Mordechai claims that we need to suppress this prideful inner self, we need to subdue it and commit total loyality, selfless service to the King even if in theory we merited to replace the King taking its place as superior rulers. Mordechai claims that we have to serve the King unconditionally, above our logic and reason, regardless of what we have seemingly achieved.

But nobody agrees with Mordechai since Haman’s ideology feels completely natural, justifiable, that after what man has gone through, after all the self-correction – with or without assistance – man deserves the ultimate prize of becoming the sole, prideful ruler like the prodigal son taking over management from his father. And the King seemingly agrees, giving free hand to Haman, allowing the prideful self-justification to triumph.

The truth is it is Haman who represents the plan of evolution. The final purpose is for the creature, for the conscious, human observer to reach similarity with the creating source, becoming equal partners with it. It means fully accepting leadership and fully justifying this human observer in its superior state. Mordechai is seemingly opposing the “King’s commandments”, he seemingly goes against time plan of evolution when he claims man can’t proudly justify its achievement,  Man can’t “sit on the King’s throne”.

Crucial “Knowing”

Those who went through the path in order to gain a better existence support Haman completely, and they are ready to exterminate the “Jews”, those who started the path in order to reach their Human purpose, since these Jews – even if right now they seem to side with Haman – are a disturbance. The “nations of the world” don’t need the Jews to keep reminding them to some higher purpose, to the importance of the source, they want to eradicate “Israel”, those with an inclination to aim above this life towards the source.

Even among the Jews there are those who would rather forget about any “highest purpose”, simply settling among the others, enjoying life, enjoying the fruits of mutual guarantee. And there are such Jews who are ready to actively help in eradicating Mordechai and those still following him. Thus Mordechai remains alone and Haman can seemingly proceed with his plan of eradicating the Jews, eradicating the ideology of solely existing for adhering to the source in order to give the source contentment completing its evolutionary plan.

But the King knows exactly what he is doing. As mentioned above we are at the state just before the “final correction”, before Man can reach the purpose of its existence. And it can only happen in the greatest clarity, in full “knowing”, full discernment in between the two forces operating in reality, giving Man the useful contrast for comparative research.

Here the force of Haman, the healthy, prideful human self-justification, the irrepressible human self-entitlement, human reason expecting the greatest prize for reaching similarity with the creating force faces Mordechai who proposes the greatest self-nullification, going above human reason giving up everything for the creating force, at the very moment when one would merit to take everything one gives it up out of loyalty to the King.

Merrily “Not Knowing”

What becomes clear in that state for the Jews is the greatest paradox in reality. We can only reach our superior role, purpose in evolution of we don’t want it. We only merit equality with our source’s pure, unconditional bestowing and loving qualities if we are ready to give up everything including the final, greatest prize.

This state is similar to Abraham’s “superhuman” sacrifice, agreeing to kill his own son on the altar of God, although the same God promised him that through his son Abraham will conceive innumerable descendants. We can’t reach a higher, superior identity, state without going through such incomprehensible, paradoxical, inhuman states, requiring us to go beyond any reason or logic completely breaking, annuling our previous self. When the whole treasury opens up we have to turn away, nullify our insatiable desire for the bounty and refuse to take anything. Only then do we merit the treasure. Because then we only accept it to please the source wanting to give us everything.

Thus while Haman represents the straight path towards reaching our human purpose, we can’t reach that purpose through the straight path, but would lose everything instead, since through the straight path everything goes to our inherently selfish, prideful nature. Only through Mordechai’s ideology, refusing to accept our superiority, refusing to justify our achievements with natural pride, but faithfully, loyally nullifying, subduing ourselves to the service of our site, only seeking its “contentment do we merit our final, ultimate prize.

In the stark contrast evolving in Shushan, in that real and present danger, almost tangibly sensing what it would mean if the “Jews”, the intention to reach the Human purpose in creation disappeared through following Haman, our inner, so far hidden “wise woman”, Esther appears. She – this primordial female, natural desire, compass in each person – takes control, reminding us to evolution’s plan and how it can only be reached through Mordechai’s ideology of going above reason.

But she also knows that only the King can help the Jews going above reason, following Mordechai against the natural, reasonable Haman who is promising immediate, easy pleasure and joy. Thus she asks help from the King while also asks Mordechai to unite the Jews, increasing their selfless, altruistic mutual guarantee in order to merit the King’s help.

Then they are given the King’s permission to protect themselves against Haman, to regain their control aiming solely at reaching the Human purpose. They defeat their enemy but they don’t touch their possessions. They only want the pure, unblemished goal of loyally serving the King, remaining “Jews, Israelites” by following Mordechai. And by this they merit everything and declare a feast.

Finally they can “drink” uncontrollably, accepting all the joy and delight of becoming equal to the source of existence, as they passed all trials and tribulations. And then all contrasts, contradictions disappear, even the arch rivals Mordechai and Haman become indistinguishable, since every action, cause and effect process was only serving the final goal, helping Man to reach the Human purpose of existence.

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