Receiving Life Saving Infusion

In Need Of A Special Remedy

Today the whole of humanity collectively reveals that we are terminally sick. Our inherently self-serving and self-justifying nature – that forces us to distrust, reject those who we deem others – has become self-destructive like cancer in the globally integrated and fully interdependent world we evolved into.

Unless we receive a remedy, allowing us to rise above our instinctive behavior, inclination, and start mutually interconnecting with one another, we will sleepwalk into a global catastrophe threatening with the extermination of the Human race. Instead of the present constantly, ruthlessly and exclusively competing paradigm, always succeeding at the expense of others we would need to start building selfless, altruistic, unconditionally serving, loving interconnections with one another.

Such a selfless, altruistic state is completely opposite to our inherent nature, and we can’t even comprehend it in the lack of any previous precedence. Changing from one extreme to another is not easy to say the least. Viewing the transition from the viewpoint of our inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective perception the necessary self-nullification is like actual death, “self-suicide” for our selfish ego. Thus reaching that new state requires unique circumstances and a practical, purposeful method.

Asking For The Impossible

The first crucial step is a unique “integral upbringing”, an educational program helping people – who are already ready to listen – to understand and tangibly feel what our complete interdependence feels like.

We are all sitting on the same boat, which we have to imagine like the crew of a submarine, living, fighting and losing or dying absolutely together “as one man with one heart”. We need to sense that we are holding the life providing oxygen pipe for one another, and even if one person forfeits this mutual guarantee, even if one person drills a hole on the wall of the submarine we all sink and drown.

Obviously such sense of interdependence, camaraderie is impossible to build, generate within a large mass of people at once. Thus first through this integral upbringing we would need to build smaller cells, circles within which it is possible to give people the actual sense of mutual guarantee. But due to our completely opposite inherent nature even in such cells, human laboratories it is impossible to build the opposite nature and the subsequent mutual guarantee without a unique remedy.

After all we would need to reach a point where despite all of us suffering from the self-destructive disease, all of us needing urgent medication, we would need to request the life saving remedy for one another instead of ourselves. Only in such a way would we actually merit the remedy, creating selfless, altruistic servants, lovers from our inherently selfish, egoistic matter.

It would be like terminally ill cancer patients going into hospital, placing themselves on the table, requesting the life saving intravenous infusion, but only in order to test it, purify it and then let it flow through, pass over to others who are connected to the person. One would only receive the last drop of the medicine – if lucky – after everybody else was already cured. Only in such a way can a fully integrated, interdependent system, working through mutual guarantee be healed.

It is clear that such a capability, even asking for it is beyond us. Thus we need an external source helping us to “get into the hospital”, request the “supernatural” – above instinctive nature, beyond conventional reason – self-change, and we also need the same source to provide the remedy.

Evolutionary Support

Fortunately the vast, cosmic, natural system we exist in is interested in helping us. It is in the system’s evolutionary interest to facilitate humanity’s inner integration, since only a fully integrated, mutually interconnected humanity is capable of seamlessly integrating within nature’s system through similarity of form.

Thus from the moment people in such small, mutual cells start aiming for full integration, trying to build the selfless, altruistic interconnections despite of their inherent nature, they receive assistance from nature’s evolutionary system. This assistance enables them to enter their mutual laboratory, and then the natural “helping hand” provides them with the opportunity to actually ask for the remedy through total self-nullification, only caring about the interest of the others.

Then they are granted the treatment, the life saving intravenous transfusion giving the new, selfless, altruistic capabilities, flowing through the person towards the others, without any personal guarantees that there will be a last drop saving the person oneself.

4 Conditions Of The Perfect Prayer

All the above can explain the 4 conditions of the perfect prayer -that deserves an answer – as described by Kabbalistic sages.

1. The person needs to know that there exists a ready, and benevolent source that is willing and capable of fulfilling one’s request. Without this knowledge, confidence in a favourable response one’s demand is empty, without a valid address. In our case, learned from internal upbringing we know that nature’s evolutionary plan supports our aspirations towards selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration.

2. One needs to reach a state when one knows that everything that is possible to do one has already tried and failed in. Our inherently selfish, egoistic and instinctively hateful nature would never allow us to break free, and completely nullify our “self”, in order to serve others above self-interest. Members of the above mentioned mutual circle, “human laboratory” have to make such committed, fully devoted 101% effort, that they would eventually arrive to this very clear, sharp discernment that by their own power, even through mutual support it is utterly impossible to acquire a second, altruistic nature instead of the original selfish one.

3. One needs to reach such a yearning, necessity for the optimal, desired state that “even death is preferable than living as it is now”, without reaching that state. Only from stuck a broken, absolutely desperate state can one raise a prayer from the bottom of one’s heart. In the mutual circle the participants have to glorify, magnify, intensify their mutual goal of selfless, altruistic interconnections to such an extent, that their inability to reach it should evoke such a dramatic, fateful emotion in them.

4. The “Temple”, the place, desire from where the prayer is raised from cannot be one’s own. A personal prayer, for personal, selfish need is never heard. Only a “prayer of many”, more precisely a prayer for the many, a prayer for others is accepted. Thus one needs to help others to “build the Temple”, to combine, bundle their collective desire, yearning for the goal, turning towards the single source. Then one can close the gates of this Temple, with the other members assembled inside, while the person oneself staying outside guarding, supporting, serving those others, unconditionally praying for them so they would become successful.

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