Aligning Three Desires Into One

Opposite Purpose

Wise sages – who through their unique qualities, and purposeful self-adjustments managed to enter the system of reality researching it from within, revealing the overall evolutionary plan with all of its cause and effect processes – tell us that our Human purpose in existence is to consciously reveal and reconnect to the very source our existence originates from.

The problem is that research, revelation is only possible through reaching similarity, equivalence with the researched, revealed. And while the force that created our reality, the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in is characterized by pure, selfless, unconditional love and bestowal, we are born with a completely opposite nature. We are instinctively selfish, egoistic and hateful towards others, observing reality through a completely introverted, subjective perception.

Perceiving In Contrasts

Thus we would somehow need to acquire new qualities, ones that are similar to the attributes of our creating source. Our inherent nature of selfish, egoistic desire for pleasures – always acting on a self-focused pleasure/pain principle – cannot be suppressed or deleted. This is the “matter/clay” we are formed from, without it we wouldn’t exist. And we actually need that inherent matter for our purpose as baseline, background, “measuring stones” to compare, measure against.

Our perception of reality works based on sensing contrasts, making comparative research in between them. We wouldn’t know light without darkness, sweet without bitter and love without hate. Thus reaching the perfection of our Human purpose wouldn’t be possible without starting from the opposite extreme.

Still one can’t jump from one extreme to the other without some transitional medium, without a process that gives one the opportunity to practice, attain the opposite qualities to the qualities one was born with. We can’t become similar, equivalent with our source without the proper education, “laboratory”.

Human Laboratory

Fortunately there is a whole Universe in between us and the creating source we can use for this purpose. Within that Universe there are the human beings we can actively interact with. And to make the process more manageable we can create small, mutually supportive, truly, directly interactive circles of people as unique “laboratories” for the required self-adjustments.

We can use these selected people, this mutual circle as transitional medium, to practice becoming “like the creating force” towards the others within the circle. We can try to acquire selfless, altruistic, unconditional service and love towards these people, who we have have absolutely no natural attraction, instinctive friendship with or brotherly love for.

The work in the laboratory is focused on artificially desiring and acquiring ¬†supernatural – above the instinctive rejection, animosity – “love of others” despite the instinctive “self-love”.

Three Desires

Basically our work is rendered alongside three desires. The basis, starting point is our own inherent matter, desire for pleasures, fulfilment and justification for ourselves. Above this inherent desire, instead of it we try to use and fulfill the desires, necessities of the others in the circle, fully justifying them “above reason”, despite the rejections, obstructions coming from our inherent nature. In terms of the desires of those others we focus on their desires of reaching the purpose of their lives, becoming similar, revealing the source of existence. And we take part, agree to dedicate ourselves to the whole process in order to fulfill the desire of the creating force, that “wants to” reveal itself within its creatures.

Our own selfish, egoistic desire is the foundation, the measuring counter point providing the contrast. The desires of the others, the desire to create the perfect, mutual network in between them where the creating force’s quality can appear as life giving flow, circulation, is the working place. And the source’s desire to reveal itself, to give life to that mutual human network, helping people to reach their Human purpose through such integration, is the main goal, motivating fuel.
Matching The “Creator’s” Desire

How do we know what is the desire of the creating force? Apart from what the above mentioned wise sages tell us we learn about this desire by our own experience. Again it happens through singularity of form. When we match with our main aspiration, desire the plan, desire of the creating source, suddenly we break through previously impenetrable walls, we can suddenly cut through Gordian knots like knife through warm butter.

When after trying and trying unsuccessfully to build the necessary “love of others” by our own abilities, to cover, neutralize our hateful rejection towards others – that is originating from our instinctive self-love – and this desire, need rises above all other desires and needs becoming our single most important goal in life, we suddenly, “miraculously” receive this capability. But it is not a miracle. Instead with our well formed, focused, crystallized desire we adapt ourselves to the plan of evolution that wants to give us this capability through free choice, proactive demand.

Merging Three To One

Thus each individual in the circle considers oneself as a simple, nullified point, seed, placing this personal seed into the vessel, “womb” formed by the purposeful desires, aspirations of all the others. First one simply wants to attach to that womb despite and above all the disturbances, temptations and rejections received from one’s inherent nature. After stabilizing the small seed there one can gradually learn how in practice, actively one can strengthen the others, actively helping them towards building their perfect, selfless and altruistic mutual network.

One remains a selfless, transparent seed, spark in that womb, only caring for the others, without any calculations for their inherent self that remains empty, frustrated. This transparent observing point gradually starts differentiating in between the inherent frustration, negative judgement, criticism, hate against those others, and the gradually developing new “clothing”, “supernatural” brotherly love towards those others which comes above instinctive nature, above reason from the creating source by the virtue of their demand matching the plan of evolution.

As long as each member in the circle can keep these three desires aligned, working in unison along the same path, they progress gradually towards the goal, fulfilling the plan of evolution, “giving contentment” to the creating source. Thus contentment is sensed through their own contentment by getting closer their own purpose, goal. At the end of the path all three desires, the “opposite” contrast, the actively worked with and fulfilled desire of others and the supreme desire of the source all merge and adhere into one.

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