Finding Joseph In The Coat

Needing A New Coating

According to the Human purpose of existence we need to become something we have no idea, precedence of. We have to become something that is the total opposite of who we are by default. And we have to reach that total opposite state while our original state, our inherent matter, the nature we were born with remains as it is.

Which means that in order to reach our purpose, the most optimal state a human being can achieve, we need to acquire a completely new, second nature, a new coating, cover over our inherent matter.

In Search For The “Theory Of Everything”

The vast, cosmic, natural reality we were born from, we evolved from and we still exist in is based on a paradigm that is “good and benevolent”. Which means that starting with the initial “creative idea”, intention behind the “Big Bang”, the “creative idea” behind bringing this system into motion everything is based, built around the creation of life, sustaining the created lifeforms, providing them with the most optimal, perfect consortiums for optimal development.

Even the most secular scientists, mathematicians, physicists marvel at the beautiful, orderly perfection of the system we exist in. Even these “proof based” great, logical minds stubbornly search for a single “theory of everything”, particles, formulas that could bundle all the different forces, principles into a single whole. They instinctively feel that there has to be a single, all encompassing idea, law behind the whole system.

But the more desperately we search for this single idea, the deeper we delve into the principles, laws of the system, the moment we find our sought after “God particle” we stumble on even deeper fragmentation, contradictions instead of unification. In the meantime we ourselves, our families, our societies, the very fabric of humanity is also breaking into mutually contradicting, competing pieces so much so, that in parallel to our incredible technological, scientific developments, breakthroughs we are approaching an inevitable self-destruction.

Born With The Ability Of Breakdown, Analysis

Stumbling on ever greater fragmentation, contradictions, disassembling the system into the tiniest comprising pieces is not necessarily wrong, the greater resolution we start to see the system the more we have the chance to comprehend how it works, what the unique cause and effect processes are that work behind the scenes.

But without the overall “initial idea”, complete evolutionary plan, without the “single theory of everything”, “user’s guide to reality” we won’t be able to synthesize, re-assemble the system, attain its perfection and full function. We remain lost, stuck in the details, causing more and deeper problems with all of our “intuitive solutions” and inventions since we are not compatible with the overall plan, we are increasingly incompatible and hostile from the system’s point of view.

Today we reached the “iron wall”, the ultimate “firewall” in our search. Gradually we started to understand that we have to shift our focus from the system to the observer. Especially considering the unbridgeable abyss in between our regular, reasonable, rigid and “introverted” Newtonian system and the “infinite possibilities” quantum reality we got the chance to peek into, we finally sense that without upgrading the observer itself, without gaining a new objective, transparent perception of reality we will forever remain stuck in a false, illusory reality that is restricted by our own perception.

It is our egoistic, subjective, self-absorbed, inquisitive nature that tries to analyze, exploit, extract everything for its own sake and profit, that helps us dig ever deeper, break the system into smaller and smaller pieces, splitting atoms and chasing particles that allows us to dismember, disassemble everything. But now, unless we find a way of synthesizing, reconstructing, directing and relating everything back to its single source everything will slip through our fingers like grains of sand, leaving is with absolutely nothing in an endless vacuum.

If we can’t trace our way back to the source of everything, all our collected, amassed “wisdom” and capabilities become worthless and we will return to barbaric chaos, into states unseen since the dark Middle Ages or worse.

A Single Source

Just as scientist know there has to be an overall plan, a true “theory of everything”, more and more people can’t ignore the question about “meaning of life”, about some kind of a higher Human purpose for our existence, a purpose for our “potentially” Human mind. We are at an unprecedented crossroad in human history when those who want to trace our path back to the source can lead humanity forward, preventing a global catastrophe and elevating our species to a qualitatively much higher, effortless and peaceful existence.

Thus the time has come to acquire that second nature, the special “good and benevolent” coating, clothing, giving us the similarity of qualities and thus the capability of entering the system, starting our “hide and seek” game with our source. This works only on the condition if the willing, ready researchers accept and never lose sight of the basic “hypothesis” that there indeed is a single, intelligent source, a single overall “creative idea” and plan behind the reality, the system we exist in.

Moreover we need to know that it is within this plan that humanity today reached such a full breakdown, disassembling of the system that we are forced to find a way of reconstruction. We had to reach this very clear, sharp need of finding the other side of the equation, finding out how to rebuild the scattered puzzle, how to find the original plan giving meaning to all cause and effect processes, making sense of the seemingly random chaos.

The “search party” has to keep remembering and reminding each other to this “hypothesis” about the single, unique and unified source, and they need to cling to the idea that this source wants to be found, revealed and understood. Moreover at the end of the search this source “expects us” to understand and fully justify the original “creative idea”, and the whole plan of evolution, justifying the game played with use, regardless of what we have to go through, regardless of the fact that we will see that we have been blindly led until the very last moment.

Building A Commando

While keeping this absolute basic principle, “hypothesis” the willing, fully committed researchers have to assemble into small, mutually supportive “commandos”, human circles, setting up unique “human laboratories”. They do it with the aim of changing themselves, fighting against, overcoming their own, inherently selfish egos in order to create that selfless, altruistic, transparent and objective observer that can enter the system of reality based on “external similarity”, covering the incompatible inner, selfish egoistic matter with the newly acquired selfless, altruistic coating.

The coating like Joseph’s multi-colored coat from the Torah is weaved, assembled from many different pieces. Each participant in that unique commando has to pledge to accept all the others members above one’s own self. They each have to pledge to dress into the desires, thoughts, ideas of the others, discarding their complete subjective mind, reason and perception.

If they can actually put that notion into practice, and immerse into the “alien cloud” of the others above their own reason, perception they can enter the system. Despite that “cloud”, the new “coat” feeling very heavy, dark, rejecting, scary and frightening – as our is viewed from the side of their inherent perspective, from the side of their selfish, subjective egos – they need to persevere, and enter through mutual support, helping each other like real life commandos fighting against their own nature.

Since our is also within the overall plan of evolution that human beings acquire this new coating, fascinating their “insider research” of the system, the moment they show a true, unblemished desire fire that new coating they receive assistance in gaining such new clothing.

The Owner Of The Coat

Their main work is a “game”, play acting as professional “method actors”, with their full effort, acting, pretending as if they already possessed the capability of selfless, altruistic, mutual love and bestowal. At the same time they assume that the reciprocal acting, support coming from the others is not a game but it is real, and those others are already existing in real mutual guarantee.

If they do this combination of artificial acting from their own part, while assuming, reaching full justification towards the others, accepting them great and deserving, with stubbornness, patience, full devotion, they can mutually raise each other “above themselves”, liberating one another from the “high security prisons” of their selfish egos.

Then they reach a state where they manage to nullify their own egoistic inclination, at least for a while, while they absorb, clothe into the aspirations, positive examples received from the others. This is where they receive the much needed assistance from the natural system according its plan.

The collection of aspirations, positive examples of mutual guarantee they receive from the others become their “multi colored coat”, while from their own part they only insert their own “naked”, selfless, transparent aspiration, observer point into the coat, which point wants to research reality and the source.

As a result in between them in the “research commando” they give birth to a new creature, the combination of their selfless, transparent and thus objective observer points wrapped in, clothed into that combined, “multi-colored coat”, nurturing womb they created for each order. This new creature, the starting point of the Human observer capable of researching the system, tracing the plan of evolution to its original source is “Joseph”, the owner of that coat.

The Education Of The Observer

“Joseph” as character from the Torah has multiple symbolic meaning regarding our path, existential research towards our Human purpose.

First of all it means “foundation”, the first step into the path, ladder inside the true, infinite dimension of reality, the ladder that leads to our purpose, towards our source.

It also means “collection”, “bundle”, bundling, assembling their “humane” aspirations. It is the collection of their selfless, altruistic observer points that as “collective intelligence”, collective emotional detector can start researching that infinite reality.

And it also means “righteous”,  as this “Joseph”, gradually grows into its “father” Jacob, them as later “Jacob” becomes “Israel”, meriting the capability of justifying the source of creation through reconstructing the broken system in increasing depth, resolution, climbing higher and higher degrees.

This collective “Joseph”doesn’t directly reveal, meet the source of reality “face to face”. This source, it’s initial “creative idea” is like an essence, an abstract thought that is imperceptible. Instead these researchers aiming to find their purpose want to become “like the source”. They aspire for the qualities of the source, asking for the ability to reconnect the scattered puzzle, to reconnect the “dismembered organs” of this organic, cosmic system in order to start sensing life flow, circulation and infinite data communication in it.

They are like children taking on the challenges given by their patents, who are providing them with exercises, training, giving the obstacles, broken objects, processes to mend, reconstruct. In three process they gain the creative ability, original mind of the initial source. Through their own actions they start attaining what it is to be “like the source”.

At the end the “Human being”, the objective observer is the “naked”, selfless, altruistic observer point in the middle, that can conduct comparative research, analysis and synthesis in between the original selfless, egoistic matter and the new perfect “multi-colored” coating they acquired together.

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