I Allow You To Love Me

Hateful Life

Today we live in a world that is characterized by hate. This horrible tear, rejection in between people is on display everywhere. It has consumed even the smallest, most fundamental cell, building block of human society: the family.

This terrible mutual hatred is the direct result of our inherently selfish, egoistic nature that has been constantly intensifying through human history. Today this nature has reached its maximum potential.

And while we became the most selfish, egoistic and hateful we can be, we also evolved into a globally integrated and interdependent system where our fully ripened, instinctive nature makes us completely self-destructive like cancer.

Humanity is in a constantly deepening, unsolvable global crisis. And while we consider this crisis economic, financial, political, geological, cultural, religious or scientific in truth the root of the crisis is found within the human interactions. While in a global, integral world we should be mutually complementing one another based on selfless, altruistic love and service of one another, we can only hate and reject each other. Thus when it comes to solutions it is only the love between us that is missing and could help is.

And while this might sound like the lyrics of a pop song, or the punchline of a Hollywood movie it is deadly serous. Of course the love we are talking about here has nothing to do with songs or movies at all.

True Love

True love is a notion that is completely opposite to our inherent nature. It is the selfless, altruistic, unconditional fulfilment of the desires of another. And in order to make it a “really true lovel that other has to be someone we don’t have the usual instinctive, natural connection – like parents to their children – with.

Through “really true love” one disappears, dissolves inside that other, only sensing the desires, necessities within that beloved other, fulfilling them immediately, perfectly without any selfish calculations, distortion, without any self-reward or even feedback.

Although such “really true love” doesn’t exist in us by default, and we can’t even imagine it in the lack of precedence, memory, such love surrounds us, as this kind of “really true love” – selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing relationship in between the comprising elements – is what the system of natural reality is based on. We exist in the ocean of “true love” in an oblivious state, blinded by our inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature.

Sensing that infinite love surrounding us is only possible by reaching similarity with it, ourselves becoming selflessly, altruistically loving towards others. But since this quality is missing from us by default, we need a unique human laboratory to generate, acquire this “true love”.

In The Laboratory

We need a specifically organized, purposefully operated mutual human environment, where fully committed, devoted people – who otherwise have no close relationship to one another – exert 100% effort in order to build mutual connections based on the above mentioned “really true love”.

And the deeper they venture into this effort the more their inherent nature resists, forcing them into an unprecedented inner war, bitterly fighting their own selfish egos with the mutual help, support they receive from each other. But with the help of this bitter inner war their initially childish, partial desire for their common goal becomes a true, burning yearning, “love sickness”, gradually distancing them from their inherent egoistic self.

And when their work truly becomes “hot”, more important than anything else in life, they finally start to understand how much what they try to achieve is completely opposite to everything they knew, experienced before.

First of all they realize that they will never be able to generate, create such “really true love” since such quality doesn’t exist in then in any shape or form. This new quality has to come “from outside”. Moreover if they are aiming for “really true love” then they can’t ask, demand for that quality for themselves but they can only do so for the sake of the others in the circle.

This they need to hope that the ocean of “really true love” that surrounds them in the natural system can influence them, give them some assistance, so they themselves can have that attribute. As mentioned above sensing, connecting to the selfless, altruistic, loving force field is only possible through similarly of qualities which they don’t have by default. But still by their burning desire, request they can already draw on themselves assistance from that force field.

Giving And Receiving Love

The purposeful method in that closed, mutual circle is based on a “game”. The participants have to start play acting the desired, mutual “really true love” towards one another as if they already had it. They need to “fake it till they make it”, playing, acting, showing positive example, aspiration for one another until through the natural reactions of envy, desire for respect they can push and pull one another towards their goal.

This mutual “love game” gradually becomes more and more serious and precise. After a while the members of the circle start to focus, condense their mutual support, “love”, purely aiming at helping one another towards their common goal of reaching selfless, altruistic love and bestowal for others.

Thus the focus from each one giving, providing towards the others shifts from helping, facilitating one another to give and provide. Thus receiving, accepting love and support from the others becomes more important than giving, providing. And this opening up the heart towards the love of others, allowing others to love one is much more difficult then bombarding others with love.

Accepting love obligates one, it inevitably disconnects the person from self-concern, self-protection, pushing one into a vacuum, a “no-man zone”. Still only this opening up, facilitating the others to become selfless, altruistic providers, supporters can take them closer to the goal. They still all play act being providers, selfless servants of one another but only in order to give those others also the opportunity to open themselves up.

Thus they are all mutually support one another, show positive examples, leadership, concern like “great, responsible friends” capable of love and bestowal. But theie main intention, main act is playing the smaller, the needy one, the zero, who opens up for the love and support arriving from the others.

Really True Love

And here a very unique thing happens. If they all play the game similarly, with the same intention, focusing on lowering themselves, opening themselves up for the love and bestowal coming from the others, they all become primarily selfless, altruistic receivers, giving opportunity to the others to love and bestow. Their mutual intention is love and bestowal while the action is reception, acceptance.

And this extraordinary, mutual acceptance, all becoming zeros towards each others bestowal, in order to help others love and bestow opens up the space, circle in between them. And that mutual, unprecedented space is filled with “really true love” seeping in from the surrounding “ocean”. They all start to feel unprecedented love and care, as if it came from the others but in effect it comes from “behind” the others as a result of all of them opening up selflessly, altruistically.

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