The Complete Independence Of The Puppet

Do We Have Any Freedom?

When people believe in an omnipotent God, or karma, or they think there is a single governing force in nature, that there exists  a “theory of everything” combining all known forces tying them to a single root where cause and effect processes originate from, they probably don’t follow the idea through until its final conclusion. If any such omnipotent force and a predetermined plan for our reality exists, it renders human beings completely powerless, devoid of any free choice.

And if we examine nature, the life of plants, animals we can see that they simply, blindly follow inherent instincts, reflexes, and they forever remain embedded, integrated within the “circle of life”, loyally subduing themselves to the plan of evolution without any sense or need for freedom, independence, personal fate.

It is only human beings who in a preposterous way came up with the ideas of unique, personal individuality, independence and free will. But do we actually have any?

The Paradox Of Human Existence

The Wisdom of Kabbalah – which is the most direct and authentic natural science describing our reality to its most finite, intricate details – explains that there is indeed a single “idea”, force, quality that permeates all of reality, determining all cause and effect processes, including our own lives to its final goal. So in a way we have absolutely no freedom about our fate, how our lives unfold.

On the other hand the same science maintains that we actually have a certain free choice, the greatest possible independence, provided we follow the right method of self-recognition realizing our unique role in the otherwise predetermined system.

We can go through our development until the very end completely blindly, following random urges, instincts and desires like boarding a train without any idea of its path and final destination. Or we can go through the same track, but knowing well in advance the whole itinerary, driving the train ourselves to the expected final station.

Kabbalah describes this seemingly paradoxical process with the following perplexing statement: at the beginning of any state, action I need to say “if I am not for myself, who is?”, in other words I have compete freedom to act; but when the state, action reached its final development I need to conclude, that “there is only a single force acting in reality, and even if I didn’t move a finger the same end result would have evolved.”

Kabbalists, empirical natural scientists who through the Wisdom of Kabbalah managed to fully understand how the system of reality works explain: our only freedom in this world is to proactively, consciously realize, attain that we have no freedom at all but all our thoughts, actions are fully determined by that single force that permeates, governs everything.

Born Into Concealment

Obviously if we constantly sensed this single operating force, directly feeling, tasting, observing its obvious operations on us, experiencing the strings manipulating the marionette, we wouldn’t have any freedom or independence. But we don’t have such direct attainment of this force by birth.

Contrary to any other elements of the natural Universe, we are born into it, exist in it in complete concealment. This is why the above mentioned preposterous notions about individual freedom, independence developed in humanity.

We are given a small empty area, like a unique “human playground”, where starting from our assumed, fake freedom to act we can acquire our true freedom, independence.

Desperately Lost

Today we started to realize that despite of all the knowledge we seemingly amassed, despite of our remarkable technological advances in the 21st century suddenly we don’t understand our world at all. We feel as if we woke up on the wrong planet. All our ideologies, sciences, the modern systems we built are slipping through our fingers and with each “solution” we are sinking into even deeper crisis.

Finally we are realizing that we are not outside of, or above the vast natural system we evolved from. We are just as integrated in it, our lives are just as determined by the unbending laws of this natural world as of animal’s. But contrary to animals we don’t inherently sense those laws, we don’t have the natural integration in the system, we are not part of its “mutual guarantee”.

Even within human society we can see that due to the global integration, global interdependence none of us can move a finger without influencing the whole system, while whatever happens on the other side of the planet directly influences our own life. We are tied to each other with myriads of unbreakable chains, while humanity is fully integrated within nature’s cosmic system.

But we have no idea what to do, how to exist in such an integral system, our mind, “operating software” is only programmed for the assumed, false freedom we have been pursuing so far. We can only work, make calculations for our own sake and we are utterly inaudible of building mutually complementing collaborations that are survival necessity in such a fully interdependent system.

So from such a desperately lost, helpless state how can we reach that absolute independence Kabbalists are talking about? 

Inner Research

It is exactly from such a desperately helpless state that we have a chance of reaching our true freedom. Otherwise we would never start searching. As long as everything goes well and we are remaining in our proud, heroic, pioneering self, believing in our infinite potential we would never ask about the meaning of life. We would never question a higher, truly “Human” purpose in existence.

Thus we start searching, probing reality in a very different way compared to before. And those who find the Wisdom of Kabbalah learn that our main task is not exploring, changing the world around us. Our task is to get to know ourselves and our correct relationship to reality around us. So a completely different kind of “inner research”, inner probing starts, adjusting, changing the observer and thus through the changed perception of reality seeing a constantly changing world.

We have to do this inner probing, inner adjustment until we reach a complete harmony, equilibrium in between the observer and reality without Abby remaining conflict. This happens through gradually purifying, removing our own, self-centered, self-concerned mind, desecrating our self-serving operating software and taking on the “mind of the universe”.

When we succeed with this inner tuning and become the perfect, completely selfless, transparent observers we start to feel the single operating force-field of the Universe flowing, circulating through is, we start to capture and decode the infinite information flow around us. By removing all selfish, egoistic road blocks we facilitate this unbounded, endless stream.

True Independence

Thus we become fully aware how much every cell in our body, every thought in our mind is operated by the same force-field without us making any choice that wouldn’t be predetermined, wouldn’t be part of the system’s evolutionary plan.

So what did we gain freedom, independence from? What do we benefit from reaching the undoubted conclusion that we are fully manipulated marionette figures?

We become free from our inherent nature that enslaved us into a false, self-destructive, dark perception of reality. We can break away from the subjective coordinate system constrained by time, space and physical motion. We can become independent of physical life and death since with our selfless, transparent observer point we can roam the infinite, eternal system without any restrictions.

We reach the point of controlling, supervising the whole system. Of course we can’t choose or decide anything that is not already predetermined by the strict evolutionary plan. But by attaining the whole plan, by fully understanding the idea, mind behind it, we consent to, choose exactly what the plan necessitates. We reach an intimate bond, adhesion with the source of the system, making our desire its desire.

Thus we remove all the restrictions, concealments.

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