Willingly Entering The “Animus”

Observing The Past

In the extremely popular computer game “Assassin’s Creed”, and in the movie created based on the game a very interesting idea is explored. Through a special scientific method and complementing technology – using the genetic memory stored in their DNA – people can be transported back in time. They can then go through the same events, actions their predecessors several generations before them went through. This unique experiment is conducted through a special “laboratory/equipment” called the animus.

Those placed in this animus, matching the genetic material of their predecessors experience life hundreds of years earlier as if they themselves went through everything. They can’t change the events unfolding, they return there as independent observers seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching everything through the body of their predecessors but perceiving it all with their own minds.

But there is a very important condition: they need to return and observe, immerse willingly, actively allowing those experiences to flow through them, opening their minds to them. If they are placed in the animus against their will and they don’t “synchronize” with the events, the experience gradually drains them and they become empty “zombies” even in their current incarnation.

While this is of course pure science fiction, in fact we have a similar possibility – here and now – to enter a unique “animus”, laboratory and through it we can also transport ourselves into a long forgotten existence we don’t remember.

Returning To The Network

As unique, “primordial, empirical, natural scientists” – Kabbalists – explain, although in this life through our biological bodies and minds we all feel ourselves as unique individuals, seemingly living, experiencing separate personal lives; on a deeper, non-material level we are all integral parts of the same, infinite and eternal cosmic network, fabric of reality that is permeated, animated by a singular force-field that gives this fabric life and continuous development.

These scientists also explain that we have the opportunity, capability and evolutionary obligation to return and actually, tangibly, consciously sense, perceive existence on that deeper, infinite level above time, space, physical notion, beyond biological life and death.

This “return”, deeper integration, awakening is not within our free choice. We have to reach this optimal, completely interconnected, “fused”, integral state whether we want it or not. The system of reality needs humanity to become its conscious, fully aware “neural network”, collective intelligence, completing the systems development, giving it its final shine, perfection.

But similarly to the “Assassin’s Creed” story line we have a choice of reaching this integration, “Human Purpose” willingly, proactively or against our will.

Building A Perfect Collective Human Intelligence

Contrary to popular belief even today we don’t have any free choice. We are blindly lead by multiple factors through the four determining layers of genetic inheritance, parental upbringing, education and environmental influence from the human society we live in. Every thought, desire or action is fully predetermined. But we are unaware of this, purposefully existing in a vacuum, bubble, in a unique human amnesia, making us believe in individual free choice.

We need to start from this “free illusion” in order to reach the point of proactively, willingly, “freely” giving up our assumed individual freedom in order to reintegrate into that above mentioned singular network. We have to willingly agree to take on a fully integrated “cogwheel role” performed completely selflessly, altruistically, transparently.

Then we can become the pure, unblemished conductors, cables through which the circulation, communication of the vast, cosmic, infinite natural universe can flow through.

And if multiple human beings, in such a selfless, altruistic state mutually interconnect, they form a “neural network” comprising an unprecedented human “collective intelligence”, capable of encompassing, attaining, computing the complete cosmic system without limits, above the subjective restrictions of time, space and physical motion.

Assembling The Pieces

Our Human Purpose in existence is not inventing, creating, changing, overcoming, proving, analyzing and synthesizing anything a we thought. Our perfect human role in the system is to become its selfless, transparent observers, attaining the absolute perfection of the system, justifying each and every cause and effect processes without judgement, criticism.

This requires a complete annulment, purification of our present mind, intellect, emotional state. As some of those primordial, natural scientists express it, “one who wants to live has to die first”. In order to reintegrate into the single, fully integrated, perfect and infinite network we have to completely nullify who are are, we have to give up and leave behind our default illusory paradigm of unique, prideful, individual existence.

Obviously this happens through a very serious, constantly intensifying inner war, trying to reach this above mentioned goal – which is also our evolutionary destiny – against the physical body’s, mind’s resistance, against the survival fight of our inherent selfish ego. And a person alone can’t defeat one’s own nature, we can’t run away from our selfish egos when this selfish ego is all we have.

Only those who feel an unprecedented, previously dormant “DNA fragment” in them awakening, switched on by the plan of evolution, pulling them towards their evolutionary Human Purpose in life have an initial inclination towards such a goal. But that small DNA fragment is not enough to overcome the all powerful selfish ego we are born with.

These unique pioneers need to assemble, mutually interconnect in a unique human environment, strengthening and connecting their own special DNA fragments into a common, new program. Then through this mutuality, with the help of their new collective efforts and mutual software they can generate a sufficient desire towards the above mentioned, necessary self-nullification, so they could reintegrate into that deeper, immaterial, infinite and eternal fabric of reality.

Assisted By Evolution’s Force Field

Even through such unique, brave mutual work it is only an insatiable, irrepressible desire for full integration, escaping their inherent nature that they can generate. But they can’t finish the actual self-nullification, they can’t give birth to that selfless, altruistic, transparent observer by themselves. Only that single force field, that gives life to the immaterial network, the force that determined evolution’s plan can actualize their desire.

This true, insatiable, complete, irrepressible mutual desire fire their purpose is enough. When they – with each other’s help – reach such request, ready to completely nullify themselves in order to reach their goal, this help promptly arrives. As a result those purified observer points and the new neural network, collective computing in between them starts to form, becomes alive. Then they can start experiencing, observing existence in the “higher”, immaterial, prefect dimension.

Why And What?

And here we reach the very important point of “why and what?”. Why do we have to start with an illusory freedom if we have to give it up willingly, either by a proactive, conscious effort or by the intolerable suffering we receive through our development? What do we gain by such a cruel game, torture? What becomes of us when we take our predetermined cogwheel role within nature’s vast, cosmic system?

Apart from human beings all other elements of reality are instinctively, automatically integrated in that immaterial fabric, infinite life-flow, “circle of life” humans are seemingly born outside of. But those other elements have no conscious awareness of their state as they know no other kind of existence. They are like the sheltered children of the king unable to appreciate their privileged life, since they never experienced life outside of the palace.

Our perception of reality is based on sensing contrasts, making comparative research in between vastly contradicting emotional impressions. Thus it is precisely starting from that illusory freedom, from living based on our prideful mind and emotions, then consciously changing, nullifying ourselves and integrating within the system against our inherent software that we can fully reveal and attain the system.

This contrast and comparative research capability makes us ready and capable of fulfilling our unique Human evolutionary role.

Still the question remains about what we actually gain from such a complex, overwhelming path?

We reach a beautiful paradox at the end. Although on one hand we become obedient cogwheels, “passive observers”, simply going through the motions, transparently, objectively allowing the system’s force-field, life flow and infinite communication to stream through us, on the other hand we paradoxically become the “owners”, governors of the system.

Although we do exactly how the system’s source and its predetermined plan dictates, since we understand, attain this plan, making it our own, making our will and purpose equal to the will and purpose of the source, it is “as if” we freely, independently controlled, governed the system. We would act, intend exactly the same way even if the single creating and governing force disappeared.

By decoding, fully understanding the plan of development and the mind, original idea of the source, we become like the marionette figures who continue acting exactly the same way the puppeteer would move them, even after the strings are removed. In short we ourselves become “like” the single source of the system, like the prince who merits to sit on the throne of his father.

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