Opening The Encyclopedia

Our Universe

We live in an infinite system, a vast natural Universe that we think started with the Big Bang. Although we can’t comprehend it yet and many deny it, this system is not random. It originates from a single source, which source put into motion a great chain of cascading cause and effect processes through a predetermined, intelligent plan.

This plan, through those cascading cause and effect processes leads to a final goal, a most optimal, perfect state for the created system. And the source is said to reach “satisfaction”, “contentment” by the completion of the plan, by the final perfection.

If trying to get our head around this notion is not difficult enough, it is even more difficult to imagine where we would fit into such a fully predetermined, governed system. Do we have any free choice, do we have any special role to play?

Then we are told that actually this whole system, the complete Universe was only created for us. Everything we can comprehend and what we still can’t comprehend is simply a “training ground”, an “educational facility” for us like an unlimited budget movie set, so we – the Human beings – can reach the most perfect state, purpose we are destined to reach.

Researching Through Similarity

How do we know all this? We are told by a few very unique people, who by their special individual sensitivity, affinity and a special purposeful method they developed, managed to enter the living, breathing fabric of this infinite system, researching and attaining it from within.

A person who can harmonize one’s qualities with the system, clothing into similar characteristics, values, intentions can become a live sensor, a direct, connected computing device. This means such an observer can then transparently, objectively let the circulation, communication of the system flow through oneself without blocking, distorting it.

This “similarity of form” is the purest, most accurate and true form of research, the researcher becoming one with the researched, attaining notions, entities by becoming equal to them.

Reaching The Top

These unique, primordial, empirical scientist tell us – after studying the system, understanding its plan – that our Human purpose in existence is becoming such transparent, objective researchers of the system through the above mentioned similarity of form.

We are capable and obliged to find the source of the system through tracing the revealed, attained cause and effect processes, unveiling the plan of evolution from its beginning to its end. The “contentment” we provide to the primordial source is our full acknowledgment and justification of the system and its plan without any regrets, doubts.

But it is actually us who gain from this “giving contentment”. As the research itself, this final act of justification also happens through similarity of form. We can only acknowledge, justify the system and its source when through the gradual educational process we become equal to this source. We attain its mind, and all of its infinite vision, intentions. At the end we feel as if its was ourselves who created the system.

The Encyclopedia

In order to achieve this unprecedented feat we are provided with a special “Instruction Manual”, a sort of Encyclopedia, which is listing, cataloging all laws, principles of the system, explaining and sorting all the possible cause and effect processes in a clear, scientific, reproducible manner.

This Encyclopedia is not a book, but a living, interactive fountain of knowledge, similar to a virtual data cloud available these days through the internet. This Encyclopedia has been updated, refined, made more user friendly through thousands of years by those unique primordial, empirical scientists, who form a living chain over almost six thousand years until this day.

And this infinite source of practical wisdom is waiting for us to be used in order to guide, facilitate us towards the Human purpose of our lives. But in order to use it we have to become ready.

As mentioned before the key for this unprecedented research is similarity of form. In order for us to use the Encyclopedia we need to achieve a preliminary, minimal similarity with the qualities it wants to convey to us, which are the fundamental, primary qualities of the system of reality and its source.

More accurately we need to reach an insatiable and irrepressible desire for acquiring those qualities, necessitating the use of the Instruction Manual. Then as a result of this all-encompassing, overwhelming need, yearning the Encyclopedia opens up and starts teaching us.

Acting School

Its teachings are very unique. We enter an education, training like “method acting school”. The Instruction Manual – through appropriate, experienced teachers – provides us with specific, purposeful exercises in order to practice and through the practice acquire certain qualities, attributes, capabilities we didn’t possess before.

It is as if the method provides us each time with new “clothings”, and when we managed to dress into those clothings, when we habitually trained ourselves to those qualities to the desired measure, they become ours like a new, second nature.  Then the training method already points is towards our next developmental stage, offering new “clothings”.

This way we can improve, change ourselves like a computer which receives gradual software upgrades until it becomes capable of computing, processing actions it didn’t even know that existed before.

But that is already a state when we are directly learning from the Encyclopedia. The difficulty is getting to that stage, entering the system, already having a certain level of similarity with it. Thus we need a preparatory stage, with a unique laboratory like preschool, preparing people for that insatiable, irrepressible yearning for the direct contact with the Encyclopedia and its method.

Pretense Game Of Love

The primary qualities of the system of reality, projecting the qualities of its creating source are selfless, altruistic, unconditional love and service towards the collective above and against any individualistic calculations, self-preservation. If we examine the natural system around us we will find that each and every element from the tiniest particles to vast galaxies behave exactly like that, operating through unconditional, mutually complementing contribution, service towards the whole.

Thus agreeing with the principle of similarity of form, human researchers who want to enter the system would need to acquire, clothe into the same qualities. But by default we don’t possess such qualities. We are all born completely self-serving, self-justifying, hateful towards others, only capable of loving ourselves.

Thus in our original, instinctive state we can’t even desire the necessary selfless, altruistic qualities, we can’t desire “love of others” since these notions are absolutely revolting, threatening to our inherent nature. The unique preparatory laboratory, preschool is designed to gradually lead us to such unprecedented, “supernatural” desire, yearning.

In that unique environment a circle of fully committed people start aiming, aspiring for a state of mutual guarantee, which is the above mentioned selfless, altruistic love and service of others. They play a mutual game of “pretense”, showing to each other in an artificial way how much such a state is important to them, how much they are already close to that state or even already in it.

Then by pulling, pushing one another through the instinctive human attributes of envy, jealousy, desire for respect, lust for more they can make the state of mutual guarantee more and more important for one another.

At the same time their inherently selfish, egoistic nature starts obstructing them, pulling them backwards or tempting, bribing them with pleasures, success outside of this internal circle. The more mutual effort they make the more intense the opposition from their inherent nature becomes.

If they maintain their mutual effort this inner war can multiply their desire for mutual guarantee, it multiplies the importance of reaching it, “doubling the stakes”.

Rags Instead Of Heroes

The method in this preparatory laboratory is based on reaching an impossible deadlock. The participants are basically driven towards a completely unreachable, humanly impossible state which world paralyze them.

This is constantly opposite to how work, effort in a “normal” environment world unfold. Normally people work in order to successfully achieve something, to become winners, gain something. Here they put 100% effort in, burn all bridges behind them in order to reach a complete, utter failure, a desperate helplessness that takes the life out of them.

As we mentioned above the unique Encyclopedia opens up for a person, group of people when they have an absolute, irrepressible need for it, when gaining access to that infinite source of Wisdom is truly a matter of life or death.

We could use the expression that “one can’t fill a cup that is already full”, only a completely emptied, nullified, purified cup can accept new knowledge, only a hard drive that had been reformatted can accept a completely new operating system.

Thus these unique people who try to become “insider researchers” of the system of reality relentlessly drive each other towards that desperately helpless breaking point, when the only desire, need that remains in them is wanting to gain access to the teachings of the unique “Universal Encyclopedia”.

At the end they can generate such an insatiable yearning for that access, for attaining their Human purpose that “life becomes not worth living without it”. At the same time due to their inherent incompatibility, being born with the instinctively selfish, egoistic nature they have absolutely no chance of reaching that goal.

Thus through their increasing mutual work, mutual support, pulling, pushing one another above anything else they can reach the desired deadlock, desperately helpless breakdown from when no more movement is possible.

A hero can’t access nature’s infinite system, for a hero the Encyclopedia doesn’t open itself as a hero doesn’t need it. But for a “rag” that is left with nothing, for a completely pulverized person who can’t even move a finger any more the system opens itself.

Thus in a paradoxical way the most dreadful, desperately helpless moment in one’s life, reaching a complete breakdown over one’s own incapacity becomes the happiest moment for someone who wants to enter nature’s inner, living, breathing fabric in a selfless, transparent and objective way.

Such a unique researcher can finally start attaining reality as it is.

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