Perfection Through Breakage

False Perfection

In our world we are aiming at perfection. We are pursuing perfect look, perfect body, perfect health, the most perfect looking house, garden, street, city. We try to copy the perfect relationships, perfect love we see in Hollywood movies. If we meet a problem we try to delete it, only treat, trying to suppress the symptoms thus we are surrounded by black tapes, red tapes, legality, security trying to sanitize, anesthetize everything so we can create and maintain the picture perfect “reality” we imagine.

But this is a false perfection, an artificial image we created for ourselves which picture constantly breaks as it has no natural foundations. The way we want to look, behave lost any connecting to true life, to our natural origins, we have no idea any longer who we are where we belong to and what is our purpose in this life.

We perceive the world through a subjective “sweet vs bitter” perception, only caring about how we want to fulfill ourselves, how we want to maintain this artificial, subjective perfection. We keep running from pain towards constantly increasing, intensifying pleasures.

We don’t realize that this approach prevents us from learning about, researching the system we live in. We don’t understand that the problems, suffering, painful stimuli we receive from the system we live in, or the suffering that is seemingly coming through each other are presented in a purposeful way, in order to teach us, prepare us for a higher state, guiding us towards our purpose in life.

Perception, Research Through Pain

Even regarding our own bodies without feeling pain, discomfort in them we wouldn’t be aware of body parts, organs, bodily system functioning there. Without first recognizing a “malfunction”, “disease”, loss of balance, homeostasis we could never get an idea about what healthy function, balance or homeostasis is. Without contrasting it to death we wouldn’t know what life is, without hate we couldn’t appreciate love.

It is the same with social systems the economy governance, or sciences. It is also the same in the family, without conflicts, “inner wars”, honest self-examinations, constantly rearranging, readjusting we couldn’t improve, understands, grow.

Even the most appreciated toys are the ones that start with a broken, disassembled state giving the children the opportunity to create perfection out of the breakage. And the more they fail, the more their construction breaks during the building process, the better they get at it and improve.

Perfection out of perfection is dull and imperceptible. Perfection out of breakage increases perception and appreciation infinitely. And to the greater detail, smaller pieces we break down the system, the more resolution, deeper the cause and effect processes we see the higher and more effectively we recognize the perfection, totality in it.

Accidental Heroes

But such “perfection” out of breakage, health after sickness we deal with in our regular lives remains within the domain of “bitter vs sweet” perception, anchoring us into a subjective, limited world. Moreover as long as we can heal ourselves, rebuild broken structures we are also convinced about our own unlimited abilities, we feel pride in our heroism. Thus we remain closed into ourselves. And this prevents us from revealing the purpose of our lives.

Our purpose in life is not to remain within our present perception, subjective coordinates, justifying ourselves constantly. Our purpose is revealing, researching and attaining the single creating and governing force of nature providing us with existence. And we can only make connection with this force when we need it.

Here there is a very sharp scrutiny. As long as we consider ourselves the heroes, the “actors” actively making changes, controlling our life’s flow, we don’t have a connection with this force infusing reality, we don’t need this force. We think we are the only conscious governing force in reality. Only when we face absolute, helpless desperation, when we exhausted all our powers, capabilities and failed in our attempts to solve our situation utterly, then we can turn to this force, making connection with it.

Plea Out Of Utter Distress

Even then there are a few conditions beyond our complete capitulation. First of all we would need to assume, acknowledge such a primary governing force exists, that this force is such that it can be invited and it can act in our favor, and that it can actually help us. Additionally it is also important in what conditions, in relation to what problems, crisis do we reach such a breaking point.

At this stage most people would reach that breaking point through physical, corporeal hardship, crisis, bringing terrible, intolerable but at the same time unsolvable pain, suffering promoting one to turn for help to any address, potential saviour. Usually such a breaking point has to be a truly terrible, unprecedented crisis situation related to one’s health, family, monetary situation where time person can’t see our find any way out.

We can face such blows through our health, profession, family, problems with our beloved children. We can suffer wars, social strife or natural disasters. The system we exist in has multiple choices, ways of pushing us out of balance, showing us how much we are not in control, how much we are not the heroes we make ourselves to be.

This is not an ideal situation at all. First of all the person goes through inhuman, crushing states, while one can’t even be certain there is anybody listening to one’s pleas, if there is any potential help at all. Moreover one’s cry for help is out of utter distress, hoping for help but at the same time cursing, blaming the same source for one’s terrible state.

And even if help comes and one escapes one’s plight, the negative sensation, animosity towards the source remains, and one will continue working on separating from such a horrible, cruel source trying to reach independence, regaining one’s proud heroism. Only after repeated such blows, after total humiliation would one agree to try grudgingly building a mutual relationship to that source. 

Building A Laboratory

Fortunately we have another way of proactively approaching this source, building a positive relationship with it without the need of horrific suffering, experiencing the breaking, the disassembling of the system and rebuilding out in a very different way. We can do such analysis and synthesis through love, instead of physical suffering and pain.

Although today in our modern societies, through the “values” we are presented with we already forgot, human beings are emotional, sentient creatures finding solace, confidence, strength and happiness within mutual human interconnections. If we want to find connection, communication with our creating source, that we also have to find within the mutual connections we build among people.

In order to locate this single governing force and turn to it out of positive, emotional distress instead of physical suffering forcing us we need to set up unique, closed, mutual human groups as “laboratories”. Then in such laboratories we can achieve our goal of finding this single force, while lasting about, analyzing and synthesizing the system of reality we exist in through the “breaking of our hearts”.

Setting Up Two Lines

If in such unique “Human laboratories” people set out to build unprecedented, selfless, altruistic, serving mutual “covenants”, mutual guarantee with one another, they start to sense a very special double existence developing.

On one hand through their mutual work – by using purposeful, authentic source materials from empirical scientists who already completed such practical method, with the guidance of an experienced teacher – they obligate themselves and put 100% effort into building such selfless, altruistic mutual connections in between them. On the other hand as a result their inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective mate starts objecting, protesting, trying to incite hate and rejection in between them with all kinds of shrewd tricks, temptations.

The most important part of their work is constantly reminding, convincing one another that all their sensations, desires and thoughts are coming from the same, single governing force they try to reveal. If they can at least tentatively, artificially maintain this notion they can start seeing their mutual work as a development through “two lines”, “walking in two feet”.

On one hand it is this force that through their inherently selfish, egoistic nature – which they obviously received from the system without free choice – incites them, provokes them against one another trying to stall, obstruct their progress towards their common goal. On the other hand through the tools, means provided in the laboratory – which is also provided by the system – they have the opportunity to build a balancing, pulling force stopping them escaping, leaving the mutual effort, campaign completely.

Devoted, Fateful Tango

When they stabilize themselves, setting up those two lines in the laboratory they start to dance a unique tango with the single governing force manipulating everything. Each time they seemingly make progress with their own mutual efforts, heroically overcoming their instinctive rejection -dismissing one another, looking down on, rejecting the others, listening to their “inner spies” finding all kinds of disgusting, unacceptable “facts” about those others – newer, deeper, more intensive layers of their inherently selfish, egoistic nature wakes up, rejecting them, setting them up against one another even stronger.

“What they build one day, crumbles, falls down the day after”. But each such heartbreak, failure gives them another opportunity to start again and rebuild their covenant, rebuild their stronger mutual guarantee, overcoming the increasing, intensifying animosity. The single governing force, using all available tools, tricks and of course their subjective perception, view of one another “rejects them with one arm” while using their pride, inherent sense of human heroism “offers them an embrace” with another arm giving them the opportunity to try rebuilding “brotherly love” on top of the “baseless hatred”.

They have to respond – like a good cancer – with their own corresponding moves. They also need to reject time disturbances, provocations, temptations and incitement coming from the “left side”, stronger and stronger “embracing with their right arm”, rebuilding, intensifying the mutual covenant, mutual guarantee in between them.

They have to go through many such ups and downs, increasing hate in between them followed by renewed effort to love. And at the end they have to reach a complete deadlock, a complete desperation when they just can’t overcome their rejection, hatred on one hand, while on the other hand they invested so much effort into their mutual covenant, mutual guarantee that they truly feel that without reaching a true mutual, selfless and altruistic bond in between them their lives aren’t worth anything and “it is better not to live at all than live like that”.

True Perfection

When there is nothing else they can do, only opening their pulverized, totally broken hearts with a silent plea, when their love sickness towards one another, towards reaching their common goal burnt, scorched all other desires, any bridges behind them, they make contact with the single, governing natural force in reality which rebuild, reconnect the broken pieces of those damaged hearts, making one single pulsing, loving heart for all of them.

They are revived “from the dead”, sensing a completely new lease of life, a mutual collective one they never experienced before. This perfection above the utter, broken, failed state they went through is the true perfection which comes from “outside of them”, giving them new existence. They very clearly know that this new life circulation, communication is not theirs, their “heroism” was reaching complete failure, desperation of their own capabilities, knowing with absolute certainty that without the external force they can’t move, exist at all.

Still it is the happiest possible moment, being awarded with such pure, utter perfection which they could only get to by trying everything they could by their own efforts. They had to reach the so called “gate of tears” a bittersweet mixture of absolute annihilation, nullification, humiliation and at the same time infinite otherworldly joy, beauty and reward.

And the path towards the most optimal final state, complete similarity and adherence to this single governing force goes through a repeated, deepening, intensifying sequence of such restarts, renewals, going through the “gate of tears” again and again. It continues until from the most complete, deepest, pulverized, utterly broken state they rise up to absolute perfection, mapping, understanding and attaining the whole system with all of its cause and effect processes, nuances, details.

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