Rebuilding Ourselves

In The Center Of The Universe

We exist in a harmoniously, intimately interconnected and fully integrated vast, cosmic, natural Universe. Each comprising part, element from the tiniest particles to galaxies all inherently, unconditionally, mutually complement one another creating an intricately interwoven whole. This integration maintains the critical balance, homeostasis without which sustaining life, optimal development wouldn’t be possible.

But within this perfect system exists a humanity that is – as if in an independent bubble – showcasing a very different picture. Although we are a single species that evolved from the same natural system, each and every human being is a like a proud, separate, individualistic world on their own. Our inherent operating software is fully self-serving, self-justifying, and through a self-obsessed subjective perception we sense ourselves as the axis, around which the whole Universe rotates.

We are convinced that reality was created only for our own sake, only to serve our own selfish, egoistic calculations based on our introverted “pleasure/pain principle”.

Approaching Self-Destruction

If previously this human “mutation”, vastly contrasting behavior compared to nature was a suggestion, philosophical idea, today in our new, globally interconnected and interdependent human society our “human disease”, “misbehavior” has become sharply obvious. We started to show that through our inherent nature we behave like cancer, on a fast track to self-destruct, wipe ourselves out of nature’s system due to our inherent incompatibility.

Each and every human being rejects, hates the others and this hate today penetrated and destroyed the even core social cell of humanity, the classical family. And the broken, infighting global human society is also alien, threatening to the surrounding natural environment, humanity exploiting, destroying everything in its path.

Ours is the first generation where it has become absolutely clear, that unless we cure our “human disease” and find a way of mutual integration within the global human society, and in between humanity and the natural environment, we won’t have a right to exist and continue our evolution within nature’s system.

Thus we have to collect all the dispersed “cells and organs” of our scattered and hateful species, and try stitching, glueing together the individualistic, instinctively rejecting parts. Without building a true state of “mutual guarantee” – selfless, altruistic, unconditionally loving and serving mutually complementing cooperation – within humanity we can’t reconnect and integrate in the vast, cosmic natural system that was created in and lives by such mutual guarantee.

Conditions Of The Necessary Correction

Seemingly humanity has been trying to reach such unity, mutually complementing collaboration through political, economic or social systems before. There has been many different such attempts through history, some through coercion, terror, some through forceful persuasion, trickery or even through attractive “spiritual” ideologies, philosophies, teachings. All of them failed mainly due to two fundamental reasons.

First of all we have to keep in mind that such mutual integration, mutual guarantee is completely unnatural, “illogical”, even hated, repulsive from the viewpoint of our inherently selfish, egoistic software. Thus such a “supernatural” inner change needs a very unique, practical methodology.

Moreover we also need a very clear goal, purpose, the right intention regarding the “why”. Why do we want to build mutual guarantee within human society, why do we want to achieve integration with one another and thus integration within nature?

Without the right final purpose, intention and without the practical, purposeful method aiming us exactly to that purpose, while providing the tools and guidance to rise above our own nature, we will just waste our time and all our “methods, solutions” will only plunge us even deeper into crisis, self-destruction.
Systemic Study

We can’t even start the process of self-adjustment before we start considering, taking into calculation the whole, cosmic natural system and its evolutionary plan. As long as we remain stuck within our own subjective, introverted, selfish caves we will keep misfiring, working in pitch darkness.

Thus the first part of the proper methodology is teaching people the complete system they exist in, the overall evolutionary plan of the system from its start to its predetermined, final, most optimal goal. Then we also need to learn about our own nature, our initial, inherent and necessary incompatibility with the system, and how through the outlined self-adjustments we can reach adaptation, compatibility and integration.

Then we will understand why we have to start from such incompatibility, from opposite instinctive qualities in order to provide us with a unique, increasing contrast through which we can comparatively research and fully attain the cosmic system and its operation.

Evolution is progressing towards a system of infinite diversity, offset, balanced, held together through infinitely complex, mutually complementing collaboration in between the diverse parts, elements. Moreover this otherwise “almost” perfect system needs to acquire, generate a fully conscious, independent mind that is capable of giving the system its true, ultimate perfection, supervision, benevolent guidance.

Humanity is that part that is supposed to become this perfect, benevolent, guardian, conscious mind of the cosmic system. This is why we have to start from opposite qualities, seemingly from “outside of the system” and then gradually reach proactive, conscious integration in it so we could research and attain the system within the increasing contrasts, making constant comparative research in it.

From Heroes To Zeros

Thus we have to start stitching the broken, hateful, scattered humanity together based on mutual guarantee, changing our selfish, egoistic, ruthless and exclusive competition to selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration.

Such “supernatural” – above instinctive nature – change is impossible to achieve with the whole of humanity all at once. We need to start the reconnection, weaving the scattered parts together in small “human incubators”, among committed, dedicated people who already feel the necessity of such a fundamental change in our human paradigm.

It is in such small circles that people have to go through that vast transformation from proud, individualistic heroes to unconditionally serving “zeros”. Then such small circles can interconnect, grow until they encompass the whole of humanity.

Those initial pioneers have to “move out” from the center of the Universe to its “periphery”. Instead of their previous, introverted, subjective, egocentric calculations they need to start making calculations only for the sake of others.

They need to selflessly, transparently share in the joy and sorrow of those others. They have to become simple, transparent conductors, pipelines in between the various needs, necessities of those others and the creating, governing source, powerhouse of reality capable of fulfilling, optimally answering those needs, necessities.

It turns out that they still have to feel as if the whole of of reality was only created for them, but instead of the whole world serving their own needs, they are becoming the selfless, nullified, transparent servants of the whole system.

Crowning The System

And the final aim, intention of going through this transformation, creating integration in between people and then reaching integration in between human society and the natural environment goes beyond solving corporeal problems, goes beyond building a “good life”. From the special “integral upbringing” they received these unique pioneers understand that the true aim is reaching the “Human purpose” the general plan of evolution determined for them.

They need to be successful in their mutual work in order to create a unique, unprecedented human collective intelligence. Only such a mutual, collective mind, generated through the above mentioned contrast, comparative research is capable of fulfilling the necessary positive, benevolent, conscious mind our species is destined to become.

Thus the whole “self-upgrade” process is not conducted for individualistic, not even for collective human purpose. It is conducted in order to facilitate the most optimal completion of nature’s evolutionary plan. The pioneers work, do all their efforts in order to prepare the final “decorations”, the crown on the plan of evolution, fully justifying its source. As a result, as a final reward they achieve equivalence, equal partnership with this force.

Their above mentioned selfless, conductor role is not simply in order to fulfill the various needs, necessities of others in this corporeal life. Their actual role is to bundle those various necessities and then tie them to the single, purposeful evolutionary plan and its source. And even when the fulfillment streams through them towards those “needy others”, the connection to the source and their own selfless, altruistic intention wraps lovingly whatever those others receive.

And it is this pure, bestowing, loving wrapping, which is similar to and points at the source of existence that actually influences those others. It is this selfless, altruistic love that guides those others towards the same intention and towards the connection with the single source. This is how unique these pioneers perform their special role of preparing and finally crowing the system.

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