Potentially Human

We consider ourselves human beings although at this stage we don’t merit to use our “name”. The word “human” comes from the Hebrew word “Adam”, that originates from the expression “similar”. Through our personal and collective development we are supposed to reach a final, most optimal state, when we become similar to the vast, cosmic natural system we exist in, reaching equivalent qualities to the single force permeating the system.

The key here is reaching such similarity, taking on new qualities we don’t possess by default. The potential humans are born with a nature that is completely opposite to the qualities we are required to acquire in order to reach our purpose. Our basic matter we are formed of is an insatiable, ever growing desire for pleasures. We are all like individual “black holes” with their personal gravitational force.

This is our matter which we cannot change, suppress or delete as without it we wouldn’t exist. We are incapable of anything else but to “desire”, want, and to want more and more. The moment we “run out” of potential pleasures, necessities we could want, we could fulfill, our life ends, we simply stop existing, stop perceiving reality.

The inherent software, modus operandi this insatiable and irrepressible desire operates by is fully self-serving, egocentric. Our observer, the conscious point making calculations over the desire is firmly planted within the black hole itself. The observer, “calculator/accountant” is one with the desire. Thus everything we do is only for our own sake, moreover as a result our perception of reality is also fully egocentric, subjective, filtering everything out from reality apart from what interests the “self” regarding the “pain/pleasure” calculations.

As a result we perceive reality within a subjective coordinate system bound by time, space and physical motion all related to our personal relationship to pleasures and sufferings affecting us.

Relocating The Calculating Observer

At the same time – presently unknown to us – we actually exist in an infinite, vast, quantum reality, permeated by a single, “good and benevolent” force that is characterized by absolute, selfless, altruistic and unconditional love and service. This force creates and nurtures life and provides the created life-forms with the perfect conditions for their most optimal development. As mentioned above our purpose in existence is to reveal and attain this force by acquiring, clothing into its qualities.

Thus in order to reach our purpose, to fulfill our human potential, we would need to become selflessly, altruistically and unconditionally loving and serving, while our matter is and forever remains the desire for pleasures. How is this possible?

Unique, empirical, natural scientists who already finished their personal development, reaching their individual “human” level explain to us that while we can’t change anything regarding our matter, the insatiable, always hungry desire, we can move the conscious observer, we can transfer the accountant making constant calculations out of this matter.

They provide an easy example about a son visiting his doting mother for dinner. When this son – naturally loving his mother who prepared his favorite delicacies for him – starts eating, his primary aim is not fulfilling his obvious hunger for his favorite food. His aim and intention is towards his mother, eating and enjoying the meal in order to give his mother contentment. He was of course hungry, and he did eat everything, and he even enjoyed the meal thoroughly. But all along his conscious observer, his “calculating accountant” was sitting with his mother making sure his mother received maximum contentment from him attending and eating the dinner.

Now in our case it is more complicated, how could we make sure we give contentment to the creating source of reality when we have no connection with it, we can’t even be sure that such a source actually exists!? And we could only connect to this source through similarity of qualities but we can’t reach similarity with it without reaching time point of giving it contentment first!

Through The Love Of Others

If there was only a single creature, a single human being this wouldn’t be possible due to the complete dissimilarity in between the creature and its source. But fortunately this is not the case. We are surrounded by billions of other people we can practice with, trying to reach the necessary selfless, altruistic qualities through them. Actually we don’t even need billions, a small, closed, specifically prepared and organize circle is enough.

As the above mentioned empirical scientists explain, we can reach such selfless, altruistic love and service towards our source by acquiring selfless, altruistic love and service towards other people first. In that unique, closed mutual circle the fully devoted, committed participants need to work for, yearn for reaching “true love of others”. This “true love” means entering, existing in and fulfilling the desires, necessities of those others before and above one’s own desires and necessities. 

This is the true movement, replacement of the conscious observer, calculating accountant from within one’s own desires into the desires of others. The action of demanding fulfilment, yearning for pleasures, receiving the requested necessities doesn’t change. But the “intention”, where from and for whose sake the demand and reception happens changes.

Of course such “supernatural”, fundamental change can only happen through special preparation, by the unique, purposeful method, through authentic sources explaining precisely what and why is happening. And only through a state of “mutual guarantee” – where each participants commits to and performs the above detailed selfless and altruistic love and service outside of one’s “self” – can it actually happen, each digging out, liberating the others from self-service, self-concern. 

Building The New Super-Human

It is through this “supernatural”, mutual action that the participants start building a new, “Super-Human”, which doesn’t belong to either of them but they give birth to it together. This new life-form is outside of all of them, in between them, through their mutual self-annulment and unconditional service towards one another. They build a new “body” using the matter, the desires of the others they committed to fulfill. And through such “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – mutual bestowing action they gain a new heart and mind which didn’t exist in any of them before.

They don’t have any true knowledge about the real necessity, desire of the others they ask fulfilment for, and they don’t actually make any calculations on those “alien necessities”. They simply try to immerse into the feelings, desires of the others, “bathing in it”, feeling their sorrow and joy “through their bones” as transparently, selflessly as possible. Then they raise those acquired pains, needs, lacks for fulfilment towards the system for the most optimal answer. They bundle those various, diverse, seemingly unrelated needs, desires towards the single source, as at the bottom of each unique necessity there is only the single, primordial purpose, goal of becoming like the source of reality through similarity with it.

The same way they don’t know how the system, its overall plan and force field will supply, fulfill or adjust those raised necessities and they don’t calculate anything about it either. But they already know that the system will also respond solely focusing on the same, final goal of adhesion in between the source and its creatures. Thus the fulfilment provided will be the most optimal in relation to reaching that final purpose.

The person’s work has become very simplified. Instead of calculating, analyzing one simply nullifies and tries to provide the cleanest, most transparent pipe, blood vessel, communication in between the necessity of others and the fulfilling source. The personal calculating accountant needs to do only one thing, calculate how to remove one’s self out of the way. 

The New Heart And Mind

Thus a very interesting thing happens. Although they build, and enter into this new body through the various, perceptible desires of one another, leaving their own desires, necessities behind, as if going through a unique filter only admitting their spark, point of desire for their Human purpose, in the center, in the heart of this new body only a single, collective, intensified yearning, lack remains: their mutual aspiration towards reaching their Human purpose of becoming similar to the single, creating force of reality.

And as a result the system starts supplying those raised, acquired desires they all passed on in order to fulfill the desires of others, they can observe how the system works. They can taste, flow with, understand why and how the unconditionally loving, serving force-field of the system responds to all collected, scrutinized needs and desires. And as a result they acquire a new mind, the mind of the system. And the more they work in tandem with the system, transparently, selflessly collecting more and more lacks, desires, gradually encompassing, embracing the whole of reality while observing how those lacks are fulfilled by the source, they get closer and closer understanding the “mind, creating idea” of the source.

And the closer they come to this recognition the more they can sense how much contentment they give to that source by their work, by their development. As a proud “parent” our life giving source projects immense pride and satisfaction through us by “seeing the children” becoming like it.

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