Heart Transplant

Evolving Towards A Single Human “Super-Organism”

Our human existence as proud individuals is drawing to an end. We are at the threshold of a completely new human existence which is a fully integrated, mutual one. There are two great motivating forces driving us to that direction.

One is a negative one, the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis we are sinking into. On one hand most people agree that we have evolved into a globally interconnected and fully interdependent world. Still, driven by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature we either try – in a futile way – to run away from this natural “globalization”, or we try to use the inevitable interconnections through our instinctive, selfish and egoistic operating software. And that is causing, perpetuating the crisis.

Without learning how to use “globalization” properly, building true, mutually complementing cooperation with each other above and despite our inherent nature, we won’t new able to survive since we became and remain incompatible with our evolutionary conditions. The vast, cosmic natural system around us is built on full integration, mutually complementing collaboration.

Besides there is a growing number of people who can’t suppress the disturbing question about “meaning of life” any longer, thus large number of people start a desperate search in order to find an answer. And such answer could only be found from within the full recognition and attainment of the system of reality, researching the system “from within”, finding our perfect role, purpose in it. And such research and attainment is only possible through reaching similarity with the system, which also means integration, mutually complementing cooperation based on the template how nature works around us.

Thus both in order to survive and to find the meaning of life, our purpose requires reaching, building the above mentioned mutually complementing, fully integrated, collective human “super-organism”.

The Human Laboratory

Still even with such compelling reasons, motivation this transition is very difficult, almost impossible. Entering a selfless, altruistic, collective existence is completely opposite to our inherent operating software which is programmed to protect, magnify, uphold the proud, unique, individualistic “self” at all cost, even at the expense of one’s own physical life.

Our original egoistic “self” is much stronger, more shrewd and vicious than we can imagine, suspect in “normal” circumstances. All the selfishness, egoism we observe in the world today is only the peak of the iceberg. Only when our instinctive self is provoked, its superiority is threatened do we see this “primordial snake” coming out of its hiding place, starting to fight for its existence with its full might. And only then do we have the opportunity to grab the head of this snake, start working against it.

In order to do so we need a very unique, purposefully organized “human laboratory” where building the prototype of the desired human “super-organism” can take place, first building smaller samples in a manageable way. In this laboratory we can also stress, provoke our inherent selfish ego in order to “grab it”, keeping it at safe distance.

Heart Transplant

The whole process unfolds, is based on the participants trying to build “love of others” above and despite the instinctive “self-love” everybody is born with. True “love” means taking on, accepting the desires and necessities of the other, fulfilling them exactly how the other would like, selflessly, altruistically without any selfish calculations, distortion. This is what Abraham’s principle of “love others as yourself” actually means, learning to love, fulfill others instead of ourselves.

We can imagine the scenario as transplanting the hearts of those others in the mutual laboratory instead of our own “heart” (desires), immersing into, working with and fulfilling the desires of those others, while completely forgetting about ourselves. This also requires fully trusting the others that they would in return care for our own needs. If done properly in such a closed mutual circle, the perfect mutual state of “love of others” achieved is called “mutual guarantee”.

A society built on mutual guarantee could solve any problems and provide optimal, sustainable existence for all. Moreover through mutual guarantee, achieving similarity of form people would integrate into nature’s system, becoming capable of the above mentioned internal research, leading them to locate and fulfill their human purpose.

But such a heart transplant, replacing one’s own desires with the desires of others is just as complicated as a real, physical transplantation. As the host body instinctively rejects any alien tissue implanted into it, our own matter, our selfish, egoistic inclination instinctively rejects the notion of raising others over us, fulfilling the desires of the others instead of our own desires.

Fight Against Rejection

Our whole matter represents that “snake” that wants to exploit, use everything and everybody for one’s own sake. It uses many tricks and tools to incite one against those others in the circle, doing everything possible to prevent the mutual guarantee taking shape. There is only a single point, a spark among all one’s inherent desires that instinctively pulls the person towards one’s human purpose in life. In order to reach selfless, altruistic connections, in order to build mutual guarantee only that single point could “pass through”, become attached to the transplanted desires of others, attaching itself to them as an embryo to the wall of the mothers womb, or accept those others as a mother.

Thus the work in the human laboratory, this attempted transplantation initiates a bidirectional process. On one hand through the mutual work, 100% mutual effort, devotion the participants make progress on mutually implanting the desires of the others into themselves, while inserting their unique seed into the others, as if impregnating themselves with those others, while providing their own little seed for the womb of those others. This mutual intermingling, integration progresses towards mutual guarantee.

At the same time the inherent inclination, with its selfish, egoistic and hateful rejection tries to obstruct the process. One’s own matter tries to fully reject those others. As this inner war intensifies it becomes clear that without a “miracle”, an “external intervention”, a “remedy” that can suppress one’s inherent self-protection their mutual efforts can’t be successful. Without such external help they can’t overcome the powerful defense system of the selfish ego. I can’t accept, can’t bear to “become pregnant” with the others my ego deems as enemies.

When my desire to accept the desires of others becomes complete, when the only thing I want is my “body” not to reject but accept the heart transplant from the others despite my ego protesting against it with all of its might, I receive help. I need to reach a true, desperate yearning to accept and transplant into myself those friends my ego determines as useless, despicable, hateful, obstructing, lazy.

I have to reach a true, utter hate towards my own hate, towards the rejection pouring out of myself. On one hand I feel paralyzed, numb by this overwhelming hate, that doesn’t let me move, act, even take another breath, and still I am asking for help, assistance to take another extra step, beyond human capability to take myself on the “operating table” so the heart transplant can be performed, my seed “artificially inseminated” into the others.

Creative Mothers

Then we receive help and go through a unique filter, through the “eye of the needle” meriting sympathy, assistance from the system, reaching equivalence with its plan that promotes this “supernatural” integration in between people. Then we receive the “remedy”, unique coating that can neutralize our inherent self’s natural rejection, defense system and as a result those other hearts, desires can be transplanted in me, and I can be inserted into those others.

The first state, experience after this breakthrough is a very unique, unprecedented “pregnancy” with the desires of the others, greening their hearts pulsing inside me as a mother greening the baby moving inside her. On one hand I still feel my inherent nature considering those others aliens, something I would need to instinctively reject, get rid of. Still as a result of the “remedy” we received those other desires, hearts remain implanted in me, starting to exist there.

This passive acceptance, “do no harm” is the first “supernatural”, beyond “normal logic” is our first experience outside of the domain of the self, in a dimension we never experienced before. “I” don’t exist any longer, “I”am only there to make sure “my babies” exist. I don’t know yet how this happens, what happens next, I am simply observing this new selfless, transparent state frightfully observing, watching those other hearts pulsing, living in me.

Then slowly, gradually the new, inexperienced “mothers” in the circle start to carefully learn how to mutually care for, nurture those “babies”, the desires of the others exactly, perfectly, most optimally the way those others need it. It already means active mutual love in between them.

This slowly initiates, intensifies a completely new circulation, life and communication in between them which is an even higher, even more different way of mutual perception and existence. This state already makes them similar to, recognizing the life giving, creating source of the system as they become active careers, guarantors, “creators” for one another.

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