A Different Movie

Living In A Movie

We think we exist in a solid reality, according to a Newtonian system which is the same for each and every person. But in truth we all exist in our own illusions. We are all the protagonist of our own unique 3D movies, that is projected by our own special, personal movie projector.

Amazingly so far through human history somehow we managed to get by, each playing their own heroic role within their own movies. Of course we clashed time after time, the movie of a stronger person encroaching on, taking over the movies of the weaker.

In Need Of The Original Script

But today everything is changing. We don’t exist in a “loose system” any longer where such violent takeovers are possible. As we evolved into a globally integrated and fully interdependent network, any negative impact we exert towards others comes back to us as a boomerang with multiple force, multiplied by the number of parts, elements in the system we damaged.  We started to feel the need to somehow harmonize our individualistic movies, perceptions in order to survive the global world.

Moreover we started to realize that our own movie, or even the billions of different personal, human movies are not the only scripts​ that run in this system of reality. As our artificial human bubble we built is falling apart we started​ to sense that there is a fundamental, primordial script that relentlessly runs in the background.

And what the deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis is showing us is that unless we can somehow adapt ourselves to that primordial script, we will not survive but fall out of evolution’s relentless flow. As externally – evolving into a global integral world – we become at least partially similar to the natural system around is, the system expects is to actively, consciously cooperate with one another as nature’s unique elements maintaining homeostasis.

Existence In Singular Force-Field

Thus we are facing a double difficulty. It is not enough that we all have our own, personal, individualistic scripts and movies, and we can’t even make these personal movies remotely resembling one another so we could get along with each other. We would need to reveal, and understand that underlying, primordial script so we could adapt to it before it is too late.

We have to somehow find a way of solving those two above mentioned problems with a single stroke.

There have been a few, unique empirical scientists during human history who – by the merit of their special personal sensitivities – managed to integrate into that primordial script through reaching similarity of form with it.

They described the fundamental qualities of this primordial script, stating that it is based on selfless, altruistic, unconditional service of “others”. Basically the system and its plan carries in itself the qualities of the force that created the system, its plan and still governs it.

And this primordial force creates, nurtures life, provides the best possible conditions for the created life forms to grow, develop in. All life and existence depends on this force-field and it sustains them all in the most prefect manner.

Building A Body Supporting A New Consciousness

While being stuck in our own miserable human paradigm, based on selfish, egoistic behavior, ruthless and exclusive fight for necessities and survival, we can’t see that nature’s system is impeccably perfect. Each element complements each other from the tiniest particles to the largest galaxies, creating an infinite “circle of life”.

We don’t have to use particles accelerators, or travel to far away galaxies in order to observe this perfection, we can simply observe how our own biological bodies work as long as we allow them to remain healthy.

The billions of unique, individual cells, all of them with their own dedicated function, together with billions of microbes coexisting with us all labor endlessly, in a completely selfless, altruistic manner to keep our “being” alive, providing the platform for our unique human consciousness, observer point.

Thus if we want to build, acquire a consciousness, observer that is capable of learning about the primordial script of life, finding a way of adapting to it, we also have to – mutually, collectively – build a common, human consciousness. Just as our cells, organs in our bodies, we also have to generate a state of mutual guarantee – selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing cooperation – giving life to such collective consciousness.

Work In The Ten

While such a fundamental change, new existence is impossible to achieve within humanity all at once, it is possible to build smaller “cells”, “organs” of that collective consciousness in unique human laboratories.

The vast natural system is fractal, meaning that as soon as the smallest necessary measure of the collective collaboration is achieved, those partaking in it would acquire a perception, consciousness in between them as if the whole collective system was already assembled. The smallest such measure is ten people reaching the prefect state of mutual guarantee in between them.

Thus in uniquely set up, guided, mutual human circles ten people start making fully committed, 100% effort in order to build a state of mutual guarantee above and against their inherent, individualistic, selfish and egoistic nature which is constantly trying to prevent them achieving their goal.

Their mutual effort consists of artificially play acting that state of mutual guarantee with each other, inspiring, pulling, pushing one another through inciting positive envy, jealousy, desire for self-respect or even shame. With such a mutual game they can constantly force each other out of comfort zone, obliging one another to rise higher and higher in their mutual effort.

If they play their mutual game well they can as if lift themselves above the usual movie their inherent natures project. They aim for the prefect script they receive from specially selected source materials those original empirical scientists prepared. But of course without acquiring full similarity of form with those scientists, seamlessly integrating into that primordial movie they find themselves in an unprecedented “in between” place, neither here nor there.

The Human Observer

This in between state – while feeling very unpleasant at first – provides the basis for a truly Human consciousness, observer position. Our perception of reality is built on sensing and differentiating in between contrasts.

While we are immersed within our inherent, self-centered movies we can’t sense anything else but that, we have no idea about any other kind of existence. If we entered and disappeared within the perfect natural script again we would loose any comparative capabilities, we would become like “angels” acting perfectly, blindly without free choice.

Only in that in between state, “hanging in between heaven and earth” can we start observing reality objectively, making comparisons in between a world built on selfish, egoistic self-service, and a world built on selfless, altruistic service of others.

The Human being, Human observer is the one that can stabilize itself in that already selfless, but not “perfect/angelic” in between position, comparing the two contrasting ways of existence, yearning to reach pure, unconditional service of others above and against inherent, egoistic self-reception.

This is a “superhuman state”. On one hand one is in intolerable pain as a result of not being able to become “perfect”, being pulled, anchored down by the “heavy stones” of the inherently selfish, egoistic nature. At the same time one is constantly, increasingly yearning for the perfect, altruistic, angelic state.

On the other hand it is the remaining “imperfection”, the insatiable and intolerable yearning in between the two contrasts that provides one with the ability to learn and attain the system in its complete perfection.

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