Always a step ahead

Tending Towards Rest

The vast, cosmic natural system we evolved from and exist in is in balance, homeostasis. Despite the myriad of complex, infinite-level activities going on, despite the constant contradictory changes, renewals the general tendency is always returning to rest.

Thus the human being that is integral part of this system is also tending towards rest. In order to move, in order to commit to new activities, leaving our comfort zones we need compelling reasons, driving or pulling forces.

Motivated By The Environment

Our basic matter is a desire, the desire to receive pleasures, fulfilment for ourselves, and our default operating software makes its calculations based on the self-centered pleasure/pain principle. Thus it is either greater expected pleasures, or actual/anticipated pain that forces us to move on, leave our comfort zones.

Human beings are social creatures. Thus – especially in modern times where we achieved at least a certain level of protection, independence from nature – the pleasures and pains moving, motivating us are coming from the actual environment we exist in.

We follow values, desires, “necessities” we receive, learn from others. And we suffer, receive blows from one another as a result of the selfish, inherent nature driving us to succeed at the expense of others, constantly trying to prove ourselves through failing others. Thus it is this constant environmental pinch, positive or negative motivation that keeps us moving, making us act above our natural tendency for resting.

The Awakening Necessity For A Second Nature

Today we are entering a completely new scenario. Up to this point both the negative and positive motivations providing us with fuel to, act came and stayed within the realm of the inherently selfish, egoistic inclination. But now for two distinctly different reasons people started to turn towards a completely different, unprecedented paradigm.

As we evolved into a globally integrated, interdependent human system our selfish, egoistic nature – forcing us towards the above mentioned ruthless, exclusive competition, fight for survival at the expense of others – has become self-destructive. Increasing number of people understand that without somehow building altruistic, mutually complementing cooperation above our differences we won’t be able to survive.

Besides in masses of people a “disturbing, humiliating” question is rising, demanding an answer to the meaning, Human purpose in existence. Our present instinctive life, sleepwalking through the period in between involuntary birth and involuntary death, blindly chasing, fulfilling randomly appearing necessities, desires is not a human life but an animate one. Thus a great, increasing number of people need to know what a “Human life” means, what our qualitative advantage over other animals is.

The problem is that both finding a way of surviving and also finding the path towards our human purpose requires a fundamental change in our operating program. Instead of the instinctively self-serving, self-justifying software, intention we would need to acquire a completely selfless, altruistic one. Only through such new intention could we build the mutually complementing collaborations that are necessary for survival. And only the same intention could provide us with the similarity, adhesion to nature’s primary operating force.

The New Human Environment

Which raises the role, function of the environment to a whole new level. We would need to build a special, mutual environment that is capable of “pinching”, motivating, pulling us towards completely new, unprecedented qualities, capabilities. We need an environment to generate a new need, yearning in us that is opposite, alien and even revolting from the viewpoint of our inherent nature.

Thus we need a unique human laboratory, closed society which is capable of creating an artificial desire towards selfless, altruistic service, love of others above and despite our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful operating software. This inherent software is burnt into our “memory”, we can’t suppress or delete it, we would need to install a new software, inclination above it.

Through the purposeful, unique practical work within such a human laboratory people could develop a brand new duality. While their inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful instinctive inclination remains, through their mutual work they need to artificially create an alternative reality, one with working mutual guarantee, where people can selflessly, altruistically complement, serve one another.

Duality Giving Birth To New “Self”

They need to start play acting, behaving, inspiring each other as if that other, new, altruistic reality was already real, and they were already acting from within that reality. This play acting – if done with full devotion, great “professionalism”, commitment – can provide them with an “almost” real, “almost” tangible state of mutual guarantee they could “almost” taste. While at the same time through their inherent inclination, instinctive reflexes, behavior they would also taste and feel their actual selfish, egoistic and hateful reality.

This evolving duality, contrast is based on their aspired for, desired, optimal “love of others” against their inherent “self-love”. Of course the deeper they go into their mutual “experiment” the more they provoke, incite that inherent “self-love” which wants to exploit, hate, reject all the others. But if they are consistent, stubborn, “patient” with their mutual efforts, they can separate, give birth to a new observer point in between the two contrasting edges. From then on this new observing “self” can make scrutinies and choose which way to tip the scale.

Love And Hate

In that fickle, precarious, balancing observer “self” a great emotional turmoil starts. The person find itself torn in between “self-love” which brings itself hate towards others, and “love of others” which brings with itself the hate of the original hateful self. The inherent, self-loving, hateful nature is given, and it constantly grows due to the laws and plan of evolution. But the other side, love of others and hate towards the instinctively hateful original self depends purely on the mutual work in the environment. Thus everything depends on, where the tip of the scale points is determined by the mutual effort the members of the environment are capable of exerting.

Each individual needs to completely annul oneself towards their others in the circle, accepting their artificial game, above logic as inherent reason as if it was real. Only through such forced self-annulment, clothing into the reason, desires, states of the others can one acquire, “purchase” love of others that can neutralize, overcome time instinctive rejection, hate towards them.

Creating The Path And Climbing It

They need to make their common, committed goal of reaching the Human purpose of their lives – through the artificially generated mutual guarantee – more important, superior than anything else in life. They need to generate, taste constant “love sickness” towards that goal which wouldn’t let them rest, wouldn’t let them make compromises but keep them marching, climbing like mountaineers tied together until they reach the goal.

But they are climbing a road that didn’t exist before, they are aiming above their present self. They constantly create, form the path, build the mountain side they climb for themselves through their mutual game, making the desired mutual guarantee as real and tangible as possible. Then the gap, contrast in between that optimal goal and their actual perceived state becomes an intolerable deficiency, a true prayer, need capable of pulling them forward.

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