The Soul

Forced To Wake Up

We are each born into our own closed, subjective, personal caves. We are observing reality from this individual enclave, attracting everything towards ourselves, filtering them according to a completely self-centered, self-serving “pleasure/pain” principle.

Although we are convinced that we exist in a solid, “Newtonian” Universe, in truth we live in an illusion, in a totally subjective coordinate system based on time, space, physical motion in relation to our selfish, egocentric observer point, that is sitting at the axis of this coordinate system.

As the deepening, unsolvable global crisis – engulfing all human activities in the world – indicates, this self-induced “Matrix” is breaking apart, evolution, human development demands from us a different kind of paradigm now. This relentlessly progressing plan forces us to a human world that agrees with the “real world”, the real, very, cosmic, natural Universe surrounding us.

Searching For Way Out

Thus we need to go through a fundamental self-transformation, as if being born anew, catapulting ourselves out of our self-centered, subjective caves. This unprecedented “self-renewal” demands an unprecedented, special, practical educational method with its own purposeful “training facility”.

We need to find a virtual window, gateway through which we can leave our present, inherently selfish, egoistic paradigm and enter a completely new way of existence. This new way of existence needs to be based on new qualities, attributes that match the qualities, attributes of the real world surrounding us.

Connection, entry, integration happens through “similarity of form”, only when we gain similar qualities, attributes can we recognize, enter and attain a system which is otherwise different and unrecognizable for us.

Aiming For Similarity, Neutrality

The system that surrounds us, the natural system we evolved from is based on the qualities, attributes of selfless, altruistic, mutually complementing collaboration. Without such integral cooperation in between comprising elements balance, homeostasis wouldn’t be possible. Thus the closed, fully integrated, living, natural system couldn’t survive without this “mutual guarantee”.

In order for the inherently selfish, egoistic, proudly individual human beings to first of all recognize and then later enter, attain the system, they would need to acquire such selfless, altruistic qualities.

We can’t get rid of our inherent nature, we can’t delete who we are by birth. Thus our inherently proud individualism, selfish, egoistic self-reception remains, but we can acquire a special “clothing”, helping us to dress into a second nature. We can coat ourselves into a selfless, altruistic intention, aiming to build unconditional, mutually complementing collaboration with one another above and despite our inherent nature.

Then through this newly acquired external clothing, intention we could integrate within the surrounding system, becoming able to research and attain it. We would be like unique scientists in their lab coats entering a very sensitive environment in a neutral, non-disturbing, “sterile” way.

The Human Laboratory

Thus the unique educational method through its purposeful training facility needs to help us acquiring this brand new external clothing. This educational method is called “spiritual wisdom” contrasting it with our present, very limited and introverted “corporeal wisdom”.

The new clothing, perceiving ability, the new sensor we can acquire is the “soul”, the window through which we can enter and integrate into the new “spiritual” dimension.

The unique training facility everything unfolds in is the “Ten”, a purposefully organized and conducted circle of ten people building “supernatural” interconnections with one another.

The connection they try to build is “supernatural” because they try going beyond their inherently selfish and egoistic nature.

By birth we are immersed into a completely selfish, egoistic matter that is only capable of “self-love” and hateful rejection of others. Instead we would need to enter and immerse into the singular, overwhelming quality, force-field of the natural, cosmic reality that is pure, selfless and altruistic.

Aiming For The Unknown

Thus in that circle of ten, guided by a special, purposeful scientific method, with its source materials and an experienced authentic teacher, the committed members need to aim themselves at reaching fully selfless, altruistic interconnections with one another.

They need to make 100% effort in building “mutual guarantee”, that unconditional service and “love” of others, service and love of the collective that is prevalent in nature.

At the onset – despite the descriptive source materials and the teacher helping them – they actually have no idea what that “mutual guarantee”, what selfless, altruistic interconnections mean.

By birth we simply have no comprehension of such concepts, when our whole existence, paradigm is built on the “self” we don’t even have a chance of contemplating, let alone desiring a state that is truly “selfless”.

Thus they start generating a previously non-existent desire in them for such an unknown state with the help of the source materials and the teacher. They start play acting “mutual guarantee”, start play acting a “selfless, altruistic” relationship towards each other. They do so to the measure they can comprehend such notions with their present minds and emotions.

The Exhausting Method

But since even such an artificial play acting is already a huge effort to go beyond their present state, moreover even in its preliminary form their effort is already pointing away from their inherent inclination, they invite on themselves two opposite responses.

One response is a harsh, negative reaction from their inherent nature’s self-preserving, self-protecting survival reflex. This inherent nature starts resisting, obstructing their efforts, progress with any trick, temptation, incitement it can, especially trying to turn the members of the circle against one another.

This presents in mutual criticism, negative judgment, “spying” on the others teething to prove that the others aren’t trying giving their best shot at reaching their common goal, that they are lazy, worthless.

This incitement grows exponentially as they start sensing their absolute mutual interdependence. Moreover from the sources and with the help of the method they start realizing that they are all there only to help the others break through and reach success regardless of their own state.

The impossible paradox of the method is that the more they want to reach the goal the more they need to yield, give up on themselves and only help, facilitate the others to reach what they themselves want to reach the most.

As a result of this paradox, with their inherent nature constantly protesting, resisting they continually go through ups and downs, elevations and despair. At this stage of the progress the method is designed to exhaust the constantly provoked inherent nature, to drive the selfish, egoistic inclination to a fateful breaking point.

From Animate To Human By Evolution’s Assistance

The other unique reaction they draw on themselves is an unprecedented, unexplainable assistance from an external source. Human beings reaching mutual guarantee among themselves, and by that integrating into the living, breathing fabric of the “real world” is imprinted into nature’s plan of evolution.

But contrary to the evolution of other species human development has a special clause for free choice. At our present crossroad, crucial evolutionary state the plan, the whole system as if became idle. It will only assists, drive us further if we proactively ask for it, make efforts for it. Otherwise humanity will sink into deepening crisis, barbaric chaos, falling of evolution’s relentless wave.

This is our true transition in between the animate and human existence. We can finally merit the title “Human Being” by the virtue of crossing from an instinctive development to a conscious, proactive one.

Thus when these people continue their efforts in the “Ten”, heroically fighting against their own inherent nature in order to build selfless, altruistic, mutual interconnections above their selfish, egoistic inclination, they activate a special, overwhelming response from evolution’s plan that is reserved for humanity’s active participation.

This external, natural force envelopes them, helping them to carry on despite the exhaustive method, allowing them to keep overcoming the resistance of their inherent nature until they reach a crucial breaking point.

The Exodus In Order To Survive

The boundary in between the inherently subjective, egocentric and very limited reality, perception and the infinite selfless, objective one is truly dramatic. Due to the constant grind, exhaustion of the method – which the participants can only reach with the invisible but present evolutionary help as a result of their mutual efforts – the “Ten” reaches an unprecedented deadlock, breaking point.

They have generated a truly insatiable, irrepressible desire for their projected goal of mutual guarantee, despite still not fully comprehending what it actually is. This yearning is so strong that they feel “in their bones”, without any doubt that life is not worth living any more unless they can reach that goal.

Due to the devastating inner war with their inherent nature, as a result of the exhaustive power of the method they now fully understand that they can never ever find any further fulfilment, satisfaction within their inherently selfish, egoistic desires for pleasures. It is not possible any longer to work for self-reward either by turning back, trying to return to their previous lives, nor moving forward towards selfless, altruistic existence.

This extraordinary state is very tangibly, emotionally depicted in the state of the Pharaoh after the strike of the Egyptian first borns, sharply understanding that there is absolutely no future in the Egyptian method of working for one’s own self, working for selfish gains, profit as it only brings “death”, devastation, a useless, futile existence.

This Pharaoh is our inherent self, which fought valiantly, using every trick serving the self-preserving survival reflex, but finding itself utterly defeated, empty without any more for any more tricks, driving force to continue.

There is only one flickering spark that remains alive in the person, that mutual “Moses point”, generated in the “Ten”, pulling the hapless participants toward that other paradigm, only existing for the sake of others.

The self, the Pharaoh, has no other option but to let Moses go, taking ones empty desires with him, since otherwise the self can’t survive. This the “caravan” led by Moses moves on toward the unprecedented, dark unknown of selfless, altruistic service of others in order to survive.

The Soul Awakens

This story, dramatic turn of events unfolds in each member of the “Ten”. Their defeated egos have no other choice but to let down their self-defence. This opens a gateway for one’s aspiration towards mutual guarantee, selfless, altruistic service of others to escape one order to enter and integrate into the infinite, selfies, altruistic surrounding reality.

This means reaching a complete self-annulment, agreeing to completely dissolve into the other nine person in the “Ten”. More precisely they all dissolve into the stubborn, singular aspiration, desire of the others towards their collective goal. Only that singular goal remains by this point, nothing else exists for either of them.

Then by all of them going through the same self-annulment towards one another, living through the purposeful desire of the others, they cross over a dark, virtual gateway. They clothe into the coating of selfless, altruistic love and service towards others, entering into the dimension where only such unconditional bestowing intention, way of life exists.

From that point onwards they start learning what such a paradigm actually means and what unprecedented, incomparable and unexplainable pleasures exist through the coating, the soul they acquired.

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