Using The Remote Control

A Unique Time Controlling Device

In the movie “Click” – that was released a few years ago – the main character played by Adam Sandler is given a very special remote control. With that he can control time, reward, stop, fast forward events, basically visit and revisit events of his life as he wishes. He can’t change the actual events but he can visit them in a “timeless” manner.

This special present doesn’t work out well for him, and only after a sufficient amount of heartbreak does he learn his lesson. And as a result he refuses to use such a “supernatural” ability, choosing to trust his life in “blind gate” again. After watching the movie it remains unclear whether such an unique ability of freely roaming among our life’s events is a good or bad present for regular human beings who – driven by their inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective nature – can only use it with their own personal benefit in mind.

We could simply just ignore, push away such thought as a lame plot for a movie, if we didn’t actually have a similar possibility to control time in real life. We ourselves can build a unique “remote control” allowing us to observe time events of our existence above time, space and physical motion.

We Badly Need To Control Time

We could ask what use we would gain from such a device, if we can’t actually change anything but can only observe the predetermined stages of our lives in such a “timeless” manner?

Today humanity is sinking into a constantly deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis. Since we realized that we exist in a globally integrated and fully interdependent system a few years ago, we can’t seem to keep our usual human systems, processes going without grave difficulties. Everything slips through our fingers, and each “solution” just makes things even worse.

For the first time in our history we started to realize that with our inherently selfish, egoistic nature and completely subjective perception we are incompatible with the vast, cosmic, natural system we exist in. And since the cosmic system and its evolutionary plan won’t change, in order to survive we ourselves would need to change and adapt. But in order to do so we would need to research and fully understand the system, its laws and principles, with all of its cause and effect processes.

Then based on that knowledge we could finally find and fulfill our unique human role within the system, reaching our Human purpose in existence. The above mentioned capability of observing, mapping, decoding the system with the help of the unique “time controlling” device is crucial for this task.

Changing Coordinate Systems

How is it possible to rise above time, space and physical motion, boundlessly roaming within the system jumping from state to state?

The coordinate system based on corporeal time, space and physical motion is a completely illusory, subjective construct. Our inherent operating software creates it in order to help its introverted, self-serving calculations. With the help of this subjective coordinate system, centered around the “self” our mind can direct our self into the most optimal state in relation to the next, expected pleasure, fulfilment of necessity, and in relation to any potential or actual pain, suffering. Without this coordinate system our inherently self-serving, self-justifying consciousness cannot function or make the crucial self-preserving calculations.

Thus as long as our consciousness, observer point is tied to the “personal self” we are anchored, locked into this subjective, time, space and physical motion based coordinates system. Moreover as long as the only desire, necessity we make our calculations based on is our own, the more this desire, need to fulfill personal, natural necessities fades away, we slowly our even suddenly cease to exist in this coordinate system. It becomes obsolete and we sense “death”, as if a computer is switched off, since no further self-serving calculations are necessary.

But in a state where we can disconnect our conscious observer from the egocentric, “personal self”, such a subjective coordinate system becomes obsolete. Then our observer point can release the anchor and can start roaming within the system of reality, visiting different “places” in different “times” both in relation to the original self – which is now observed “from the side” – and in relation to the rest of the system. Then we are not talking about time, space, physical motion any longer, but we are observing, researching different developmental stages, rungs of the ladder within evolution’s cosmic plan. The states are fixed, predetermined, but in what way and “how quickly” we observe them depends only on us.

Beyond Life Or Death

In this timeless system everything depends on a singular condition: equivalence of form. The more similar we become to the system, starting from our inherently opposite, contrasting state – prideful, selfish, individualistic egotism -, progressing towards humble, selfless, altruism, service of others, the more we integrate within the timeless system, and the higher we climb on the developmental ladder.

Moreover since we start making calculations primarily for the sake of others, for the whole system ahead of our instinctively self-serving calculations, the higher we climb on the ladder the more irrelevant the state of our corporeal self becomes. It can reach such a point that our active consciousness, observer point becomes completely detached from our biological existence since all of its calculations, attention is away from that corporeal self, towards everything that is “outside” of that original self.

Thus physical life or death first not affect time active, “alive” consciousness any longer.

The Ten

The remote control capable of giving one the possibility of entering the “timeless system” is the “Ten”. The “Ten” is more of a concept than a number. It encompasses in a condensed manner the complete palette, spectrum of the active, conscious observer’s state from the absolutely selfish, egoistic state to the absolutely selfless, altruistic one. It spans all possibilities from unrestricted “self-love” to infinite “love of others”.

This spectrum can be divided into very distinct five or ten states from one end to the other. When 5-10 fully committed people assemble into a closed circle, “human laboratory”, with the single aim of helping one another to break free from the inherently selfish, subjective time, space, physical motion based coordinates system, through the right, authentic, practical method they can bring this “Ten” to life.

By reach reaching a complete self-annulment towards the others, they can then use those others, the unique qualities, viewpoints of those others in order to enter the “timeless system”. The selfless observation gained from the combination of the “other nine” (or four) provides them with the prism, objective, purified window through which they can enter, roam and attain the system selflessly, objectively.

Reaching The Human Purpose

In this case the unique “remote control” cannot be misused, aimed for selfish purposes since it only works through complete self-annulment. In other words we can only use this “supernatural” – above instinctive nature, inherent logic – capability, present when we truly merited it.

Then with this “supernatural” ability to enter and roam the system of reality above time, space and physical motion we can roll out, map the systems evolutionary plan, examine the predetermined, obligatory states, changes we have to go through through our development. We can then fully understand all the cause and effect processes thus we become capable of fully justifying the system, its plan and time original “idea” bringing it into life.

At the end we don’t just simply justify the whole creation but by fully understanding it we become equal to the mind that created it. This proactively acquired equality is our human purpose in life.

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