What is life?

The basic matter we are born with is a desire. We are driven by an insatiable desire for pleasures for ourselves. In our corporeal life this yearning is divided into fulfilment for animate (food, sex, family) and social (wealth, power over others, knowledge) desires.

Life, existence means a constant hunger, aspiration, lack for more fulfilment for our real or perceived necessities. We have to have a goal, purpose to get our of our beds for in the morning. If we have run out of such lack, necessities driving us, forcing us to wake up, to move, to invest efforts, then we lose our life-force, we become, empty, depressed, lose our will to live and gradually fade away.

A Tiny, Lifeless Candle

Unique, empirical scientists who managed to unravel the complete plan of evolution, mapping all the details and cause and effect processes in the system of reality we exist in tell us, that all the combined, available pleasures in this world – that some lucky and usually “filthy rich” people amass during a lifetime – are like a tiny candle, like a grain of sand compared to the real pleasures, the real, infinite existence we are all capable of attaining.

In truth what we have today we can’t even call “life”. It is not even comparable to the existence a fly or cockroach in our world since the infinite, eternal existence that is open for human beings is simply incomprehensible for us right now. But even with our present, limited mind we can already see how pointless this corporeal existence is, being born without free choice, dying without free choice and running around like headless chickens, chasing cheap and fleeting pleasures in between.

And these “pleasures” immediately saturate, short circuit our small, finite desires as soon as they enter, turning us off until we can feel hunger, yearning again. Looking at it from systemic point of view we are simply not alive yet considering what “true life” is.

Turning Towards The Source

Our chance to be born into that “true life” starts when we become disillusioned from all the “pleasures”, “attractions”, temptations of this corporeal life. This usually coincides with the previously randomly appearing question about the “meaning of life”  becoming like an immovable splinter in our minds, not letting us rest until we find an answer.

This is when we start looking at the world we live in as a predetermined, non-random system with a clear plan and purpose. This is when we start to search for a source, an intelligent force, creative idea that brought this system into motion.

As those above mentioned empirical scientist explain there indeed exists such a creative idea, origin behind the reality we find ourselves in. Moreover this source has a very precise, detailed plan with a very unique, specific role, purpose for all of us in it. And this source made a covenant with each and every one of us even before we were born into this life.

Signing The Covenant

If we ever wonder about how we came into this world, why we had to be born, we need to go beyond the “obvious” explanation of our biological parents “creating” us. After all we all act instinctively, driven by hormones, necessitated by seemingly, randomly appearing needs, necessities. Our parents giving us a chance to be born is also part of the overall evolutionary plan, they simply performed the action of conception because it was predetermined and they simply acted out their role.

We are here because of the covenant our source made with us hundreds our thousands of years before our patents suddenly had the idea of having a child, or sleeping with one another leading to an “accidental pregnancy”.

The source, this evolutionary force of nature made a covenant with us, providing us with this life, existence and providing us with all the conditions, tools in order to go through a developmental path, to reach our Human purpose, which is receiving infinite fulfilment for our infinite desire for pleasures.

A covenant only works when at least two agreeing parties sign it. Thus we have to accept and sign this covenant from our side with our creating source. We need to pledge to accept our chance, use all the tools, possibilities given to us in order to reach that perfect state the plan of evolution determines for us.

Working With The Representatives

But how can we accept and sign something when we have no idea, tangible perception of this alleged source bringing us to life? We can’t communicate, turn to some essence, abstract idea. We don’t have to communicate with this source directly, it provided us with its representatives.

We are given a uniquely, purposefully selected circle of others. People who have the same aspiration, purpose of accepting this special covenant, using this physical life in order to reveal and attain our unique role in the system of reality.

It is this mutual human circle we can sign this covenant with in practice instead of trying to sign something with an abstract force. Thus we need to write sign a special covenant, a contract of “love of friends” with a selected group of people, which people the system of reality surrounding us assigns to us. It is through that “human covenant” that we set up and sign a mutual covenant with our source.

Similarity Of Form

The final, most optimal state of our evolutionary path is directly reaching our creating source. Revelation, attainment is achieved by acquiring similarity of form with the revealed, attained. Which means that we have to acquire the same qualities that represent that force. We ourselves have to become selflessly, altruistically loving and bestowing, unconditionally serving whatever is outside of our “self” as that pure, creating force that “contains”, expresses, projects nothing else but the notion of altruistic, unconditional love and service.

It is these unique altruistic and selfless qualities that one can acquire within that unique circle of people writing and signing their purposeful covenant. They pledge to do anything in their power to selflessly, altruistically and unconditionally serving the others in the circle making sure those others reach their yearned for, common goal, regardless of what happens to themselves.

Thus through such covenant, through committed, increasing mutual effort they reach a complete self-nullification towards one another, acquiring the necessary similarity of form. Then within the “overlapping” area, “cross-section” of their self-annulment they provide the space where the selfless, altruistic creating source with its creative idea can appear, full time “vacuum” in between them.

Through the covenant in between them they fulfill their covenant towards this force, while they also justify the primordial covenant which that force set up towards them at the very beginning of the process.

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