The Four Phases Of The Creature

The Incompatible Humanoid

The expression “Human” comes from the Hebrew word “Adam” which word is derived from the notion of “similar”. A Human being is a life-form that consciously, proactively aspires to and at the end becomes similar to the source that created it.

Other life-forms of the vast, cosmic natural reality we exist in are instinctively connected to the source, its force-field without any separation. They live their lives fully integrated into the source’s force-field, automatically keeping all the laws and principles of the system, blindly, automatically fulfilling their roles in order to facilitate the systems evolutionary plan to reach its final, most optimal state.

“Human beings” – more precisely the humanoids we are today – the creatures with the potential ability to become “Humans” are born without such instinctive, automatic integration, belonging to the system. A humanoid that is disconnected from its source, that wanders around in the system of reality leaning completely its own reason, is at a lower developmental level than animals or even the most simple single cell organisms.

While today we are very proud of our “human” achievements, our inventions, breakthroughs, technological ability, we are actually unviable and are on the brink of total self-destruction. We are aliens in the system of reality, without a connection to our source we are incompatible with the system’s laws and principles and thus we have no long term right to exist within.

Today we reached the crossroad when we have to make a decision about continuing our lives as before, playing Russian roulette with our survival, or that we try to reconnect to our source and its force-field, overcoming our inherent incompatibility. For that we need to overcome our “humanoid mutation” of being born “outside” of the system without taking part in its instinctive mutual guarantee. Due to this we are lacking the sense of the cosmic, boundless life circulation and infinite information flow the rest of the system is incorporated in by default.

The Source And The Creature

Before we can start such a process of reconnection, we need to understand the process how the unique “Human” consciousness, awareness of the relationship in between the source and the “human” can creature develop.

Our matter, the material giving us existence, that makes us different from our source, giving us a unique identity is a desire. It is the desire to exist, to sustain and protect this existence, fulfilling all appearing necessities as they reveal themselves. Based on this our most fundamental characteristics are the survival reflex and self-justification at all cost.

Our source that is described as the quality, essence of pure, unblemished, unconditional love and bestowal brought this unique desire into existence, as if carefully placing a just formed zygote, embryo into its own force-field as womb, letting this new life-form to develop by its DNA program, assisted by the constant influence, nurturing of the creating force-field.

Then this tiny, developing zygote, embryo starts to gradually develop a relationship to its source.

Four Phases Of Development

1.Initially, in the first phase of existence this embryo simply senses that it exists, but can’t make out of its reality or the source that gave it life. Then gradually it starts orienting itself realizing, revealing the “womb” it exists in and the life giving source nurturing it.

2.In the next stage this new life-from, desire is overcome by an overwhelming gratitude, love towards its life giving source. This sensation is so strong that adhering, belonging to the source overcomes even the primordial survival reflex, self-justification. This the only desire, purpose the embryo feels at this stage is instinctively keeping itself attached to its creator.

Attachment, adhesion can only happen through similarity of form. If this embryo wants to remain attached to its source it needs to reach complete similarity with it, avoiding a separation, rejection due to incompatibility in between them. But how could a creature, that is fully dependent on its source and has nothing to give become similar to this omnipotent source?

Through the overwhelming gratitude, love the embryo feels towards its creator it reaches a certain level of similarity, sensing the source’s overwhelming love and bestowal towards it. Thus in this loving intention towards one another they are similar, but in action, one being a provider while the other the receiver they are the extreme opposites. As a result the creature wants to cancel its nature of reception, as if it didn’t even existed. It doesn’t want to accept anything from its source apart from simply belonging to it in order to cancel that incompatibility.

But it is impossible since than the creature would cease to exist refusing, rejecting the source’s loving, bestowing relationship towards its creatures, causing harm in the plan of creation. On the other hand this new revelation opens a “soft spot” within the otherwise perfect, omnipotent creating source. The creature realizes it has “control” over its creator by accepting or refusing the source’s relationship towards itself.

3. Then in the next phase the developing, blooming creature can put the above revelation into practice. It can now accept and relish its existence, as long as it does so in order to keep its adhesion and give contentment to its source, helping it to fulfill is original plan of creation. Thus the creature starts fully enjoying, exploring its existence, learning creation, learning the source and its plan, constantly keeping the right intention of doing everything for the sake of fulfilling time source.

This way the little embryo is becoming a full, mature creature that both in action and intention becomes equal to its source and everything is only done through love and bestowal.

4. Then through the reached full equality a new sensation wakes up, inbuilt into the creature’s DNA, a direct consequence of its own sense of uniqueness, a consequence of its instinctive self-justification. The creature starts to be overcome by unprecedented pride, justifying itself for the reached adhesion, equality. It is feeling itself not only “like its source”, but wanting to take over “management”, feeling that the “prodigal son” should become the new “King”.

This pride, sense of superiority violates the condition created and accepted in the second phase, upholding the adhesion through similarity of form at all cost. And this new pride “acts like an axe”, separating the creature from its source. The pride and self-justification becomes completely incompatible with the source’s altruistic, unconditional love and bestowal.

First Restriction

This initiates a great crisis within the creature. The separation, incompatibility awakes a great shame in the creature, as it realizes the harm caused in the plan of creation due to the destructive pride. Suddenly the shameful creature realizes how it “repaid” the unconditionally loving source with disrespect, selfish disdain.

The creature, out of this intolerable shame decides to restrict itself, forfeit its existence, reverting to the second phase, only wanting to adhere to its source, fearing the repeat of violating similarity of form through pride.

But of course that state is also unsustainable since it is against the whole plan of creation which means the creature reaching full equivalence. By restricting itself it prevents the full process unfolding, erecting a roadblock.

Then a very complex, gradual calculation starts through multiple stages, the creature carefully accepting, then again restricting accepting its existence, the nurturing, love and bestowal from its source. It does it so in order to map, reveal its own complete desire, trying to sort out, and selectively restrict that selfish, prideful part in its nature, which could violate and break its similarity and subsequent adhesion with the source.

All the calculations, research and mapping is done from within the “state of mind”, intention of the “second phase”, never letting go of the primary objective of unconditional adhesion, belonging to the source.

Predetermined, Automatic Development

This process describes the development of our basic, initial matter, the development of the system of reality in between the source and the still unformed creature, before we can speak of a human consciousness, an aware human observer. But even later when that human observer appears the template of the above described four phases never changes.

This whole process needs to unfold, develop in a completely predetermined, necessitated way, engraved into the DNA of the general, primordial creature in order to create a system of reality that contains all the possible permutations of the relationships in between the source and the created life-form. Only when such a system exist in its entirety can a “true creature”, with free choice, independent awareness appear and develop.

In this above described process there is no free choice yet, there is a constant obliging connection in between source and its creature, everything happens by necessary cause and effect processes.

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