How Do I Look At The World?

Harmful Vision

As we perceive reality through our five physical senses we are convinced that what we see, hear, smell, taste or touch is the world around us “as it is”. We don’t doubt for a moment that we might receive a very different picture compared to how reality truly is.

But the truth is that what we are perceiving is completely subjective, most of the time completely different from actual reality. We are “as if” supplied by birth with a unique personal filter, “contact lens” that distorts our perception according to our own individual qualities.

And since our inherent “operating software” is completely self-serving, self-justifying this illusory prescription is also introverted, favoring only ourselves, most of the time at the expense of others.

This personal distortion is most obvious and significant in relation to how we interact with other people. At the levels of inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of nature we are automatically aligned with the system through our own inanimate, vegetative and animate parts. Our biological body, even our basic psychology works exactly the same way other animals, life-forms function in the natural system around us. 

Somehow on the human level, this deeply emotional, mutual relationship with other people activates that subjective filter primarily. Which means that our selfish, egoistic and hateful attitude is revealed within the mutual human interconnections.

And although such negative attitude doesn’t directly affect our relationship to the rest of the system, indirectly we are still influencing even the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels as well. As a result of the broken, hateful vision and resulting corrupted relationship in between people we are unable to build positive, mutually complementing collaborations with one another. We can’t build a human society that is fully integrated, operating as a harmonious whole. 

Thus humanity as a species is incompatible with nature’s system which is fully integrated and is based on mutual guarantee – selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing cooperation of all of its elements. Due to this incompatibility we are also harming, threatening the rest of the system.


In Need Of Remedy, And A True Purpose

Today this hateful, mutual rejection in between people that is causing social strife, international conflicts, damaging even the most fundamental “human cell” the family; while being “at war” with the natural environment is threatening our immediate and long term survival. Thus we have to urgently find a way of “correcting our vision” in order to correct our mutual attitude and rebuild humanity based on the natural mutual guarantee in order to survive.

For this fundamental, “supernatural” – above the instinctive operating software – correction we need a special “human laboratory”. We need such a unique place in order to first of all fully diagnose our “broken vision” and then after the right, doubtless diagnosis start treating it with the right remedy.

Although even in our regular societies, in our everyday life many people already “diagnosed” that the root of all of our global problems is our inherent inability to properly connect to one another, such revelation is not sharp, “painful” enough to start acting against it. Not to mention that we don’t have a regular, tried and tested social, political or economic method to remedy the problem. We can still “kick the can” and avoid looking in the mirror “without makeup” truly recognizing ourselves to who we really are.

This is why we need a closed, purposefully organized and conducted human environment, where fully devoted people, knowingly trying to diagnose the root problem, start acting towards building mutual guarantee in between them with 100% effort.

In addition to the tools, resources necessary for reaching such mutual guarantee they also learn that simply reaching such selfless, altruistic bond to one another is not enough, this is not the final purpose. Mutual guarantee, integration among people is crucial in order to facilitate humanity’s integration within nature’s bar system. And such integration is part of the overall plan of evolution.

Only through such integration can humanity achieve its final, very unique and high evolutionary role of becoming the conscious, collective mind, benevolent guardian of the natural, cosmic Universe.

Temporarily Rising Above

Only when people in a closed, “pressure cooker” environment give everything they have in order to reach selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of others do they start recognizing the inherently selfish, egoistic operating software doing everything in its power to prevent exactly that.

This is when they start to recognize the true power of their personal “contact lenses”, filters, constantly showing the others they try to connect to in the worst possible light. The closer they try getting to those others, the more they try nullifying themselves in order to serve, help those others the more criticism, negative judgement awakens in them towards those others.

Each positive step incites disgust, repulsion, rejection, belittling and distasteful pity. This constantly intensifying, worsening inner war, mutual rejection as a result of true, committed, 110% effort for connection brings them to a true self-diagnosis and subsequent despair.

In the meantime despite of this inner despair they are asked by the purposeful method, and their guiding teacher to keep play acting towards each other, as if in fact they were successful in getting closer or even reaching the desired mutual guarantee. This in turn completely confuses their inherent selfish egos.

While the ego is already suffering inside due to the unnatural efforts towards selfless, altruistic service of others, now even envy and jealousy awakens in them as they are seeing the others succeeding, progressing towards their mutual goal. On one hand they know of themselves that their play-acting, showcasing brotherhood, unconditional service of others is complete pretense. But regarding the others they cannot be certain. And since their egoistic nature cannot tolerate being inferior, being left behind, despite the inner resistance they multiply their efforts in order to overdo the others.

Thus the mutual “game” becomes dead serious. And add a result occasionally the receive true glimpses of mutual guarantee, when they find themselves in an unprecedented breakthrough, in a mutually “selfless” state. In those moments of “grace”, “luck” they manage to rise above their own desires, thoughts, opinions, above self-concern and become capable of seeing reality without their distorted filters, “contact lenses”.

In such temporarily self-nullified states they manage to enter those others, their desires, necessities and observe the world through their eyes.

Ready To Jump

These are crucial moments even if they are random and very short lived. They provide the necessary taste, preview of the true selfless, altruistic state where a new dimension of existence, new perception of reality opens up. Those sparks provide them with a clear, perfect state to aim at, progress towards to. And this gives them a crucial “double vision”.

The double vision, the gap, “delta” in between the potential, desired existence, prescription of reality and their present, actual separated, hateful state gives them something completely new. This “delta” provides a completely new, unprecedented lack, yearning. This lack, yearning opens up a new dimension, space which they can enter.

This new space is unknown, it is uncertain, even threatening since it is already above, beyond their usual “safe” comfort zone that is governed by the inherent, self-serving, self-protective operating software. This new space is like “hanging in between heaven and earth”, it is already “above ground”. In that unprecedented, unknown “cloud” they would already be lifted above their usual selfish gravitational force, but they still wouldn’t reach the desired selfless dimension yet.

They have the sense of “everything to loose but nothing to gain” of they made that fateful extra step, jump into the unknown. Still the attraction of those sparks they received for the next, more optimal state, the general greatness, importance they generated in the common atmosphere of their mutual circle is enough to attract, pull them towards that dark, uncertain “cloud”, opening.

Additionally a new, intolerable fear awakens in them. Now that they received a clear preview, insight of the corrected state they are capable of reaching, knowing that this higher state is their evolutionary purpose they an intolerable fear grabs them. They finally understand their incredible, absolute, pioneering responsibility towards the plan of evolution and towards the rest of humanity. They don’t fear for their own selves any longer but they fear being unsuccessful in their historic mission.

And if they already reached a “critical mass” of the mixture of the “right fear”, mutual trust, mutual covenant, they can help each other to step in, jump with their eyes and minds closed.

Consciously Using Evolution’s Force

This “jump” is truly a leap of faith, like stepping of a cliff, thousands of meters high without any security, parachutes. Choosing “love of others” instead of the inherent “self-love” by simply trusting the very likely pretense “play acting”, empty covenant of the others with no possibility to escape our turn back is a true “self-suicide”.

These brave, self-sacrificing pioneers will receive the necessary parachutes but only after they already jumped off. They don’t, cannot know in advance that such help exists, otherwise their effort would not become truly selfless, altruistic. And without reaching such a choice, a complete self-annulment represented by that faithful jump, the whole exercise means nothing.

If a circle of people can reach a collective decision of “jumping”, completely nullifying their self-concern, self-protection for the sake of others in order to facilitate integration into nature’s system as a result of their mutual integration, they receive the necessary help and actual true guarantee from nature’s plan of evolution.

As explained above humanity reaching mutual guarantee, integration into the cosmic system of nature is the predetermined goal of evolution. But humanity needs to reach that state proactively, through free choice. Only in this case do we become fully capable of fulfilling our role.

Thus the mutual decision within the pioneering circle to “jump” from the cliff of the selfish ego into the uncertain, dark cloud of selfless, altruistic service of others activates nature’s evolutionary plan, giving them the unprecedented, actual “superhuman” capability of mutual guarantee with one another.

From that moment on they can start learning how to utilize, proactively use this evolutionary plan and its infinite natural power. At the same time they also learn how to start gradually, patiently and gently pull the rest of humanity behind them towards the same evolutionary goal.

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