Igniting Sparks By Rubbing Stones

Facing A Supernatural Task

By looking at our global world, our civilization failing, sinking into deepening crisis it became clear that in order to survive we have to change. Many people accept this already.

We also started to accept that this change is in relation to how people interconnect with one another, and that we have to start building unity, mutually complementing cooperation in order to solve our problems.

But only when we start actually working on such mutual connections, starting to use a specific, purposeful method in order to succeed, that we start to understand the magnitude and incredible difficulty of the task ahead of us.

It is nice and easy to talk about unity, mutual connections, working together in order to solve problems. It is already more difficult to build sports teams, commandos who can succeed through mutual effort for reaching a difficult common goal. The work of mutual support groups helping people to give up addictions is even more complex and hard.

Still these are still possible missions as the goal is desirable for our self-serving, egoistic nature, offering us a better state compared to our present one.

Only when we consciously start working towards a state of “mutual guarantee”, a state prevalent in nature sustaining balance and homeostasis, that we start to reach the limits of our capabilities.

The Necessity Of A True Covenant

Mutual guarantee is a completely selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing service of others that is totally against, hated to our inherent self. Reaching such a “supernatural” state is only possible through a complete self-annulment. Thus the inherent self awakens with all of its might, using its irrepressible survival instinct in order to prevent us reaching such mutual guarantee.

Even to build the necessary desire for such change, to reveal the true strength and nature of our egoistic self already requires a unique, closed human environment. But only when the inevitable inner war starts in between the gradually generated mutual desire for mutual guarantee and the valiantly fighting, protesting selfish ego that we really need the help of the unique, purposeful environment.

This unique human environment, “Mutual guarantee simulator”, incubator requires a circle of people who are ready to commit, devote themselves solely in order to reach their common goal of building a state of mutual guarantee in between them. But since their efforts is moving them directly against their inherent nature, they have to again and again renew, reinforce their mutual commitment, covenant towards one another and towards their goal.

But the real covenant, one that has to be “set in stone” is written when that inner war starts raging. This is when the members of the circle finally understand that without a true covenant, true increasing mutual support they can’t succeed.

Chance For A Different Existence

By this stage they put enough mutual effort into their work to make reaching their common goal of acquiring mutual guarantee very important. They also started to sense that the state of mutual guarantee wouldn’t just allow them to solve problems easier, save themselves from all the problems humanity is sinking into.

They already sense that through mutual guarantee they could unlock a previously unexperienced, qualitatively much higher, effortless existence. Through similarity of form – since mutual guarantee is the default state in nature’s vast, cosmic system – they could entry, integrate into the so far concealed, unknown inner fabric of reality.

There they could start sensing the true, living, pulsing force-field that is sustaining, animating everything behind the scenes, like electric impulses, and the countless calculations, cause and effect processes producing the superficial image w see on a computer screen.

Through that similarity of form provided by mutual guarantee they could become active, fully conscious rather than passive, unaware participants in the “circle of life”, learning to control instead of being controlled.

Closed Circle

Through this progress, the unprecedented glimpse into that deeper dimension of life they receive within their circles they already know, that there is no way back, no chance to return to their original, mundane, instinctive existence. Moreover they also know that they have to succeed not only for their own sake but for the sake of everybody else, providing the breakthrough, the positive example, leadership like unique pioneers. Thus their responsibility goes beyond themselves, beyond their circle.

A a result through their true covenant they close, Toney seal their mutual circle. It becomes their only real area of their lives everything else depends on.

On one hands this circle becomes like an “extreme fighter” cage where they fight their fateful rounds against their inherent nature. On the other hand it becomes like the “holy of holies” in the Temple, where they can assure aspire, reach out for their ultimate, higher purpose.

It becomes the “supernatural” eye of the needle they can slip through into another kind of existence by selfless, altruistic service of others, rising above their instinctive nature. This is the same “narrow bridge”, gateway they will need to pull everybody else through with their positive example.

Thus they need to find all possible tools, tips, advice in order to chain themselves to this closed circle, committing themselves to one another and to their goal. Whenever they have a choice they have to choose activities, directions that are uncomfortable for their inherent nature, that pulls them out of their comfort zone, that favors the other members of the circle instead of their selves.

As their selfish, egoistic nature will try any possible temptation, bribery, incitement, provocation in order to pull them away, stop them in this process their mutual bond, absolute commitment, devotion to one another is of primary importance.

Ready To Ignite The Sparks

This of course sets off an instinctive rejection, hateful resistance by their inherent nature. This extreme contrast in between their mutual covenant, total devotion towards mutual guarantee, and the rejection initiated by their ego generates the “rubbing of their hearts”.

While their mutual efforts create an attraction from within their “hearts” – meaning that inner spark pulling them towards the ask important goal –  as they get closer to bonding with each other the cold, egoistic, stone-like crusts covering their hearts – meaning all their selfish, egoistic incisions, instinctive reactions – clash against one another. If they can maintain their mutual efforts against their resisting egos, these repeated clashes ignite sparks of desperate “love sparks”, flashes of insatiable yearning towards their common purpose.

When those sparks reach the necessary quantity and quality suddenly they manage to ignite the “atmosphere”, around them, igniting something flammable surrounding them they were not aware of before.

The Flame Of Love

It is humanity’s evolutionary necessity to create a global human society that is built on mutual guarantee. We have to reach similarity with the surrounding vast, cosmic natural system so each and every person could enter that deeper fabric of reality, on the level of the all encompassing force-field governing it all.

The relentless wave of evolution will take, drive us to that final, most optimal state whether we want it or not, through coerced changes, through the usual vicious historic cycles. This natural, instinctive path forces the necessary changes on us through intolerable suffering, we move on when our present state becomes simply unbearable.

But through the above mentioned unique human incubator, closed, pressurized mutual circle we can hasten this development. Through the prepared, ready pioneers humanity could go through the changes like taking part in an enjoyable adventure, without the intolerable physical suffering.

Still those unique pioneers have to convert, correct all the negativity, selfish, egoistic inclination, the “evil drawback force” humanity would overcome through the long, arduous, instinctive path. This is why the above detailed closed, mutual circle is like a pressure cooker, where those brave pioneers need to condense, focus, compress all the necessary changes, explosions the whole of humanity would develop through during centuries.

The natural, evolutionary driving force pushing humanity through its instinctive development is also denser, almost tangible in that pressure cooker thus when the sparks through the “rubbing of the hearts” reach the necessary measure, those sparks invite, ignite “before time” nature’s evolutionary force, forcing it to perform the necessary changes in a much faster, truly explosive manner.

This corrective flame, explosion is very different from the usual, natural fire, pressing force driving instinctive human evolution. While the usual driving force works through unbearable suffering, this directed, proactively ignited flame brings love. It only burns the stony crusts of those aspiring hearts, allowing the devoted members of the circle to truly bond and achieve the yearned for mutual guarantee.

This gives them the capability to start gradually pulling, guiding everybody through that “merciful, loving” gateway they have opened.

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