Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

A Game For Our Insatiable Desire For More

The popular TV game show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” perfectly fits our inherent nature. We are born with an insatiable desire for selfish pleasures. This is the matter, the engine that drives us. This desire grows constantly making us constantly yearning for more. What was enough, satisfactory yesterday can’t fulfill, satisfy us today. If I receive and be satiated with one hundred today, tomorrow only two hundred can achieve the same satiation.

The game very cleverly exploits this instinctive tendency in us. The participants go through an incremental ladder of increasingly difficult questions, yielding a monetary price which is doubled at each subsequent level. At certain points of the ladder the participants can decide to take the money and “run”. But it is difficult if not impossible to accept a “lower” prize money when one knows that a level higher one could already gain double.

Thus very few people accept a partial reward and walk away from attempting to reach the top prize, and as a result many fail in the attempt as the questions become increasingly difficult.

Game Of Changing Our Nature

A similar game is unfolding in the unique “human laboratory” where special, selected people assemble in order to reach their “Human purpose” in life. Except that the direction of the ladder and the reward is very different. In the above mentioned TV game show everything happens according to our inherently selfish, egoistic nature. The game in the “human laboratory” is played in order to neutralize, rise above this instinctive nature.

The reason why people would want to rise above their instinctive nature is twofold.

Today many people stated understanding that with our inherent nature, instinctively rejecting one another, separating from one another, we are sleepwalking towards a complete, global meltdown. Our selfish, egoistic and hateful instincts have become self-destructive like cancer in a globally integrated and fully interdependent world.

Besides as a result of the increasing crisis, hardship or simply out of an innate curiosity many people started searching for the meaning of life, for their purpose in existence. And this meaning, our unique, human purpose can only be revealed if we first learn about, attain the whole system of reality and then locate and fulfill our perfect role, contribution in it. And that is only possible if – through reaching similarity of qualities – we enter, integrate into the system doing insider research, inner exploration as transparent, objective observers.

Generating A New Direction

Thus for both above mentioned reasons we have to change ourselves in regards to the natural system around us from being completely incompatible with it to becoming fully compatible. We have to reveal and clothe into the fundamental qualities of nature’s vast, cosmic system.

And those fundamental qualities are selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service of anything that is outside of our self. These are the qualities, characteristics of the singular, all encompassing force-field that created and sustains reality around us.

In order to go through such fundamental self-change we need the above mentioned unique, closed “human laboratory”. In this specially organized mutual circle people first of all need to generate a new, “supernatural” – above and against the instinctive operating software driving us – desire, purpose in life.

Since this new desire, purpose is “supernatural” it needs constant maintenance, strengthening against the resisting, opposing instinctive survival reflex of our selfish ego. Those people in the circle need to generate this artificial atmosphere, magnetic force-field that can keep them above their inherent inclination.

They need to generate such a new yearning, importance for acquiring those selfless, altruistic qualities that it need to overpower the inherent inclination of self-service, self-justification and self-protection. They need to reach a typing point where the instinctive “self-love” can turn over to “supernatural” “love of others”.

The Two Layers Of The Altruistic Reward

Our insatiable desire for more doesn’t change, but we can change its vector, intention. Instead of the instinctive vector always pointing towards ourselves, with the collective success in the circle we can turn the vector away from the self, pointing towards the others in the circle.

Then a very different form of the “wanting to become a millionaire” unfolds. The prize the members of the circle want to be rewarded with is the ability to selflessly, altruistically, unconditionally serving, loving the others. But this is still not enough.

Just as in the original game they need to generate in between them a yearning, importance of their goal of reaching full similarity, compatibility, seamless integration with the natural system around them, that it doesn’t show them to become bribed, satiated with partial success, but they want to march on towards the very end of the process.

If they can maintain that forward pull, mutual aspiration then the capabilities, the reward of being able to serve others unconditionally comes with a unique double coating. The first layer is the obvious one, they suddenly feel that they can – above and despite their inherent nature, hateful tendencies – truly serve and love those others selflessly, unconditionally, fulfilling their desires in the most optimal manner.

If their collective work maintains their maximum, collective yearning for the final, prefect goal, then the moment they tactics the obvious reward, they immediately reveal, recognize a deeper layer.

Without this deeper layer they would become satisfied with receiving the above mentioned capability, moreover their instinctive pride would latch onto it, tearing them away from their selfless, altruistic, unconditional intention, pulling them back into the domain of their inherent, selfish, egoistic inclination.

But that deeper layer, which they merit by their preparation, through the insatiable collective yearning towards their final goal, doesn’t let them rest, doesn’t let them become satisfied with their reward and fall prey to their instinctive pride.

Instead as the deeper layer of their reward they receive an even stronger, more intense desire, lack to serve and love those others, to become like “dust under their feet”, only being concerned about the progress of their friends, while their own state doesn’t interest them any longer, as if they themselves ceased existing.

This ever deeper yearning for “love of others” is their real reward, and the further they climb the ladder on this “reverse game of becoming millionaires”, that desire for love and service of others exponentially grows until they reach the ultimate such need, becoming completely compatible with nature’s system and its creating and governing force as a result.

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