The Single Cell That Became Aware Of The Whole Universe

Within A Manageable Circle

I am sure most people wondered about how insignificant we are compared to the rest of the world, not to mention compared to the Universe. Fortunately we don’t dwell on this notion of insignificance too long, we don’t enter deeper into it, as it would become intolerable. Our self-esteem, pride couldn’t handle this and our mind is not given revelations that would overload our perceptive, computing capacity.

Instead most people simply relate to a close circle during life completely shutting out the rest of the world and the Universe. We only take the world into consideration as much as it is necessary for our day to day existence.

These days thanks to virtual technology we can potentially include the whole globe into that circle. Still virtually, “putting everybody on the same screen”, or collecting worldwide connections into a single smartphone reduces such a monumental notion of global interconnection into a flat, manageable package.

Finding The Borders Of Our Own Worlds

At the end of the day we each consider ourselves as unique, individual, autonomous entities, living in our own, subjective worlds, where we are the center of the Universe. Through our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature and egocentric, subjective perception we all believe that the world was actually created for our personal service.

Thus our inherently self-protecting personal operating software turns our feared insignificance upside down, making the Universe insignificant compared to our artificially over inflated self.

Still there are people who are more interested in our place, role in the cosmic fabric of reality. They wonder whether our existence on this planet is just a fortuitous consequence of unusual, random chain of events, or perhaps all this has happened for a reason, by an overall plan?

Truly Insignificant

There are many teachings, philosophies, ideologies and of course the religions that try to address such musings. They all try to examine from their own point of view our special relationship to reality, our place in it and how much free choice we have in our actions, regarding our purpose.

And the science that is the progenitor, basis for all other sciences, teachings, methods, religions, faith and spiritual ideologies opens for us the truth, the unsweetened reality where we are indeed completely insignificant. This science is the only “wisdom” which was gained from am “insider point of view”, with the help of unique empirical, natural scientists, who managed to enter, integrate into the living, breathing fabric, immaterial force-field of cosmic reality, sending their reports from within.

By becoming similar in qualities to the system, achieving a completely selfless, transparent, absolutely pure observer status they could research, attain the whole system, its evolutionary plan, all cause and effect processes without any selfish, egoistic distortion, without the constraints of the usual, subjective coordinate system defined by “personal” time, space and physical motion.

Thus these scientists describe in their scientific journals – which we can access through their books – how within the vast, infinite and eternal system of reality, in its singular, all encompassing, deterministic force-field, individual human beings are truly insignificant, they are not taken into consideration at all, we are not even specks on a white sheet of paper.

Moreover despite our individual prescription, usual belief we have absolutely no free choice, freedom to act, but each desire, thought and subsequent action is predetermined by multiple factors, and each and every moment of our lives is unchangeable. We are like tiny cogwheels in an unimaginably vast machinery, individual cells in a cosmic, living organism.

“Blissful” Ignorance

But for an also predetermined, purposeful reason we are not aware of this, we are born with a complete amnesia in regards to our real position, purpose within this system, experiencing our contentious human bubble with its seemingly unlimited personal freedom.

It is only recently, through realizing that we evolved into a globally interconnected and interdependent world that we started to feel an unprecedented mutual dependency. And we obviously don’t like it and try to escape it, hoping to reverse or delete “globalization” and its obliging effects on us.

Our sense of prideful individuality, the illusion of personal freedom is so intoxicating, addictive that we are unable to, we refuse to see reality and accept any kind of responsibility, obligation towards others. Today we reached such a maximum level of selfishness that we can’t even bear to establish families or take on the responsibility to conceive and raise our own children.

Thus even an approaching, seemingly inevitable self-destruction – as a result of our inability to establish the life saving, selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaborations with each other – can’t make us change, and rise above our inherently selfish, egoistic instincts.

Even if our intellect, and all of our modern, cutting edge sciences show the proof that we are truly chained to one another and to the whole cosmic system by unbreakable iron chains on multiple levels, our subjective personal computer scrambles, dismisses the information. Thus we sink back into our illusory personal freedom, ignoring our sad fate, like the musicians on the deck of the Titanic while it was going down.

Living Through Personal Dramas

In order to avoid the mutually assured self-destruction, moreover in order to understand the purpose of our existence and why evolution made us appearing on the scene with this amnesia, we need to enter unique, specially organized and lead human laboratories. There we can learn about the system we exist in, learn about ourselves and then finally learn how we can turn our shocking but real insignificance upside down again.

Our selfish, egoistic inherent operating software theoretically turns us into cancer cells. This is what many people started to reveal today through the deepening global crisis. But in truth we are so insignificant that we can’t even cause real damage.

It is only for ourselves that we cause constant headaches, heartache, conflicts, crisis situations, strife and wars. We are like “conscious, selfish cogwheels” that try to turn towards the direction, with a speed we individually want to decide on, but in truth whether we want it or not we turn in the exact direction, with the exact speed the system and its plan determined for us.

The drama is only playing in our own minds, it is only our personal relationship, attitude towards the system that is broken. While the system and its plan relentlessly progresses towards it final, most optimal, perfect state, we curse, dislike, hate everything and wish we could have a different kind of personal and collective experience. We waste all our lives to try to force our own feeble control over an unchangeable, cosmic reality.

In order to escape these personal dramas we would need to learn the system and its plan, learn our exact, precise role in it so we can agree to that role and fully justify the system and its plan. This is truly a supernatural ask.

Natural, Systemic Consciousness

When we look at the rest of nature where each inanimate, vegetative and animate elements is automatically, instinctively integrated, such personal, individualistic human dramas simply don’t exist.

A prey being hunted and eaten is going the full distance with the living body, following the instinctive survival instinct in order to escape. But “inside”, through the instinctive integration with the system, with the cosmic flow of “circle of life”, through the infinite systemic communication unconsciously the hunted and consumed prey “knows” that it preformed its optimal, perfect role for the system.

Similarly in our biological bodies constant changes, wars, replacements unfolds, cells die and are born, switched on and off, on the cellular level most of our body is being replaced regularly. But the actual cells, organs don’t sense consciously their individual lives or death, they automatically perform their roles for the whole body’s sake. Their consciousness is plugged into, takes part in the body’s general, “upper” consciousness.

Acquiring Significance Through Consciously Accepted Insignificance

Now imagine telling, teaching the unique, individualistic human beings that they are “mindless”, insignificant cells, cogwheels, particles in such a cosmic body and their personal dramas, our life, death and whatever happens in between doesn’t matter at all, only our predetermined, obligatory contribution towards the whole system that matters.

Nobody would be capable of accepting such a paradigm, even if this is the absolute truth. So in the above mentioned unique human laboratory people need to be taken through a gradual, careful process, step by step offering them a different kind of fulfilment, attractive purpose in order to become ready to face the truth.

And this higher fulfilment, attractive purpose is offering proper a post in the vast, cosmic information flow, infinite and eternal consciousness of the whole Universe. Through replacing our present individualistic, subjective, highly limited prescription of reality to that cosmic one, we could rise to a conscious existence that is above the restraints of time, space, physical motion, beyond the shackles of physical life and death.

If we could accept, first our total insignificance, annulment on the physical, “bodily” level while still actually living in this life, through this self-annulment, self-insignificance we could gain the most significant possible existence at the top of mattress pyramid. 

We could become the only elements, consciousness within the whole cosmic system that is fully integrated and performs their cogwheel role in full awareness. We gain this through reaching the integration through proactive, aware self-change, retaining a shining, sharp contrast in between our original and acquired state providing us with comparative reach and self-aware attainment. 

Our lives on the earthly plane wouldn’t change at all. We would still be born, live chasing pleasures instinctively, go through tragedies, joys, wars and tribulations until we die suddenly. But through the acquired, higher, systemic consciousness we would understand all cause and effect processes like the prey being consumed, fully justifying everything we and others go through. And our higher consciousness doesn’t change, is not affected by the actual life or death of our biological bodies, this consciousness remains forever, with our observer point attached to it.


The Ten

As we said above in our present state we are not even specks on a white sheet of paper, we simply don’t exist from the viewpoint of the system, we only exist in our own illusion, going through our personal dramas in a futile way.

In order to stay our journey of researching, attaining the system we need to reach that state of self-annulment, self-insignificance. We need that human laboratory, a prefect circle of ten people, who through a unique practical method learn how to nullify themselves towards the others.

Then this perfect, self-annulled, bonded circle becomes that initial cell that starts sensing existence within the living, breathing fabric of reality. And as they manage to connect, include, integrate wider circles of others into their perfect, self-annulled unity, their attainment, recognition of the system grows, intensified.

Absolute Freedom

And while being a cogwheel, integrated, embedded cell within a cosmic system would suggest the lack of any freedom at all. In fact exactly this way we gain the greatest possible freedom. By changing our illusory freedom of this artificial earthly existence to the full conscious integration within the system we become fully capable, justified recipients of the infinite information flow, wisdom available in the system.

This way we attain the whole plan of evolution, the full cascade of cause and effect processes. We become like disciples of great artists who by studying the artwork, copying the master’s “hand movements” learn the craft, art perfectly. Thus at the end – although we act, exist exactly how the plan determined – we wouldn’t want to act in other way.

We start acting, out of free choice, our of full conscious attainment, exactly like the force that designed and created all. There is no greater freedom, greater possible purpose in existence than this.

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