Entering Infinity

In Our Own World

In truth we exist in a perfect, eternal and infinite reality, created, sustained, infused by a single, omnipotent force-field. But we are unable to perceive it. Our present “life-form”, perception of reality is incompatible with the force-field encompassing that real, perfect system. We instead feel ourselves existing in a very different illusory world.

The perfect reality is like the quantum system modern physicists started to peek into. It is an infinite probability system, unbounded by time, space, physical motion, beyond even matter. At the same time our own present illusory world is very limited.

Since our default “operating software” and resulting perception is completely self-oriented, introverted, only capable of making observations, calculations from selfish, egocentric point of view, we are anchored, locked inside our own, individual, subjective “caves”, into our “own world”. We sense ourselves bound by a subjective, time, space and physical motion defined coordinate system with our “self” seated in the center of it.

Pressing Needs For Change

So far we didn’t actually feel a need to start searching, questioning if there was another dimension surrounding us, if there was a different kind of paradigm we could exist by. It is only today, driven by multiple factors that we started to become acutely interested.

First of all our laws, principles, the artificial human system we built based on our default self-centered, egoistic operating system started stuttering, and by now it has plunged into a constantly deepening, unsolvable global crisis. We feel as if we have woken up on a different planet governed by different laws. Unless we can figure out and adapt to the actual laws, principles governing the real, perfect system surrounding us, we will continue sleepwalking, stumbling towards an inevitable self-destruction.

Moreover the usual animate or social desires, pleasures we have been chasing for thousands of years have become insufficient to satisfy us. More and more people – despite every possible physical, material pleasures openly available for them – started to feel increasing emptiness, depression in the lack of true meaning, goal in life. Masses of people start following the disturbing, irrepressible question about “meaning/purpose of life”. But without knowing the actual system we exist in we have no chance of reaching, finding our own unique, optimal place, role in it.

Finally as mentioned above quantum physics opened up very serious questions about the validity of our strict, vector based “Newtonian system”, pointing towards a reality which is more “fluid”, analog contrary to the “black and white”, digital paradigm we got used to. But this is how far we can get, even the greatest scientific minds, helped with the most cutting edge equipment can’t go beyond the subjective perception we are born with erecting an impenetrable wall in between our illusory reality and the real, infinite one. 

All of our “cutting edge” classical sciences have become “theoretical”, providing only philosophical models, ideas which we can never actually test or verify. Basically we are blindly clutching at straws.

Acting Forces

So we are in dire need of a purposeful, practical and scientific method that can first of all explain us the laws, principles of the – so far concealed – perfect, “quantum reality” surrounding us, explaining the difference in between our own default operating system and those principles. Besides this method needs to give us the chance of tuning, refining, upgrading ourselves so we can integrate into the perfect, unchanging system and survive.

As we already suspect through the superficial knowledge we gained from quantum physics the reality we exist in is not really a “physical, material” one. 

Even from biology or cosmology we know that just as all the “solid material” – emptied of water or air – of our “flesh and blood” bodies could be compressed into invisibly small cubes, similarly the whole Universe contains “ridiculously small” amount of actual “solid matter”.

But at particle level actually everything turns into “waves”, something immaterial. We exist in a reality made up of forces only. And although we know of four fundamental interaction of forces in our Universe, in general there exists only two, seemingly opposing objective interactive forces, attraction/rejection, giving/reception. The force of gravity represents “attraction/reception” while the rest of the forces represent the direction of “rejection/giving or providing”.

Relating To Love

Delving even deeper, if we want to understand reality to its core there is only one force that permeates, sustains, moves, animates everything: the force of “love”. And the two seemingly contradicting force interactions describe the observed entity’s, object’s attitude, relationship to “love”.

Here of course we are talking about a “love” that we are unfamiliar with in our present existence, stripped of its poetic, romantic masks, covers. “Love” in principle means perfectly, unconditionally fulfilling a desire, necessity. The most basic necessity is existence, thus the most fundamental expression of “love” is providing, nurturing existence. 

And the contradicting force interactions of “attraction vs propulsion”, “reception vs giving” can be defined from the point of view of an entity, object, whether it focuses on, provides, nurtures its own existence, survival, or it provides, nurtures existence for another, “outside of, away from the self”.

When we examine the whole of natural reality we find only one “entity”, life form that is solely concerned about its own existence, making all calculations for sustaining, nurturing its own life at the expense of everything and everybody else. 

Humans are born with such an inherent “self-love”, living in their own illusory world, where the whole of that perceived world is only created for serving their own survival. The rest of the natural Universe, from particles to galaxies are fully integrated into the system, making instinctive calculations, actions only for the sake of the whole collective, regardless of their own state.

Reaching Similarity

Integration, attainment, understanding is only possible through similarly of form, similarity of qualities. A radio receiver needs to be tuned to the right frequency in order to become capable of receiving the right broadcast. Thus in order for human beings to become capable of perceiving the perfect reality around them instead of the limited, subjective “caves” they presently exist in they need to shift from “self-love” to “love of others”. 

They would need to change their inherent, egocentric gravitational, negative force interaction to a positive, providing interaction, rejecting everything away from their selves, passing all towards others, towards the system. Here we immediately encounter a serious problem.

It is not enough that our default “operating software” is programmed to make calculations only for ourselves. Our actual matter is that gravitational force, the desire that constantly wants to receive. This is what we are, deleting our matter deletes our existence. Which means we would need to achieve the above mentioned tuning, adaptation by using our own matter which is by default opposite to the purely life giving, providing, selflessly nurturing force-field we would need to become similar to.

Human beings, exactly by the virtue of sensing themselves individually separated from one another, by sensing an instinctive rejection, hate towards each other can utilize their inherent receptive matter with a changed “operating software”. By changing the overall direction, vector the “beneficiary” of the reception, placing others in between our own pulling force and the live giving source of existence can create a “dipole” out of us. 

Though changing the intention, through making others the beneficiary of the receptive desire w can acquire a similar, matching “external coating” with nature’s evolutionary force, becoming providers servants of the others. The stronger, more effectively we can change the direction, the “beneficiaries” of reception the more similarity we achieve with the source of our natural system thus we move closer to this source from the periphery we start from.

Changing The Individualistic Cocoon To A Mutual Womb

It is not simple physical, material fulfilment what those others need. One’s main concern needs to be helping others to reach similarity of form and thus full integration into nature’s perfect system. “True love” is the effort helping others to reach their human purpose. 

Thus when one uses the personal gravitational force, desire for fulfilment for the sake of others, one focuses solely on this deeper evolutionary necessity of attaining the single force of the natural reality by becoming similar to it. And reaching similarity with the source is only possible by becoming selflessly, altruistically loving and serving towards others. Thus I need to wish for the others exactly what I wish for myself.

Such a unique, unprecedented and “supernatural” – above and against instinctive nature – effort needs to happen in a special, mutually supportive, mutually complementing human environment where each member relates to the others the same way.

They have to perform a true “mission impossible”, liberating one another out of their selfish, egoistic caves, from their subjective, self-protective perception of reality, despite their inherent operating software doing everything in its power to prevent this. 

One can’t just simply free, pull another out of self-concern, self-protection, suspend the survival reflex without providing a different kind of protective environment in exchange. We can only dig others our of their inherent comfort zones, subjective cocoons if we can provide them with a new “incubator”, “nurturing womb”.

Entering Zero Gravity

But what comprises such a unique womb that is safer, more attractive than one’s own self-protective cocoon?

The best, freest possible state for a human being is being liberated from self-concern, when one doesn’t even feels any longer one’s own existence. And as with the example of a mother who doesn’t even notice being sick, sleep deprived as her 100% attention solely focuses on her baby, when we start mutually, unconditionally caring for each other, making “loving”, fulfilling, nurturing others more important than self-fulfilment, self-service we can become completely free. 

Thus we see a very unique, crucial paradox: the moment we start providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment, “womb” for others we actually find ourselves in a womb, especially if this effort is done in that unique mutual environment. In such a way members of a circle living in mutual guarantee can provide a different kind of mutual cocoon for one another, where their subjective perception, existence, the coordinate system defined by time, space and physical motion is suspended. They create a “zero gravity” cell for each other.

In this zero gravity cocoon nothing remains only their mutual aspirations towards one another, their mutual desire, direction towards the purpose of their existence. And as a result their mutual, “zero gravity cocoon” becomes an embryo in nature’s selflessly loving force-field and as long as they can sustain their “zero-gravity” by their mutual work, mutual guarantee they remain their being nurtured, developed, educated by nature’s infinite wisdom until they reach their most optimal, perfect maturity.

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