A Complete Reset

Developing Through Vicious Cycles

Humanity is at fateful crossroads today. As we are sinking into a deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis we have to finally look at ourselves and see if we could shift from our present, self-destructive, instinctive development to a different one.

Human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles. We always start building a new civilization on new hopeful ideologies, structures only to run into crisis, dead ends. And then a violent event like revolutions, wars, economic collapse “resolves” the desperate situation, catapulting us forward. Then we start building on the ruins of the last system until we end up in crisis again.

Today we find ourselves in the end stages of our own actual civilization, waiting for the inevitable cycle ending explosion. Unless we find a way of rising above our instinctive behavior, with this next explosion we can wipe out most of our species.

The New, Unnatural Human Upgrade

When we trace our problems to the root cause we find that everything originates from our complete incompatibility with the vast, cosmic natural system we evolved from. Nature is based on a state of “mutual guarantee”, absolute, selfless and altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration of all of its comprising elements. Each comprising element makes calculations primarily for the benefit, optimal function of the whole collective, above, many times overriding individualistic calculations.

Contrary to this human beings are each born as proud, unique individuals, each serving, justifying one’s self, ruthlessly, exclusively competing with others for resources and survival. It is perplexing since until the “ape stage”, before humans distinguished themselves from the animal kingdom, our “predecessors” were just as integrated into nature’s mutual guarantee as any other highly evolved mammals. It is only from the “human” stage that our “operating software” began to work in a completely different, eventually directly opposite direction.

It seems as if a new, contradictory, artificial software upgrade was installed in us above the old, natural one. This has great significance explaining our unnatural behavior, giving us clues for solution and helping us to understand our unique, “Human” role in nature’s evolutionary plan.

The Human Purpose

Nature’s system is perfect, its plan is progressing towards a most optimal, infinitely diverse, complex, multi-faceted system, balanced, held together by the ever increasing, intensifying mutual guarantee in between its parts. But it is still an automatic, “mindless” system, each elements from the tiniest particles to the most evolved animals instinctively, “mindlessly” performing their inherent roles, functions in the “circle of life”.

In order for a conscious mind to develop such mind, observer would need to have free choice, comparative research capabilities, attaining the perfection, the plan and final goal of the system from an “outsider”, objective observer point of view. Thus in order for such an observer, conscious intelligence to develop, its “seed” needed to be rejected outside of the system, allowing for the chance for the observer to find its way back into the system in a proactive, conscious way using free choice.

This is the development human beings, the “crown jewel” in evolution’s plan have to go through. We are the ones who are destined to create that objective, fully conscious mind, “collective human intelligence” of the whole, vast, cosmic, natural system.

Thus the “human mutation”, our seemingly inexplicable, unnatural diversion for nature’s evolutionary system is within the predetermined original plan. And today, pushed by the imminent threat of self-destruction the time has come to start the conscious state of human evolution, proactively, consciously finding our way back into the system, fulfilling our superior, “truly Human” purpose within the system.

Reactivating The Primordial Software

We don’t have a choice about our final state as the plan and its end state is already predetermined. Our free choice is about the way we reach our superior role. We can reach it either continuing instinctively, blindly, allowing nature’s relentless plan to push us to our place “from behind”, in its time through increasingly intolerable suffering. Or we can take the reins into our own hands, proactively hastening and shifting our human development, rising above instinctive development following the appropriate, purposeful, educational method.

Our way of integrating into nature’s system is through building the same mutual guarantee that is prevalent in nature among people. We have to acquire the capability of interconnecting in a selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing way. Such behavior is contained in the “primordial”, natural software we inherited from apes but has been overridden by our new, proud and individualistic human upgrade.

Thus our task is to somehow revive the primordial software, overcoming with it our present, self-destructive way of life, paradigm. But there are two problems: first of all the new software is burnt into our “hard-drive”, it is indeletable, it cannot be suppressed, inactivated permanently. Besides individually none of us contains the full primordial software any longer, we each carry individual fragments of the whole software of it only.

In The Human Laboratory

Thus we need to reach, generate unique conditions, in which the new, selfish and egoistic software is somehow disabled, at least for a while, and at the same time we need to find individuals who by their mutual connection can reassemble the individual fragments of the primordial software so it can act, perform changes in us until the new software remains dormant.

For that we need a very special, closed, mutual human environment, “laboratory” with a unique, purposefully designed method, in order to fulfill the above mentioned two conditions, initiating, gradually performing the necessary inner changes in us.

A circle of ten people need to fully commit and then devote all their efforts to build mutual guarantee in between them, with the intention of reaching full integration into nature’s system in order to fulfill their destined evolutionary role. By that they would proactively hasten, facilitate nature’s evolutionary plan to reach its final, perfect goal becoming “partners in creation”.

First they have to use, trick the active selfish, egoistic software as they have no other way. Thus they start a unique game, mutually play acting for one another a positive example of mutual guarantee, presenting a state, behavior to others as if they already reached the desired selfless, altruistic capabilities. And despite all of them “faking” such positive examples towards others, when they see the positive examples “coming back” from one another their selfish egos – that can’t stand being left behind, being inferior to others – start to feel envy, jealousy towards the others, feel inspiration, growing importance towards the otherwise despised, rejected, “lowly” and “unnatural” – from egoistic viewpoint – mutual guarantee.

Thus they have no other option but to “up the game” trying to overcome each other. As this game hots up the initial faking starts to become dead serious. The general importance, yearning towards reaching their collective goal intensifies, and slowly, gradually they start sensing a true, sharp need for it.

System Shutdown

Obviously they are incapable of changing their software by working from within the same software – as one can’t lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair – but they can generate such a strong, unbearable, insatiable yearning for their seemingly unattainable goal, that they can reach a tense, unsolvable deadlock, short circuit. Their mutual desire for reaching mutual guarantee becomes so strong, intolerable that they feel “even death is better then living like that, without mutual guarantee”. At the same time they know for certain that reaching that mutual guarantee, due to their actual, selfish and egoistic software is utterly impossible.

This short circuit, desperate deadlock allows the primordial, natural software – by the merit of them interconnecting, combining their individual software fragments – to become activated for a moment. It gives them a tantalizing glimpse into working unity, mutual guarantee, unconditionally loving, serving one another, greening nature’s circulation, information flow through similarity.

And while it lasts the primordial software reactivation can make tiny inner changes in them, raising their sensitivity, yearning towards mutual guarantee, while increasing their rejection, hatred towards their selfish, egoistic nature.

The selfish, egoistic software driven by its inherent self-protective, survival reflexes soon reboots, taking over management again, with even greater dominion over the person while suggesting the primordial software. But the inner changes are irreversible. Thus the members of the circle feel their slavery to their “human upgrade” more severely, yearning for mutual guarantee while hating their actual operating software in a greater contrast. They now very clearly consider working by the selfish, egoistic software as “slavery under Pharaoh”.

Thus they renew their mutual work, complete devotion and effort reaching a new deadlock, short circuit faster and with a greater intensity. This cycle keeps repeating like the “ten plagues of Egypt” in the story of the Exodus in the Torah. Finally they reach such intensity that the short circuit knocks out the selfish, egoistic “human upgrade” for a longer, deeper period.

Their mutual work results in a complete despair, an unsolvable paradox for their active, selfish and egoistic software. This intolerable yearning for something which is completely, obviously impossible to reach, when they fully give up and are ready to let go of everything including their own existence shuts down their operating system in order to preserve itself. This allows for an unprecedented development to evolve.


Moses The Collective Researcher

By this time their individual aspirations towards their “Human” purpose in the evolutionary system, their desire to build real mutual guarantee becomes so strong, “hot” that through their unceasing mutual work it fuses together, becomes like a single drop from multiple smaller drops. They all feel themselves, their conscious observer as part of that fused, common aspiration. And now in this final short circuit, dark vacuum originating from system shutdown their common forward pulling “Moses” point receives the chance to escape.

What actually happens is that the complete shutdown of the previously ruling, dominant selfish, egoistic operating software allows the primordial, natural software to become reactivated and remain strong, fully operational enough that even when the selfish, egoistic software receivers from its shock and comes back online, the two operating softwares both continue working side by side. This gives the escaped, fused, collective conscious observer, the “point of Moses” to set up a new, independent station in between the two opposing, contrasting operational softwares, inclinations.

This is the start of the “new Human being”, the new collective intelligence, a conscious, proactive researcher that becomes capable of entering, researching, attaining nature’s system, its plan and its source. This researcher starts tending towards, flowing with the original, primordial natural software, contrasting it against the objecting, obstructing, negating selfish, egoistic inclination.

If the members of the circle succeed in sustaining their constant, committed, conscious efforts, maintaining their mutual guarantee letting their “Moses point” alive, they can continue riding over the fluctuating changes resulting from the war in between the two contrasting operating systems, allowing them to progress towards their all important purpose.

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