The Four Phases Of A Human

Automatic Process

This article is direct continuation of the article “The Four Phases Of The Creature”.

The previous article described briefly our Human purpose in this life, which is revealing and fully attaining the source of our existence. It also described the four phases through which the primordial creature, the desire to accept, protect and justify self-existence developed its relationship towards its unconditionally loving, bestowing, life giving source.

At the end of its development this creature fully unveils its “inbuilt”, preprogrammed pride, self-justification at all cost, even at the expense of severing its connecting to its source. But since at the same time this “prideful break-up” is against the inbuilt program of development leading to full adhesion in between source and creature, this apparent paradox in between the overwhelming selfish pride and the obligatory adhesion in between source and its creature forces the creature to “reset” its development.

Obligated by its developmental software it again starts to reevaluate each step, keeping the most important condition, law of adhesion to its source above everything else. This initiates a long and complex process of “trial and error” until all possible permutations of the relationship in between source and creature are explored, mapped in order to sort out, identify the prideful, self-justifying core of the creature which could disturb the complete adhesion. 

Contrasting Beginnings

Although this process runs to its end like a computer program automatically reaching the desired outcome, finishing all necessary calculations necessitated by its initial parameters, it is lacking a very important factor: a “true creature” which has a free choice and is fully aware of itself and the process it goes through.

Until this point each step was necessitated by very clear, easy to calculate cause and effect processes. And all through the process the direct connection in between source and creature remained intact. Thus there was a need for a dramatic event creating the seeds of a true creature, that could reach the desired final state of full adhesion through equivalence with the source, by free choice and full, independent awareness.

In order for such a free, aware creature to exist it needs to start its development from the opposite end, with opposite qualities compared to the source. Our perception of reality is based on comparative research, making discernment in between stark contrasts. Thus the ideal creature would be one that proactively reveals and attains its source from within a nature that is the exact opposite to the source’s qualities.

As a result the aspiring creature, the “humanoid” mentioned at the beginning of the previous article was formed almost exclusively from the sorted, separated, fiercely proud, self justifying core of the primordial creature. Consequently this creature, after being born – due to complete difference in qualities – has absolutely no comprehension about its source, it has no connection to it, since any connection, comprehension necessitates at least partial similarity of qualities.

Egoistic Matter With A Godly Spark

In order to give this creature the chance of developing the necessary connection to the source, in order to give it the ability to start the path leading to the purpose of creation – through a complicated action of “breaking”or premeditated “sin” – a spark from the second phase of the primordial creature, the one that holds onto the single goal of adhering to its source at all cost, is inserted into the newborn “humanoid”. This unique spark, that has the potential of pulling one towards the purpose of creation is hidden among all the other, selfish and egoistic desires in a dormant state.

This is where our Human story starts. We are creatures formed from a prideful, self-justifying, self-serving matter with a tiny, dormant “godly spark” hidden in us. Until this spark is awakened with the question of “what is the meaning of my life?”, starting to pull one towards one’s human purpose we live a completely instinctive, animate existence. Only when this spark starts disturbing, exciting, motivating and pulling us do we start our humanoid development. This is when we start our own four phases.

Of course in order to go through four phases in the relationship in between creature and its source, that are similar to the development of the primordial creature, human beings would need a connection to their source. But due to our difference in qualities we have absolutely no connection to our source. So what can be done?

Building The Creator

As unique, empirical scientists who managed to reach their purpose in existence by connecting to the creating source of reality tell us, we have no other option but to proactively build a template of our source, a sort of a target we can aim at. For that of course we need to at least have some description what this source is like.

The same empirical scientists explain that our creating source is the essence of pure, selfless, altruistic and unconditional love and bestowal. Thus we need to build a template, “image” of the source accordingly. But at the same time we are also told that we mustn’t create idols, artificial images of the source, so how could we then built our target image to aim at? The target we are building and aiming at is our own perfected, optimal image where we ourselves are clothed into time qualities of our source, becaming capable of acting “like it”.

As we mentioned above our inherent matter is complete opposite in qualities to the “godly qualities” of our source. Thus by ourselves alone we have absolutely no chance of changing ourselves to the opposite of what we are. We are incapable of even starting the process. But a group of committed people, who decide to fully devote themselves to reaching their life’s purpose, can mutually start such a process.

Each of these people need to appreciate and nurture that single spark, desire fragment that pulled them into this circle, aiming them at the human purpose of existence. Then they need to combine all their sparks, aspirations, creating a single, collective aspiration which has the power and ability to overcome their individual, opposite qualities, inclinations.

As described in the previous article the primordial creature also built a template of the source as the “third phase” of its development, based on the desire of the “second phase”. The second phase is the overwhelming gratitude, awe, insatiable desire of the creature towards the source after recognizing the single life giving force. After the shame following the four stage development of the creature this “second phase” – only concerned about adhesion to its source – becomes the single most important driving force of the creature’s development. 

By combining their “godly sparks” the members of this unique human circle can revive that “second phase” in between them. They can together run away from their selfish, prideful matter into the center of their circle that acts as a safe place, a sanctuary. And then with the help of their collective, insatiable desire towards adhesion with their source, sensing overwhelming gratitude and awe towards it, they can start acting “like the source”. 

In what way can they put into practice selfless, altruistic, unconditionally loving and giving attitude? Towards one another.

The Four Phases Of A Human

The moment they become capable of truly, mutually acting towards one another, in the common, overlapping area of the selfless, altruistic service, self-annulment they reveal time pure qualities of their source through the reached similarity of form. They are flooded by an overwhelming sensation of unprecedented love and an unstoppable urge to give to serve the others I am endless way.

This quality is not their own, they very clearly sense as if they were overtaken by another nature, they feel like puppets manipulated, moved beyond their own nature, beyond their own reason. They don’t actually reveal, touch the essence of the source itself, they sense this source acting through them like electricity animating a suitable device. But with their mutual self-annulment they prepared themselves to become such a suitable device.

As it happened with the primordial creature the moment they sense this “supernatural” – above their instinctive nature – experience the inherent pride, self-justification takes over since they had no way of preparing adequate “anti-egoistic” shield, protection for an emotional impressions they never experienced before. Thus they lose that connection which initiates great pain and shame in them.

But they learn from the experience and they can protect themselves the next time to that level of positive emotional input. Of course the emotional input will be greater each time, and they keep going through the same sequence but with increasing experience, growth.

Thus they keep repeating their four phase, at each restart, as if being born again they revive their mutual work, then they run into their common sanctuary, solely aiming at adhesion with their source. From that sanctuary they start actively bestowing towards one another until the overwhelming flood of love and bestowal appears. Then the inevitably emerging pride then shame “breaks the spell”. Then they start again.


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