The Need For Egypt

An Angelic Spark

Although we don’t know it yet, we are not mere “human beings”, but we are like “fallen angels” trapped in this physical, humanoid matter. There is a small spark, a desire, a DNA fragment in us that belongs to a completely different dimension, to a completely different form of perception, existence.

In most people this spark is indiscernable, thus people simply live their lives instinctively, blindly fulfilling randomly appearing animate (food, sex, family), and social (wealth, dominion, knowledge) desires, necessities. Then there are a few people who start to sense a new interest, curiosity, disturbing questions awakening, pulling them towards revealing the meaning of their lives.

After a certain period of individual search, this question, curiosity takes them to a unique place, a purposefully organised, closed environment with authentic sources, a practical method and a teacher. Then this new environment starts to guide, focus them towards that meaning, aiming them towards their true, human purpose in existence.

Distant Longing

They learn that this human purpose is revealing, attaining the single creating and governing force, the “idea” that gave birth to our vast, cosmic, natural reality. This revelation, attainment can only happen through reaching similarity and then equivalence with this force, like gradually tuning a radio receiver to the right broadcast. It is this special inner tuning that people need to go through within that unique, closed environment.

Even in this environment for a while their special, purposeful sparks are going through only initial, individual development, learning about, digesting what that purpose actually is, and how that purpose is achievable. They learn about the almost “mystical”, “fantastical” concepts of “love others as yourself” – considering others higher, more precious than one’s inherent self -, the concept of reaching the single source of reality, learning the true, single “theory of everything” by becoming similar to that intelligent source.

These concepts are so incomprehensible, far from one’s original nature, far from the default software operating people, that they keep hearing them, chewing therm in a very distant, remote way as if they were leaning about life on another planet they can never visit.

Still in the meantime that inner “angelic” spark constantly grows driven by its necessitated development program, while the members of the environment among themselves actively, artificially intensify, polish the importance of reaching the purpose they mutually commit themselves to reach. Thus although their collective goal of reaching their Human purpose through that spark still seems fantastical, impossible to reach, they start to feel a certain increasing longing, hunger for it.

Still it seems completely impossible that they could reach or even truly desire, yearn for a goal, purpose that is totally opposite, unreachable, distant from their inherent being as one end of the Universe from the other.

The Need For Egypt

This “mission impossible” is symbolized through the story of the Torah, where Abraham asks from G_d, how could his descendants “inherit the promised Land”, in other words how could people acquire a “supernatural”, unprecedented desire, yearning (in Hebrew the word “land” is very similar to the word “desire”) for becoming like the source of reality through taking on its qualities of selfless, altruistic, absolutely unconditional love and bestowal. And then Abraham receives and gladly accepts a perplexing answer, that he wouldn’t need to worry as his descendants will be enslaved, tormented under the Pharaoh in Egypt.

How can such an answer fulfill the need of reaching the necessary, insatiable desire for the “supernatural” upgrade we need to go through?

In order to fulfill our purpose we need to possess a genuine, fully discerned, polished and irrepressible desire for it, while we also need to make contact with, relate to that single source we want to resemble in order to build a relationship with it. The slavery in Egypt is offered as the necessary state, tool of fulfilling those principle conditions.

Before “going down to Egypt”, feeling being enslaved, restricted one can’t appreciate the freedom of going in a direction one truly wants to go. And without feeling desperately helpless in escaping such enslavement by one’s own power, one would never feel the need to turn towards that creating source for assistance, and thus would never actually connect to that source.

Reluctantly Working For Mutual Guarantee

Those who find themselves in that unique environment, promising them the path towards human purpose, after a while feel their hunger towards that purpose increasing. Only at this point do they start to pay closer intention to the actual methodology of that path. It takes months or even years before one seeking connection with the source of existence starts to hear, that such connection is impossible to reach alone. The necessary “similarity of form” with the source is only reachable through a unique state of “mutual guarantee”.

Only mutual guarantee, a state of completely selfless, altruistic, unconditionally giving and loving mutual interconnections can provide the members of that environment with equivalent qualities with the life giving, nurturing, governing force of nature. Thus they need to accept the “method of Joseph”, uniting the aspiring “brothers” – participants of the unique environment – into a single bundle if they want to progress.

Of course such selfless, altruistic mutual connections, full devotion, commitment towards one another is against one’s inherent nature. Thus they only start performing acts of unity, mutual commitment, mutual support reluctantly, forcefully, against the awakening resistance of their inherent inclination. But when they start establishing a preliminary unity it is actually their inherent, egoistic inclination that starts liking it, fully supporting it. The selfish inherent inclination realizes that a person can succeed, feel better, feel more confident, can solve problems much more efficiently in such a mutual, united, warm, family-like environment.

The Years Of Satiation And Hunger

Thus the “seven years of satiation in Egypt” starts, when their inherent selfish nature, their “inner Pharaoh” profits endlessly from their aspiring unity. This is when “Joseph”, the method of creating unity, mutual support among the members of that circle becomes the “governor of Egypt”, bringing great wealth and prosperity to the “Pharaoh”. 

The “Jews”, those points aspiring to reach the human purpose in life listen to the famous “Egyptian questions” of, “what is selfless, altruistic love and service of others that one should consider it?”, and “if we perform acts of love and service of others, what do we profit from it?” and start answering them by working for the Egyptians.

At this stage the Jews, who become like the Egyptians feel so comfortable in Egypt that they even forget about “Joseph’s methodology”, they leave their obligatory unity behind, thus “Joseph dies”. But this leads to the loss of prosperity, loss of profit for the selfish inclination, thus the Pharaoh reprimands the Jews, reminding them to their original method and purpose demanding their unity for its own sake. 

This awakens, jolts the Jews – the inner sparks wanting to reach the goal of their existence – back into action, restarting their acts of unity, trying to build mutual guarantee, but this time with greater conviction, keeping their eyes on their mutual goal despite the “Egyptian questions”. This is when they start to feel those questions, the constant temptation to unite and do everything only for selfish, egoistic reasons, serving the Pharaoh disturbing. Thus the “seven years of hunger in Egypt” starts.

Moses Is Born

On the other hand those questions finally start performing their roles, justifying the reason why Abraham accepted G_d’s promise that the Egyptian exile will create the necessary conditions for his descendants to inherit the land. 

These recurring, probing questions become like a sharp blender, filter forcing those in that unique environment to constantly assess and reassess their own desires, goals, intentions. And especially after “Moses” appears to lead the “Hebrews” a very sharp distinction, separation starts to form.

The inner meaning of the story of the Exodus can be interpreted in different levels. We can stay on the literal level as many religious and secular people do. Or we can start assessing Pharaoh, Egyptians, Hebrews, Moses and the G_d of Abraham within the surrounding physical reality, separating Jews – those aiming at their scrutinized purpose in life – and others – those who life life simply, instinctively. We can assess and sort that unique environment with the people, the “Jews” searching for a meaning. And finally we can also separate, sort desires, intentions within each and every person with the help of those “Egyptian questions”.

“Moses”, a new, unique “pulling point” is born out of despair, from the sense that the unique inner sparks are buried, “killed” by the increasing, intensifying resistance, oppression of the Pharaoh – one’s inherent selfish, egoistic nature. This new unique pulling, leading point is the fusion of the small inner sparks among the members of the special, closed environment, who despite the resistance of their egoistic nature pledge to sacrifice, devote themselves in order to help one another breaking out of slavery towards their creating source. 

This is the moment when they fully understand and accept their absolute interdependence, that only by uniting their aspiring sparks, aspirations into a single bundle, single, fused entity, only by devoted working for each other’s sake can they hope to break out from their egoistic Egypt.

The Blender Starts Working

From the moment this sharp, pulling “Moses point” is born among the dedicated people the inner examinations, inner war becomes much more precise, clear. Moses’s constant argument with the Pharaoh, the constant inner clash in between the united aspiration towards their common goal and the intensifying disturbance, refusal, obstruction from the inherently selfish, egoistic inclination starts separating the members of the closed environment, and also the inner desires, inclinations within reach person.

There are those who are content remaining Egyptians and are happy to bury or even kill their inner spark trying to pull them out of their comfort zone. There are those who can’t stand Egypt any longer, they hate their slavery under their Pharaoh that they exclaim that “even death is better than living like this”. And there are those who are seemingly joining Moses but at the same time would like to keep the “perks of Egypt” as well.

Thus a great inner war starts, especially within each and every person, trying to cling onto that common Moses point relentlessly provoking the Pharaoh, stubbornly pointing towards that other dimension of existence that is built on selfless, altruistic love and service of others. This might also create a separation within the closed environment between those who want to go and those who want to stay within comfort zone. Hate, rejection, blame, confusion and renewed efforts for unity swirls like a tornado.

They repeatedly appearing, probing, carving “Egyptian questions” purify, sort and intensify the stubborn, pinpoint aim towards the purpose, while increase the gap in between the hate towards “Pharaoh” and the yearning, love sickness towards the purpose of their existence.

The Exodus

At the end this desperate struggle has to reach such a deadlock, breaking point that even the “Pharaoh”, one’s inherent nature needs to understand that the person clinging onto “Moses” is truly ready to give up everything, burn all the bridges behind, but not letting go of that simmering, flaming aspiration towards the purpose in life.

At the end the intolerable pressure in between the burning hatred towards the Pharaoh and the painful, and insatiable yearning, flaming love sickness towards the desired quality of selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of others reaches the required measure. It acts like an explosion, a rocket that can catapult that “Moses point” and everybody clinging to it out of the clutches of the inherently selfish, egoistic inclination.

This “rocket”, explosion is an unstoppable, elemental cry, demand, prayer towards the single force of existence for help. The desperate deadlock, utter despair of being unable to escape despite trying everything “humanly” possible, leaves no other option but to ask from this source even without knowing whether that source truly exists. But nothing else matters, one is forced to cry out for help towards “anybody our anything” as “even death is better than to live like this”. And such a pure, childish cry in the dark, desperate wilderness releases Pharaoh’s hold on them and they can run away in that unprecedented, unknown darkness.

The “Jews”, those aiming at reaching the source of existence through similarity with it escape, and start wandering towards the land (perfect desire) they are promised through the desolate, no man’s land is the desert. G_d’s promise towards Abraham is fulfilled.

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